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Example sentences for "boldness"

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bolder; boldest; boldlie; boldly; boldnes; boldnesse; bole; bolero; boles; bolice
  1. She gathered spirits and force from the resentment which the priests around her bed excited by their importunity, and the boldness of the stern sect of reformers, to which she had secretly adhered, seemed to animate her dying tongue.

  2. In tones daily increasing in boldness and efficiency, they declared the Girondists to be the friends of the monarch, and the enemies of popular liberty.

  3. Roland, almost trembling in view of its boldness and its truths, presented the letter to the King.

  4. If we desire a typical example of the way the old masters used the doctrine of seeking out, it is to be found, not in Nelson's magnificent chase, but in the restrained boldness of Barham's orders to Cornwallis and Calder.

  5. This exploring process reminds us of what took place long ago when an architect of unexampled boldness first imagined a dome for a temple, and brought his dream to fulfilment.

  6. I will moisten your throat at the gates with the thin, white stuff, which you have the boldness to call beer.

  7. As I now stand in the presence of your majesty, I am sensible of the boldness of my undertaking, and words fail me to express what is burning in my soul.

  8. I came here to see if every thing was in readiness, and ordered the steward to ornament the doors and corridors with garlands of flowers; he has had the boldness to tell me he dares not do it!

  9. Her very boldness disarmed suspicion; the boy was not sufficiently interested to watch her, for a man came out of the barber-shop and seated himself in the boot-black's chair.

  10. His very boldness was calculated to prevent suspicion.

  11. Not well of thy midriff the rudder directing,--convicted Of bringing a boldness they did not desire to the men with existence at stake.

  12. Winter's in wane, his vengeful worst art thou, To dash the boldness of advancing March!

  13. To turn from the publication to the composition itself, I may say that it is full of life, indeed, spirited in every respect, in movement and in boldness of harmonic and melodic conception.

  14. It is amazing boldness in Catholics to prefer this charge against Luther, when they themselves teach a worse doctrine than they impute to Luther.

  15. Montoni turned pale with anger, while his quivering lip and lurking eye made her almost repent the boldness of her speech.

  16. The boldness with which the operation was conceived and executed is nothing less than astounding.

  17. In proportion as our strength and energy fell,” says the same author, “so did the boldness of the Cossacks rise.

  18. My noble friend, This is no more than a remembrancing That you are now in camp, and among warriors; The soldier's boldness constitutes his freedom.

  19. Yea," Paul said, "the humility it is That makes the boldness thou hast found in me; It were defect of right humility Not boldly to obey when Christ bids do.

  20. My lord is broken in spirit with lack of hope: I stay him up, as best I may, to show The world some front of kingly boldness yet, But truth is, I am broken with staying him.

  21. Monarch of monarchs," she replied, "I beg you to pardon the boldness of my petition.

  22. These horrible animals had the boldness to attack me on both sides, and one of them held his forefeet at my collar; but I had the good fortune to rip up his belly before he could do me any mischief.

  23. Diana suffered acutely, but her pride supported her, whilst her confidence in Norbert was so great that she had the boldness to inquire, "And what did he say to that?

  24. The danger with which Andre was menaced was most terrible, and the importance of the game he was playing made him feel that he had everything to fear from the boldness and audacity of his enemies.

  25. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness before Him in the Day of Judgment.

  26. The king speaks with a certain coldness, very unlike the welcome fit for a guest; and his question is one of astonishment at the rude boldness of the man who came there, knowing that he had not the proper dress.

  27. Timorous and tremulous before, something or other touched them into altogether new boldness and self-possession.

  28. Grant me back my child, forget the boldness of a heart-broken father!

  29. The boldness of the act will prevent suspicion.

  30. Thinkest thou our fellow has suffered for his boldness yesterday?

  31. But now his uncle thought it was high time to scold his nephew himself; the lad's boldness was too much.

  32. It was to take its side by that journal, and to rival it in the boldness of its language and the spirit of its arguments, that the Irish Felon was established; and it executed its mission well.

  33. The boldness of the advocate in thus administering it to himself in open court appeared to paralyse the minds of the judges.

  34. The boldness of its denouement is sublime.

  35. It was said to be without doubt the work of the same band that had conducted the hold-up in which Harry Whitcomb had lost his life, as it was characterized by the same boldness of plan and cleverness of execution.

  36. So struck was the Moorish general with the boldness and ingenuity of the trick which had been played upon him, that he made Theodemir governor of the province of Murcia, which was ever afterwards known in Arabic as "Theodemir's land.

  37. Reports like this are often spread with boldness very disproportionate to their evidence.

  38. Then they were silent, as if frightened by the boldness and the difficulties of the enterprise.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "boldness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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