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Example sentences for "daringly"

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dari; daric; darics; darin; daring; dariole; dark; darke; darken; darkened
  1. That you're accused of having daringly O'erstepped the powers entrusted to you, charged With traitorous contempt of the Emperor 65 And his supreme behests.

  2. This was the plan daringly attempted in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.

  3. However, as if they were all people in a book, everything happened according to Michael's most daringly optimistic hopes.

  4. But you talk so very daringly that I shouldn't be surprized by anything you told me.

  5. It is a circular apartment, rather daringly attached to the main building.

  6. Only the chateau donjon and immediate dependencies, a group of towering walls, rise grim and silent as of old above the great arch of the bridge flung so daringly across the Arman├žon at the bottom of the gorge.

  7. That you're accused of having daringly O'erstepped the powers intrusted to you, charged With traitorous contempt of the emperor And his supreme behests.

  8. Into life's ocean the youth with a thousand masts daringly launches; Mute, in a boat saved from wreck, enters the gray-beard the port.

  9. Daringly Reuben made horns of his fingers and waggled them.

  10. As soon as the key of the Peloponnesus had been thus daringly won, most of the other towns in the peninsula joined the league, and the Ach├Žans gained such victories, that Antigonus Gonatus fell ill, and died of grief.

  11. She would thus be safe from the odious addresses of Nymphidius, who had daringly told her that she was fated to become his bride.

  12. The only conciliating feature was his smile, which had come back, not with its native spontaneity, but daringly and aggressively, as a brave man smiles at a foe.

  13. Thor could speak the more daringly because his march up and down kept him behind his father's back.

  14. Daringly heroic on the field, he displayed a supreme genius for war, especially for that department of the service whose alarum cry is, 'To horse!

  15. After the false and precipitate step which had brought down the curse upon me, I had daringly thrust myself upon the fate of another being.

  16. On this Mr. Rascal was announced, and daringly joined the circle.

  17. Ida spread out his forces from Argoedd to Arfynnydd, and having assumed this threatening position, he daringly demanded submission and hostages from the Britons.

  18. Let us not, then, daringly stand by, and say thus it was fashioned, and so it was formed, but by our silence acknowledge that it never yet entered into the heart of man to conceive how the Almighty Creator laid the foundation of the world.

  19. He daringly grafted the true faith upon a heathen stock, well knowing that neither the stem nor the soil would militate against the growth of the goodly fruit with which the branches would on a future day be hung.

  20. Her small round white shoulders were more daringly bare than those of any woman he had seen, and her two fine hands looked like those in the old French pictures which hang in those houses in Paris that were spared by the Sans-Culottes.

  21. He saw that he was to pay the full price for that moment of aberration during which he had permitted himself to fall in with Beatrix's daringly manufactured lie.

  22. Johnson's death, when the poet Rogers was a young clerk of literary proclivities at his father's bank, he one day stole surreptitiously to Bolt Court, to daringly show some of his fledgeling poems to the great Polyphemus of literature.

  23. On his return to England, he daringly stood for the representation of London, and was elected for Middlesex.

  24. But it is clear that of those who have enthusiastically praised or daringly censured, few have interpreted its real significance.

  25. His intention was to become daringly expert in its handling and flash upon the view of the discomfited Gideon, who had not yet driven a car.

  26. His guest had not learned to like this, so for him he procured another cup, and brought it brimming with sweet milk which he had daringly taken from one of the many pans, quite as if he were at home in the place.

  27. Yet some daringly curious have attempted to discover the metal or mineral.

  28. Thus these wretched ecclesiastics, who ought to have been protected under the wings of the Pope, were utterly despoiled, and the enemies of the Church more daringly oppressed them.

  29. But the attack thus daringly begun by Root, was steadily maintained.

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