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Example sentences for "boldly"

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bolde; boldely; bolder; boldest; boldlie; boldnes; boldness; boldnesse; bole; bolero
  1. Napoleon's plan was to collect all his forces into one mass, and boldly to place them between the English and Prussians, and attack them separately.

  2. He boldly advocated a system of undisguised selfishness.

  3. They launched their bark boldly upon an unknown sea, and heroically endured its dangers and sufferings, with a view of conferring immortal blessings on their children and country.

  4. Also he boldly doubted mathematics, so long his own support and the reliance of many others in his time.

  5. When this was accomplished and her Aunt Fanny's housemaid, lent for the occasion, had duly admired her, she knocked boldly on her uncle's door.

  6. It was a sinful thing, if true; they vacillated between demanding an inquiry as to the source of the unknown contributor's cash or boldly suing for peace with Lois and Amzi.

  7. It was a guess, put boldly forth as fact, to elicit by the young man's answer, whether he had been there lately or not.

  8. The strange sensation of asphyxiation seized me as I rose to the surface, but, determined not to turn back, I struck out boldly for the opposite side, where the rock descended sheer into the lake.

  9. Then I made sudden resolve, and entered the great Fada to boldly seek audience of the Sultan 'Othman, the ruler who had forbidden me to re-enter his Empire on pain of death.

  10. Anning Bell and other artists have boldly carried them into pictorial work in the illustration of children's books.

  11. Nay, I myself, if with my scanty wit I coin a word or two, why grudge me it, When Ennius and old Cato boldly flung Their terms broadcast, and amplified our tongue?

  12. Captain Coxon boarded the admiral, and took with him Captain Harris, who had been shot through both his legs as he boldly adventured up along the side of the ship.

  13. Finding the halter too high for his neck, he boldly stepped upon his coffin and placed his head in the noose, bidding adieu to all around him.

  14. We could both speak enough German to pass, so we boldly struck out for the Dutch border, which was about 85 miles away, traveling only during the night.

  15. They carried conviction of force, and, as each foray met with less resistance, it was not long before they were dashing boldly everywhere.

  16. Throwing caution aside, we marched boldly forward, right into a couple of sentries with fixed bayonets!

  17. But heedless of dangers from without or of dangers from within Cranmer and his colleagues advanced more boldly than ever in the career of innovation.

  18. While hundreds were going to the stake in England the Scotch nobles boldly met the burning of their preachers by a threat of war.

  19. We have seen how boldly the genius of Thomas Cromwell set aside on this point the tradition of the New Monarchy.

  20. But the negotiations proved as fruitless as before, while Scotland moved boldly forward in its new career.

  21. Boldly and adroitly as the whole revolution had been managed, it was none the less a revolution.

  22. But now in his daughter's days boys and women boldly profess the faith before the judge, and refuse to make the slightest concession even at the threat of death.

  23. But, boldly as it was asserted, the royal power was practically wielded with a caution and moderation that showed the sense of a growing difficulty in the full exercise of it.

  24. Her father had at any rate broken boldly from the Papacy.

  25. Cecil could boldly assert in her name at a later time the right of every Englishman to perfect liberty of religious opinion.

  26. The rising fanaticism of the Catholic world was breaking down the caution and hesitation of Philip; while England was setting aside the balanced neutrality of her Queen and pushing boldly forward to a contest which it felt to be inevitable.

  27. So summoning up all his courage he plunged boldly in.

  28. But at last I dressed myself as an old woman, and knocked boldly at her door.

  29. Take your choice, sir,' replied Monica, boldly holding out her bunch.

  30. As the result of Lindsay's cogitations, the two girls went boldly to Mrs. Wilson, and begged an old cardboard box.

  31. She groped her way a little more boldly across the room, and, putting out her foot, began to feel about.

  32. The religious obeyed, and boldly told the emperor what had been commanded.

  33. They boldly replied, that they utterly despised all the things of this world and of the present life, in consequence of the happiness of the future life.

  34. Bob promptly saddled his horse, rode boldly to the Childs' shake camp, took lunch with them, and rode back, speaking no word either of business or of threats.

  35. To support their eloquence, senators supposedly respectable did not hesitate boldly to utter sweeping falsehoods of fact.

  36. In particular one tall dead yellow pine standing boldly prominent, afire to the top, alternately glowed and paled as the wind breathed or died.

  37. Bob saw Roaring Dick at the other table, rather whiter than the day before, but carrying himself boldly in spite of his poor head.

  38. When most of the gentlemen invited had entered Sir Robert Cunninghame's Wallace boldly followed them; and Archie sat down on a doorstep nearly opposite.

  39. Archie gave them orders where they should await him, and lifting the faggot on his shoulders boldly entered the camp.

  40. He dressed himself as a mountaineer, and, accompanied by Cluny Campbell, and carrying a buck which they had shot in the forest, went boldly down into the village.

  41. The entrance was half under water, but the tide was falling, and he boldly waded in.

  42. This time he came dressed in his best and as if he boldly came to woo the fair girl.

  43. With a beating heart he mounted the Rectory steps, and for the first time in his life ventured to ask boldly out if he could see Miss Tudor.

  44. With the other he boldly trailed behind Elliott and followed him to the Bloemfontein-Jacobsdal line of Constabulary posts, through which he passed without injury.

  45. He boldly rode across French's front at De Kiel's Drift, and made S.

  46. He extricated himself cleverly by brushing past Paget and advancing boldly in what was apparently the line of greatest resistance.

  47. Still Thomas Seymour stood out boldly for his innocence.

  48. Of this Judah the Saint, who boldly fanned the embers of the Sabbatian heresy into fierce flame, I have a vivid recollection, because, against all precedent, he mounted the gallery of the village synagogue to preach to the women.

  49. This I may boldly say, now that I am not talking about the joyous science of poetry, but about the godlike art of idleness.

  50. Through the forest roamed the black bear, And the red deer boldly herded; Through the air flew birds of flavor, And the sea was full of fishes, Till the Red Man knew no hunger, And his wigwam hung with trophies.

  51. With this arrow hunt the White Doe, Have no timid fear of wounding; When her heart it enters boldly Chi-co's charm will melt before it.

  52. The delay of the development of grape-culture in its native home can only be explained on the theory that when nature boldly invites, man becomes shy.

  53. For her sake he tried to fasten To his rude canoe white pinions Like the winged ships of the white man, That with her he might sail boldly Out towards the rosy sunrise, Seeking for her lost grandsire[W] For whose coming her heart saddened.

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    Other words:
    blatantly; boldly; conspicuously; daringly; flagrantly; gamely; heroically; intrepidly; markedly; notably; noticeably; openly; ostensibly; prominently; resolutely; vigorously