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Example sentences for "familiarities"

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familiaris; familiarise; familiarised; familiarising; familiaritie; familiarity; familiarize; familiarized; familiarizing; familiarlie
  1. She who had known no shame, but whose unblushing impudence and obtrusive familiarities had so often scandalized the city, now avoids a look, shrinks even from respectful notice, and is overwhelmed with a consciousness of guilt.

  2. I pity poor Nancy from my soul, and would willingly give anything in my power that no familiarities had ever passed between us.

  3. Mr. Wakefield also drew up an acknowledgment, declaring that no familiarities whatever had passed between him and the young lady, and having signed it, he put it into the hands of Mr. Turner.

  4. His Royal Highness has won as many hearts at Newmarket as he lost in Scotland; he played deep and handsomely; received every body at his table with the greatest good humour, and permitted the familiarities of the place with ease and sense.

  5. Because I wanted her to be mine for ever in love or friendship, and did not push my gross familiarities as far as I might.

  6. What do you mean by your familiarities with these two men, madame?

  7. Then you admit your familiarities with Botot, too?

  8. I might very much enlarge upon this Subject, but shall conclude it with a Story which I lately heard from one of our Spanish Officers, [3] and which may shew the Danger a Woman incurs by too great Familiarities with a Male Companion.

  9. In the mean time, the poor Wretch that is the innocent Occasion of so many Evils begins to be frighted at her self, and sometimes confesses secret Commerce and Familiarities that her Imagination forms in a delirious old Age.

  10. They will not forbear familiarities of speech to the mother, as of longer acquaintance than a day.

  11. Struensee was constantly seen in her company, and she granted him familiarities which, as Reverdil says, "would have ruined any ordinary woman.

  12. I also used to watch them at play on the common, and felt rewarded when I saw, as I not infrequently did, sexual familiarities taking place.

  13. I was never weak with them, and I was able to allow all kinds of familiarities without any loss of respect.

  14. Up to 18, familiarities passed at intervals between me and the son of the village doctor, a youth about two years older than myself, and precociously immoral.

  15. These familiarities making little Jennings forget the part she was acting, after having pushed him away with all the violence she was able, she told him with indignation that it was very insolent to dare--"Ha!

  16. I was surprized to be treated thus, after such Familiarities as had passed between us.

  17. He had missed of late certain pleasant little familiarities and light, tender caresses, to which he had become accustomed, and he began to wonder at this change in his child companion, as he regarded her.

  18. How such contacts and familiarities affected me, considering my growing fondness for Miss Fielding, I leave you to imagine.

  19. Except in Edna's familiarities with me, and Leah's vague fears, I had no reason for fearing anything wrong.

  20. It was hardest of all to do what, indeed, I was loath to teach her, the little coquetries and familiarities which I imagined Edna to be in the habit of lavishing upon the doctor.

  21. I let him borrow money of me--I permitted his familiarities and his vulgarity as long as I could endure it--I listened to all his schemes.

  22. She let him do as he liked, although in the street she was offish enough to other men, refusing their familiarities partly from decorum and partly for contempt for their commonness.

  23. All these grisettes fully understood the fallen majesty of the Chevalier de Valois, and they kept their private familiarities with him a profound secret for his sake.

  24. On these ceremonial days, friendly familiarities were exchanged between the servants of the house and the company.

  25. The guilty pair were not in the slightest degree reserved in my presence; on the contrary they jested, they talked, they indulged in familiarities before my face, in a manner that astonished me not a little.

  26. My course, then, is plain--I must delicately and gradually venture on familiarities which are best calculated to arouse her sensibilities, without incurring her suspicions as to my ultimate object.

  27. Instantly, he dropped the lover, and became the fond and doting father, in which sacred capacity he proceeded to take liberties to which his former familiarities were as nothing.

  28. But these offensive familiarities are not of perpetual occurrence.

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