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Example sentences for "familiarity"

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familiarise; familiarised; familiarising; familiaritie; familiarities; familiarize; familiarized; familiarizing; familiarlie; familiarly
  1. But he was ceremonious, not permitting himself his old familiarity before these dignitaries of the great railroad.

  2. I guess I can allow my future wife so much familiarity with my pard.

  3. Besides, his dress showed familiarity with the city modes.

  4. A very little real familiarity with the Septuagint would have secured these Revisers against the perpetual exposure which they make of themselves in their marginal Notes.

  5. But, in truth, considerable familiarity with these pursuits may easily co-exist with a natural inaptitude for their successful cultivation, which shall prove simply fatal.

  6. The extent of your individual familiarity with the subject when (in 1870 namely) you proposed to revise the Greek Text of the N.

  7. Pointed out to me by Professor Gandell,--whose exquisite familiarity with Scripture is only equalled by his readiness to communicate his knowledge to others.

  8. That Tischendorf was a critic of amazing research, singular shrewdness, indefatigable industry; and that he enjoyed an unrivalled familiarity with ancient documents; no fair person will deny.

  9. Some, it may be, will be chiefly struck by the foolishness of the proceeding: for at the end of centuries of familiarity with such a word, we are no longer able to part company with it, even if we were inclined.

  10. The splendor with which Josephine's rooms were furnished was no compensation to her for the absence of that affectionate familiarity for which her heart ever yearned.

  11. The many formal ceremonies which her station required, and upon which Napoleon laid great stress, were exceedingly irksome to one whose warm heart rejoiced in the familiarity of unrestrained friendship.

  12. On these pleasure excursions, the restraints of the court were laid aside, and there were all the joyous commingling and affectionate familiarity which prevail among intimate friends.

  13. There was a tantalizing familiarity about him that convinced Bwana that he should be able to call the visitor by name, yet he was unable to do so.

  14. The other he did not recognize though there was a familiarity about his carriage and figure that puzzled Korak.

  15. There was a strange familiarity--a weird familiarity in it that made the short hairs rise at the nape of his neck, and brought his upper lip into an involuntary snarl that bared his fighting fangs.

  16. A rationally-formed circle must consist almost wholly of those on terms of familiarity and regard, with but one or two strangers.

  17. The best result of such familiarity with Nature will be the recognition of an intellectual unity holding together all the various forms of life as parts of one Creative Conception.

  18. The room looked as if it were accustomed to him, and more amazing still was the sense of familiarity that he inspired, as, though he were a part of Shelton's soul.

  19. Its familiarity is not great enough to breed contempt, but sufficient to remove those outer defences to intimacy, the conquest of which, in other circumstances, demands the conscious effort which warns people whither they are going.

  20. Little by little the charm of friendship and the familiarity of innocence take root and grow among us.

  21. It is a sight both touching and amusing to see both sexes, left to the protection of their own hearts, continuing the sports of childhood in the flower of youth and beauty, showing by their very familiarity the purity of their pleasures.

  22. Are not the confidence and familiarity thus established, the innocence and the charm of the pleasures thus enjoyed, more than enough to make up for the more riotous pleasures of public entertainments?

  23. We live in company till we have no family, and we scarcely know our own relations, we see them as strangers; and the simplicity of home life disappears together with the sweet familiarity which was its charm.

  24. All this placed us on very pleasant terms of familiarity and friendship.

  25. To this I answered with brotherly familiarity that it was a small thing, and should be paid for out of the profits of our enterprise.

  26. You see familiarity breeds contempt with bullets as with other things, and though it is no easy matter to come to like them, like the King of Sweden or my Lord Cutts, it is not so very hard to become indifferent to them.

  27. We men have in the past been accustomed to boast that we will go just as far towards familiarity as women will allow, and have declared that this whole matter is one which women must regulate.

  28. I am at least sure that both the stately coldness of Lady Vere de Vere and the familiarity in which dignity is forgotten are fatal.

  29. In this relation meet many favorable conditions for carrying sympathy to a great height, when the blinding effect of early familiarity and the palling effect of routine are prevented or neutralized.

  30. Madame Geniis, whose overtures for familiarity were repulsed, plotted against her with spiteful vindictiveness.

  31. The familiarity and arrogance of "Queen Sarah" became insufferable to Queen Anne, and the quondam friends parted as irreconcilable foes.

  32. It is only our familiarity with it that gives it inevitableness.

  33. All the more the sea had for him a great interest and fascination, as it has for everybody to whom it has not from long familiarity become a matter of course.

  34. Her code of manners included no approximation toward familiarity between a Talcott and a letter of lodgings.

  35. At any rate, it is no longer the mode, and the mill begins to acquire familiarity with it.

  36. The very best evidence of this, if it is needed, is to recall to what great extent familiarity with the works of Dickens has crept into the daily life of "the people," who more than ever form the great majority of readers.

  37. The method of distribution is truly astonishing, and only becomes less so to the liver in the midst of it all by reason of his varying degree of familiarity therewith.

  38. Old Myrdon had brought back to health more wounded fighting men than he could remember; and his long familiarity with death and suffering had completely soured his naturally acid disposition.

  39. As a result he found his way purely by his familiarity with the territory and a store of jungle lore not surpassed by the beasts themselves.

  40. There was a haunting familiarity to one of them--that of the girl.

  41. Too great familiarity with new acquaintances is impolite as well as unwise.

  42. There was a mingled vagueness and familiarity in its suggestion which puzzled them and spurred them on at the same time.

  43. The child's familiarity with the crest was striking enough, but that Bellini Madonna clinches it.

  44. A few of them squatted, with their legs tucked under them, but most of them let their legs hang over the edge, and they all had an air of perfect familiarity with the surroundings as well as what can be best described as a "team look.

  45. She looked into King's eyes with challenging familiarity that made him smile, and then eyed me wonderingly.

  46. Pope was not disinclined to pride himself upon his familiarity with the great, though boasting at the same time of his independence.

  47. It wants some familiarity with the events of Pope's life, and many lines convey only a part of their meaning unless we are familiar not only with the events, but with the characters of the persons mentioned.

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