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Example sentences for "hardily"

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hardhearted; hardie; hardier; hardiest; hardihood; hardiment; hardiness; hardinesse; hardlie; hardly
  1. Except where a log cabin has hardily survived the pioneer period, the houses are nearly all of one pattern; their facades front the river, and low chimneys point either gable, where a half-story forms the attic of the two stories below.

  2. With equally noble enthusiasm we like to see a nose jut out decisively, we like to see the red hair of a friend stand up hardily in bristles upon his head, we like to see his mouth broad and clean cut like the mountain crevasse.

  3. We like to see a crag jut out in shameless decision from the cliff, we like to see the red pines stand up hardily upon a high cliff, we like to see a chasm cloven from end to end of a mountain.

  4. Of so many black ill-willers, which should he be that doth so hardily outface us?

  5. He judged it more prudent to confront than to flee from these considerations; looking the more hardily in the dead face, bending his mind to realise the nature and greatness of his crime.

  6. What you please, sir, so long as it be well come by," she answered, looking him hardily between the eyes.

  7. Once she glanced at Red Ratcliffe, who strove hardily to meet her scorn; and then something of the Lean Man's spirit came to her.

  8. Bias withdrew the pipe-stem from his lips and stared hardily along it.

  9. Captain Cai gazed hardily at his reflection in the mirror.

  10. It is requisite he endevour as much to feed himselfe with their conceits, as labour to learne their precepts; which, so he know how to applie, let him hardily forget, where or whence he had them.

  11. Let him hardily conceale where or whence he hath had any helpe, and make no shew of anything, but of that which he hath made himselfe.

  12. It was like an evil dream to find him there, stolen to her door in the night, waiting outside it without a sound, looking her steadily, hardily in the eye without a word.

  13. The knowledge of how far she had gone, of how much she had betrayed herself, swelled and swelled before her mind until it seemed to fill her life, but she looked at it hardily and unabashed.

  14. Lauder's attack on Milton was hardily projected, on a prospect of encouragement, from this political criticism on the literary character of Milton; and he succeeded as long as he could preserve the decency of the delusion.

  15. These dedications led to preferment, and thus hardily was laid the foundation-stone of his aspiring fortunes.

  16. When the watch heard the noise of the palfrey thereon, he ceased his winding, and coming from the tower demanded who it was who rode so hardily on the bridge at such an hour.

  17. Sir Robert and John travelled so hardily that in less than three weeks they drew to their own country, and Sir Robert caused it to be told to his lord, whose daughter he had wedded, that he was near at hand.

  18. So soon as they came together, Arthur and Frolle; hardily they greeted all that they met.

  19. Together they came, and hardily encountered, and fought fiercely¬ó-the fated fell!

  20. There are to be found, notably in steadily moving rural communities, not a few who endure to ninety hardily enough; but rare and singular are the cases where a man is to be found, except as dust in a coffin, a century after his birth.

  21. Hardily go on thy way; I know well he will say nay.

  22. Then hardily leave him not, till time you strike him dead, And, of all other parts, especially save your head.

  23. Hear them instead of us, and as they shall devise, So hardily cast your[395] cards in this enterprise.

  24. So valiantly and hardily did the three knights lay about them that in a little while their enemies had fled, leaving more than half their number slain.

  25. Hardily did the knight defend himself from the strength and the fierce rushes of the great beast.

  26. But he who had so hardily braved the resentment of a man, powerful as the commander of a royal cruiser in a British colony, appeared to understand the hazard of his situation.

  27. I have not the honor to bear Her Majesty's commission," coldly returned Van Staats of Kinderhook, to whom this question had been hardily put.

  28. Groshery," he said shortly, and looked hardily at her with his lips set, his chin stuck out, and his quick observant eyes on her face.

  29. For a minute he stood confronting the man, who looked back hardily at him.

  30. Nevertheless, something drove him on, forced him to push his way hardily through a sort of quickset hedge of reluctance and shame.

  31. Then euery of the Standers by began to say his minde touchinge the resemblaunce of the Chylde to hys Father, hardily protesting the same without doubt to be his owne.

  32. At a time when sciences had no reality, they were constantly alluding to them; ignorance hardily imposed its erudition; and experimental philosophy only terminated in necromancy.

  33. One was rather a nuisance, especially when one wrestled hardily at the platform's giddy edge and a train came in.

  34. True, George cleaned windows and balanced hardily at the top of swaying ladders, a precarious trade, but his own.

  35. The more fond of you both: hardily the matter guess.

  36. And as for this letter, hardily let all go; We will know, whe'er she refuse you for that or no.

  37. If ye be, take no thought, nor be not afraid; Let them hardily take thought[47] how they shall be paid.

  38. Yes, Manhood, hardily In all manner of degree.

  39. Show me, mother, hardily all thy necessity, And, if I can, I shall provide the remedy.

  40. Ramus hardily laid it down that "there is no authority over reason, but reason ought to be queen and ruler over authority.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hardily" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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