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Example sentences for "concert"

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concernment; concernments; concerns; concernyng; concernynge; concertante; concerted; concerti; concertina; concerting
  1. Sir,--I have received your letter of the 6th of February, stating the reasons that have led to your continuing operations in concert with the Governor of Kiang-soo.

  2. Encounter, clearly to act in concert with this piratical squadron, with which daily communications were established.

  3. There they used to meet and concert measures for filling the king’s purse and their own.

  4. M252) Once on the continent, the queen threw off the mask, and immediately began to concert measures against the king and the Despensers.

  5. There they dismount, and entering the Priory, concert measures together for the defence of the city.

  6. Although the earl soon regained his liberty he could not forget his disgrace, and his overweening vanity drove him to concert measures against the government.

  7. Standing at the mast-head of my ship during a sunrise that crimsoned sky and sea, I once saw a large herd of whales in the east, all heading towards the sun, and for a moment vibrating in concert with peaked flukes.

  8. After the concert was over the paved esplanade behind the hotels and the two roads leading to the Hague were alive with people.

  9. These select gatherings produce, without knowing it, a sort of concert for eyes and ears, an improvised work of art.

  10. The centuries as they pass will ripen these sons of the north, and they will enter into the concert of peoples in some other capacity than as a menace or a dissonance.

  11. Moral ambition has no pride; it only desires to fill its place, and make its note duly heard in the universal concert of the God of love.

  12. To be able to overlook one's own history, to divine its meaning in the general concert and in the divine plan, would be the beginning of eternal felicity.

  13. The loftiest souls are those who are conscious of the universal symphony, and who give their full and willing collaboration to this vast and complicated concert which we call civilization.

  14. Our Sunday concert was a great success, and the day being fine was most enjoyable.

  15. The concert in the afternoon was a great success, and Colonel Baden-Powell as usual "brought down the house" in his musical sketches.

  16. There was a smoking concert to-night to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, largely attended by Irishmen and others; the proceedings were harmonious throughout.

  17. Larkie promised to speak a piece at the Sunday-school concert two weeks from to-morrow," she vouchsafed, as unconcernedly as possible.

  18. On the night of the concert she superintended Lark's dressing with maternal care.

  19. Usually it is best to confine each concert to a given missionary field.

  20. A properly arranged missionary concert is interesting and instructive.

  21. In concert with his brothers, John and Lewis, he began to enter into negotiations with several of the German Protestant princes for the formation of a league for the protection of the adherents of the reformed faith in the Netherlands.

  22. The pourparlers at Nijmwegen were still going on, but made no progress in face of William's refusal to treat except in concert with his allies.

  23. His return to the Hague early in 1691 caused general rejoicing, and he was there able to concert with his allies the placing of a large force in the field for the ensuing campaign.

  24. The note ran thus: "The Directors of the Leipzig Concerts beg leave to present to Mr. Shurely a ticket of the concert of to-morrow.

  25. The next object with Colonel Burr was to inculcate harmony in the party and concert in action.

  26. If the two enterprises of Harold's sons had been planned in concert with their Danish kinsmen, the invaders or deliverers from opposite sides had failed to act together.

  27. If York and Exeter could not act in concert with one another, still less could either act in concert with Le Mans.

  28. The King of the French, acting in concert with the disaffected party in Normandy, was a dangerous enemy, and the young Duke and his counsellors determined to give up Tillieres.

  29. It will be perfectly correct for the guest to "stand treat" by inviting her host and hostess to accompany her to concert or play, paying for the seats herself.

  30. Many young men on moderate salary would not feel they could afford to buy a ticket to the theatre or concert for a chaperon, or order a carriage.

  31. The concert is the commonest of these events.

  32. In what I believe was the very first parish concert that I went to, this element largely predominated.

  33. The Art Galleries of the Exhibition were more to us than the Concert Hall, for we were more in them.

  34. After the concert we had a merry supper, and then--by this time indifferent to the flight of the hours--changed our clothes and prepared for the homeward drive.

  35. I think that was the most interesting concert I was ever at.

  36. We went to the concert with our friends, the H---os.

  37. We are now going to dine out, and in the evening we go to a concert in the theatre, given by the Señora Cesari and Mr. Wallace.

  38. The tube being above and the branch hanging below the pressure of the column of water would act in concert with the suck of the transpiring leaves instead of in opposition to this force.

  39. At the first concert the chorus consisted of about one hundred, of whom ten were women.

  40. Goring Thomas's cantata "The Swan and the Skylark" given at a Seidl Concert in the Metropolitan Opera House, New York City.

  41. Strube's "Hymn to Eros" at a concert given in Boston, for the Germanic Museum.

  42. Leo Sowerby's "Come Autumn Time" produced at a concert in Orchestral Hall, Chicago, conducted by Eric De Lamarter.

  43. Simandl's concert piece for double-bass and orchestra given by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

  44. As originally arranged, for voice and orchestra, it was given at a concert at Orchestra Hall, Jan.

  45. At the same concert Rubinstein's Morceau Symphonique, "La Russie" was performed.

  46. Camille Sivori, noted Italian violinist, made his American début in a concert at the Broadway Tabernacle, New York City.

  47. Camilla Urso, noted violinist, made her American début at a concert in Tripler Hall, New York City.

  48. Concert given by Mr. Dipper, organist of King's Chapel, Boston, in which two French horns were used.

  49. Dudley Buck's Romance, for Four Horns and Orchestra, played at an American Composers' Concert in New York City, under Mortimer Wiske.

  50. Auber's "Grand Inauguration March" given at a concert in New York City, by Theodore Thomas.

  51. Von Barwig was unusually pale, and as he slapped his concert meister on the back Poons noticed that, though his face wore a smile, his lips quivered.

  52. Five minutes later, Von Barwig, accompanied by Poons, left the house and hurriedly took a cab to the concert hall.

  53. He still had fifteen minutes to spare before the concert engagement, which began at eight o'clock, called him to the Gewandhaus.

  54. The men were rapidly disappearing, and the Gewandhaus concert platform was almost empty.

  55. At what concert was the song of the onion sung?

  56. And thrice do they go around the pile, and thrice does their clamour rise in concert into the air.

  57. The concert was suspended, and the whole party began to move humbly away at this august incursion.

  58. As we went into the immense concert-hall a group of girls were giving an informal concert among themselves.

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