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Example sentences for "euphony"

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  1. Although recorded by the dictionaries as the imperfect of “may” and often used for might, the use is one which does sufficient violence to euphony to be characterized as undesirable.

  2. In practise, the choice between these words is largely to secure euphony and avoid repetition.

  3. Euphony and feminine softness of a language are two very different things.

  4. The euphony of single syllables is only partial and relative; but the harmony of a whole language depends on the euphonic sound of periods, words, syllables, and single letters.

  5. After so much well deserved praise, we must also mention, that in respect to sound, the reproach of harshness and want of euphony has been made with more justice against none of the Slavic tongues.

  6. We feel however that these examples cannot serve to refute the existing prejudices against the euphony of the Slavic languages.

  7. Poets who hitherto had delighted by their euphony and their rhyme, were now ridiculed for the dissonance which they had so laboriously struck out.

  8. We were to acquire the Italian euphony by this presumed melody for our harsh terminations.

  9. I have fancied also, that euphony is an impression derived a good deal from habit, rather than suggested by nature; therefore in some degree accidental, and consequently conventional.

  10. Euphony seems to be the highest term it will bear.

  11. The wings of memory bore him back to Harvard, where once in a scene from Hamlet he had mouthed those very words, little dreaming that in a few short years he would lose the sense of euphony in the cruel realisation of their meaning.

  12. Men fought for the privilege of serving under him, and with their instinct for euphony and love of the bizarre gave him the name of 'Hell-fire.

  13. The sense of euphony accordingly attaches itself rather to another and more variable quality; the tune, or measure, or rhythm of speech.

  14. But this kind of euphony and sensuous beauty, the deepest that sounds can have, we have almost wholly surrendered in our speech.

  15. The truest kind of euphony is thus denied to our poetry.

  16. The principal characteristics of the language are euphony and brevity, to which all things else are subservient, but nevertheless, as I have shown already, agglutination is carried to the farthest extent.

  17. Any of the component parts may be complete words, if euphony requires it.

  18. The euphony and beauty of the language would in a great measure be destroyed by non-observance of this rule.

  19. In the just published sonata with violoncello I find often passages which sound as if someone were preluding on the piano and knocked at all the keys to learn whether euphony was at home.

  20. This impromptu is inferior to the first, having less pith in it; but its tender sweetness and euphony cannot be denied.

  21. It lost in euphony in the broadly sustained and sweeping phrases of Wagner, and the difference in power and expressiveness between its higher and lower registers was made pitifully obvious.

  22. He must have learned to contemn euphony and symmetry, with its benison of restfulness, and to delight in monotony of orchestral color, monotony of mood, monotony of dynamics, and monotony of harmonic device.

  23. In other cases use "that," if euphony allows.

  24. The euphony of the aboriginal vocabulary impresses most persons.

  25. He was probably the first who said that 'language is imitative sound,' which is the greatest and deepest truth of philology; although he is not aware of the laws of euphony and association by which imitation must be regulated.

  26. Whatever slight differences exist in the use or formation of these organs, owing to climate or the sense of euphony or other causes, they are as nothing compared with their agreement.

  27. They alter her name into Pherephatta now-a-days, because the present generation care for euphony more than truth.

  28. The sounds by which they were expressed were rough-hewn at first; after a while they grew more refined--the natural laws of euphony began to affect them.

  29. Verily, emphasis would be cadence, and euphony and irony meet together!

  30. Truly, emphasis is cadence, and euphony and irony have met together!

  31. I mention this because this new-fangled pronunciation is ruinous to both euphony and humour in our elder writers.

  32. Am farbigen Abglanz haben wir das Leben; each sense has its arbitrary quality, each language its arbitrary euphony and prosody; every game has its creative laws, every soul its own tender reverberations and secret dreams.

  33. Euphony and rounded form are less pronounced, though occasional evidence of delicacy and even of tenderness is not lacking.

  34. The concentrated results of this era consisted of the consecutive development of the technicalities of counterpoint, growing regard for euphony and expressive verbal interpretation, finally, the ascendency of objective emotionalism.

  35. He excelled as a writer of "representative" music, but even here his refined sense for euphony never deserted him.

  36. A radical readjustment of mechanism was found necessary in order to combine in one instrument euphony and variation of dynamic force.

  37. But I found the publishers as intractable as ever, and to this day the public has never had an opportunity of doing justice to the glowing fire of my ballad versification, and the alliterative euphony of my imitations of Ab Gwilym.

  38. These may in a great measure be traced to euphony combined with originality.

  39. But I found the publishers as untractable as ever, and to this day the public has never had an opportunity of doing justice to the glowing fire of my ballad versification, {397} and the alliterative euphony of my imitations of Ab Gwilym.

  40. When the antecedent is a neuter noun not personified, a writer should prefer of which to whose, unless euphony requires the latter.

  41. As a rule, euphony decides between who or which and that.

  42. In most cases brevity or euphony dictates the choice.

  43. Notice how these substitutions give a variety to your expression and improve the euphony of your composition.

  44. Euphony is a desirable quality in a composition.

  45. Of the many elements which affect the euphony of a theme none is more essential than variety.

  46. That quality which we call ease or euphony is better detected by the ear than by the eye, and for this reason it has been suggested that you read each theme aloud to yourself before presenting it to the class.

  47. Euphony is aided by securing a variety in the length of sentences.

  48. Can you improve the euphony by a different choice of words?

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "euphony" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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