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Example sentences for "hospitality"

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hospitable; hospitably; hospital; hospitaliers; hospitalities; hospitalization; hospitall; hospitaller; hospitals; hospitium
  1. Instead, therefore, of finding that public gayety and private hospitality in Venice for which the city was once famous, the stranger finds himself planted between two hostile camps, with merely the choice of sides open to him.

  2. But invitations to dinner have never formed a prime element of hospitality in Venice.

  3. He meets him daily on exchange and at the Casino, and he partakes of the hospitality of his conversazioni.

  4. He combined an antique hospitality with modern ways.

  5. We left London finally with many regrets, having enjoyed the hospitality of what is to me the most attractive country in the world to visit.

  6. No one will ever understand the heartiness and generosity and warmth of Kentucky hospitality until he experiences it.

  7. The company was received with the same hospitality by King Pamunkey, whose land was believed to be rich in copper and pearls.

  8. I was present when my honorable and reverend patron, the Lord Bishop of London, Doctor King, entertained her with festival state and pomp beyond what I had seen in his great hospitality offered to other ladies.

  9. I must say, that the hospitality and kind-heartedness of the people of Maryland cannot be too highly spoken of.

  10. I did not further decline the proffered hospitality of this excellent lady.

  11. I shouldn't dream of asking hospitality from such a very suspicious sort of person as this Mrs. Arlington seems to be," Miss Beauchamp replies, with much affectation and more spitefulness.

  12. He rode slowly through the village to the lodge where one of his tribe lived, and entered quietly, assured of a welcome by the native courtesy and hospitality that ever are characteristic of the Indian races.

  13. Old Glad's quaintly proffered hospitality was willingly and gratefully accepted, and after his guest had been refreshed by a nicely cooked supper, their talk turned to the past in the old mountaineer's life.

  14. A day or two before two travellers, an Indian and a young woman of fair complexion, had arrived at the ranch and been treated with more than the usual hospitality by the head man.

  15. It was not the Indian custom to ask for the hospitality that it was considered a privilege to be allowed to offer to the stranger within their lodges.

  16. When Donald and Jim had finished their dinner, the children and a number of relatives who had assembled to share Jim's hospitality gathered around the table, a motley group, as hungry as famished bears.

  17. Monsieur de Montville, I am offering you the hospitality of a friend, and I hope you will accept it.

  18. The last thing he would have expected of himself was that at the end of the interview he also would be accepting the hospitality of the man he had come almost prepared to shoot.

  19. He rivalled the king in the appointments of his household, exercised the most unbounded hospitality towards those who visited the court, and became the medium through which the subjects communicated with their sovereign.

  20. Since then, I have wandered a fugitive and an outcast, craving scant hospitality of my brother's vassals, and solacing my weary hours with clerkly studies.

  21. Lastly, up comes the flag over Mr. Tulkinghorn's unconscious head cheerfully proclaiming that Sir Leicester and Lady Dedlock are in their happy home and that there is hospitality at the place in Lincolnshire.

  22. To this trio everybody in the court possessed of sixpence has an insatiate desire to exhibit hospitality in a liquid form.

  23. I hope your time is not so precious but that you will allow my Lady and myself to offer you the hospitality of Chesney Wold, for to- night at least.

  24. The liberality and hospitality of Fulgentius to the poor, out of the small pittance he received for his particular subsistence, made Eulalius condemn himself of remissness in those virtues, and for the future imitate so laudable an example.

  25. They inherited their estates only to distribute them among the poor; and on them, and in hospitality to strangers, they bestowed all the spare profits of their work.

  26. The hospitality of this classic mansion is well known, and we added a second pleasant chapter to our previous experience under the roof of Professor Max Müller.

  27. There has never, in the history of the world, been a nation of the same magnificent hospitality as this.

  28. My dear Mrs. Varick," she said to Pauline, "I am very glad that you chose to seek my poor hospitality this evening.

  29. Then you think this grand American hospitality of which you have just spoken to be a failure--a sham?

  30. I thought it rather an odd arrangement that a mere guest should introduce a stranger to another person's house: but I had already seen enough of the hearty hospitality of Ireland not to wonder at anything having a kind purpose in view.

  31. When the rapidly arriving steamers bring friends, with letters or introductions, they have hospitality to dispense.

  32. The common language, hatred of the Americans, the hospitality to criminals of their blood, and the admiration of the sullen natives for these bravos, prevent any dependence on the Mexican population.

  33. He is offered the hospitality of an escort back to Santa Clara, from whence he can reach Monterey, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

  34. By a decree of the senate a league of hospitality was formed with him, and presents were conferred on him by the state.

  35. When their wounds were cured, many of them went home and told the kind hospitality they had met with.

  36. They had accepted the hospitality of a distant relative who was especially pious.

  37. Hospitality seems to be exercised on all the floors of this house.

  38. Weilen arose, saying: "But I must not encroach upon your hospitality too long.

  39. The hospitality of Government House was proverbial, and whilst the Viceroy and his entourage were residing in Calcutta, it was one perpetual round of gaiety and entertainments, week after week.

  40. If any white man should come to Marshpee and ask hospitality for a night or two, I do not believe that one of the whole tribe would turn him from his door, savages though they be.

  41. I then visited Barnstable, and finding no resting place there for the sole of my foot, I journeyed as far as Hyannis, where I was entertained with hospitality and kindness.

  42. It's the hospitality of your own general that you share when you join us.

  43. Paganini himself could do no more, but, for the present, we must pay due attention to the hospitality of General Grant.

  44. Nevertheless the hospitality of Dick Jones and his wife, Mandy, was unbounded.

  45. As Lieutenant Colonel St. Hilaire pointed out, General Grant would be displeased if we didn't fully appreciate his hospitality and prove it by our deeds.

  46. I've just told Mrs. Johnson that I had to park Wispy on the other side of the reservation last night, and that some men over there were very disagreeable and we were forced to accept Uncle Abe's hospitality for the night.

  47. I don't think Mr. Joyce's hospitality will prove a pleasant experience if we are caught by him or his men.

  48. But his hospitality got the better of his surprise, and he proceeded to read his essay with an audible voice, in great glee at having secured a patient, and, as he fondly hoped, an interested hearer.

  49. Many other races, many other civilizations have gone down just because of their pure and unsuspecting hospitality toward foreigners.

  50. They might well plead the excuse that their wants and the calls of hospitality have greatly increased, while their wretched salaries of from L3 to L12 a year have not.

  51. And if many escape unpunished, I would have the traitors to know that they owe it to the hospitality shown to my mother by their parents, or perhaps by themselves.

  52. Every one--mark me--every one has merited death who has broken the laws of hospitality, that hospitality which this lying city offered me.

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