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Example sentences for "bolder"

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bola; bolas; bold; bolde; boldely; boldest; boldlie; boldly; boldnes; boldness
  1. The State Committee can't do anything without money, General Waymouth," added the chairman, getting bolder as he allowed his rancor full play.

  2. That's a bold confession for a girl to make; but I've got even a bolder request: please climb up here and ride.

  3. These things, these things were here and but the beholder Wanting; which two when they once meet, The heart rears wings bold and bolder And hurls for him, O half hurls earth for him off under his feet.

  4. If we hesitate to touch a mere ex-quaestor, shall we be any bolder when he has been praetor and consul?

  5. Accordingly he sailed along the coasts of Greece and Asia Minor, and, skirting the seas which lay upon his left, reached the islands of Rhodes and Cyprus, whence he made a bolder crossing to Syria.

  6. Those upon the tray are from ladies, as can be told by the delicate angular chirography--all except two, that show a rounder and bolder hand.

  7. He also broke away from the Church Modes, employed a system of harmony nearer akin to our own, made free use of the Chord of the Dominant Seventh, and introduced bolder harmonies and unprepared dissonances.

  8. He was, like Mendelssohn, an ardent disciple of Bach, but his harmonies are freer and bolder than Mendelssohn's, and his pianoforte compositions show the influence more especially of Chopin.

  9. Everybody had a grievance against them, and would like to have seen them a hundred feet under the ground; but they got bolder and bolder every day.

  10. Chapuys was bold, bolder perhaps than the Council had expected.

  11. The Regent's Council at Brussels, bolder than the Spanish, were for immediate war.

  12. The malcontents increased daily and became bolder in word and action.

  13. A bolder commander would not have stood idle while his own cannon were planted by the enemy to batter down his walls; and whatever the risks of a sortie, the risks of not making one were greater.

  14. Some of the families of the place were living in the fort; but the bolder or more careless still remained in their farmhouses, and if nothing were done for their relief, their fate was sealed.

  15. The Spanish troops reached the parapet and a hand-to-hand combat with the bolder rebels took place, the bayonet against the spear or bolo.

  16. Thus they are bolder and more warlike than their brethren at home, having had for centuries to defend themselves against bloodthirsty Moros.

  17. This circumstance has possibly served to make them swifter of wing, keener of sight, and bolder in attack than elsewhere.

  18. They came quite close to Norah as she stooped to feed them, and one chick, bolder than his brethren, even stood on the back of her hand.

  19. Youths who had been timid before, grown bolder now, dashed towards the long row of girls.

  20. I would I had a spirit-harp to seize The bolder tenor of his rhapsodies When apple-blossoms swing against the sky.

  21. But the bolder spirits and the accidental offenders, who confidently bid me a final good-bye, unafraid of return, call directly from the prison on the Pittsburgh editors.

  22. III Occasionally a bolder spirit grumbles at the exasperating partiality.

  23. Father," she said softly to her parent when she got outside, "Mr. Bolder wants to see your new gun.

  24. There was a crash of breaking glass as Mr. Bolder dived through the window and departed in all haste for the railway station.

  25. Sometimes the bolder spirits would speak in a defiant and unrepentant way; but most of them professed a deep repentance for their sins and warned their listeners to guard against the temptation of drink and avarice.

  26. And Batiste, serene and firm, but without arrogance, laughed at his family's anxiety, and became bolder and bolder as the famous quarrel receded into the past.

  27. And the wrinkled old man grew bolder and rose; his dim eyes shone like dull embers and he brandished his shepherd's staff as though he were still piercing the enemy with his bayonet.

  28. There was question of deserting the place, but bolder counsels controlled.

  29. Bolder and bolder came Nell's advances; when I sought to drop behind she called me up; if I rode ahead she swore she would bid the driver gallop his horses till she came to me again.

  30. And still he was not satisfied, but grew bolder and bolder, putting himself in its power and trusting to its mercy.

  31. See ye how the Lay tells that the hall was bolder than the men, who fled from it, and left all for our fellowship to deal with in the days gone by?

  32. One boy, bolder than the rest, slung an English sentence at the visitor, and collapsed.

  33. But Joseph and Hyrum were harder bestead than ever I have been; and bolder men to boot.

  34. We wore off shore, and left it a clear berth for bolder mariners.

  35. I know that you are sceptical; but bolder men have confessed their mistakes, with less testimony.

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