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Example sentences for "euphemisms"

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  1. The study of euphemisms can teach us much about men's thoughts and manners in the past and the present.

  2. Such offences have gathered a whole throng of euphemisms about them.

  3. The subject of death has gathered more euphemisms around it than almost any other.

  4. Especially among the poorer or less respectable people, to whom the idea of crime becomes familiar, the use of slang euphemisms on this subject grows up.

  5. These expressions may seem very dreadful to more refined people, but their use really comes from the same desire to be indulgent which leads more educated people to use euphemisms to cover up as far as possible the faults of their friends.

  6. Many words are euphemisms in themselves, just as many words are complete metaphors in themselves.

  7. Insane and crazy were originally euphemisms for mad, but now have come to be equally unpleasant descriptions.

  8. The reader will note the comparative effeminacy and sentimentality of the style and the frequent use of euphemisms and double-entendre.

  9. Its euphemisms in reality have no baser intent than the euphuisms of Lyly, Ben Jonson, or Shakespeare.

  10. Reference has been made to the euphemisms in use among all peoples to avoid pronouncing the name of the devil.

  11. These are closely similar to the euphemisms still used by women.

  12. It should be added that euphemisms for menstruation are not confined to Europe, and are found among savages.

  13. Canarese of South India, their euphemisms for a tiger, iii.

  14. Bengalee women, their euphemisms for snakes and thieves, iii.

  15. Sakarang Dyaks of Borneo, their euphemisms for smallpox, iii.

  16. According to the Swedish popular belief, there are certain animals which should never be spoken of by their proper names, but must always be signified by euphemisms and kind allusions to their character.

  17. Other euphemisms for the snake in northern India are "maternal uncle" and "rope.

  18. To avoid the necessity he employs such euphemisms as /Little Mary/.

  19. Honorifics/--Among the honorifics and euphemisms in everyday use one finds many notable divergences between the two languages.

  20. Pg126] The Victorian era saw a great growth of absurd euphemisms in England, including /second wing/ for the leg of a fowl, but it was in America that the thing was carried farthest.

  21. But these observations would not serve us much in symbolism did we not know that they were associated with certain euphemisms by which when one thing is said another is intended; for an illustration let us take Isaiah vii.

  22. The ancients had as many pictorial euphemisms as ourselves, and when these are understood they enable us to comprehend many a legend otherwise dim; e.

  23. Unless we shudderingly recoil from contact with the bad in our own lives, and refuse to christen it with deceptive euphemisms when we meet it in social and civil life, we shall but feebly grasp, and slackly hold, that which is good.

  24. But the reason why Christianity uses these periphrases or metaphors, these euphemisms for death, is the opposite of the reason why the world uses them.

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