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Example sentences for "geniality"

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  1. In our own day Mr. George Meredith has reminded us of the big geniality of the Earth; and the close relationship of the Earth and her moods with those who live nearest to her has found a faithful observer in Mr. Hardy.

  2. Certainly responsiveness to the geniality of casual fellow passengers did not impress Mr. Collins as likely to be an outstanding, quality in her.

  3. He laughed his warm, friendly laugh, before the geniality of which discord seemed to melt, and again his arm went round the other's weary shoulders with a caressing gesture that was infinitely protecting.

  4. Geniality has invaded each department and profession.

  5. Yes, we golden boys, the moderns, have geniality everywhere--a bounty broadcast like noonlight.

  6. And just so those needy minds, which, through their own insincerity, having no confidence in mankind, doubt lest the liberal geniality of this age be spurious.

  7. They are small Pizarros in their way--by the very princeliness of men's geniality stunned into distrust of it.

  8. Either his lone campaigns are fabulous as Hercules'; or else, those being true, what was thrown in about his geniality is but garnish.

  9. As to the last-named sort of person," said the cosmopolitan, "I trust that the advancing spirit of geniality will at last enable us to dispense with him.

  10. Seems to me, then, this geniality you say you feel waked in you, is as water-power in a land without mills.

  11. In former and less humanitarian ages--the ages of amphitheatres and gladiators--geniality was mostly confined to the fireside and table.

  12. Then the graceful writer passes on to the dinners, at which it appears the Editor of the Magazine "is the great gun, and comes out with all the geniality in his power.

  13. His fine success as a salesman lay in his geniality and the thoroughly reputable standing of his house.

  14. Not a shade was there of anything save geniality and kindness.

  15. Mr. Dering is hard and jealous: the other man is full of geniality and benevolence.

  16. This evening he sat at the head of the table dispensing his simple hospitality with a geniality and a heartiness unknown before the arrival of this young lady.

  17. And the guests plying between the source of supply and the breakfast-table proper created a vagabondish camping-out air of geniality that did much to dispel the natural stiffness of the morning intercourse.

  18. In short, he brings in such an air of geniality and self-appreciation that the guest who arrived first has more than a notion to 'have him out' and send him to a region where dinner-parties are popularly supposed to be unknown.

  19. He longed to be free of all roofs and feel the geniality of the hearth-fire of the planetary system penetrating through his coat, his skin, his flesh, into his very being.

  20. No player ever displayed his skill before American audiences who had in so large degree that peculiar quality of geniality in his style which so endears him to the public.

  21. Moscheles's mental accomplishments and singular geniality of nature contributed, with his very great abilities as a musician, to give him a position attained by but few artists.

  22. His geniality had vanished, or lingered only in the curl of his moustache.

  23. Rankin had tugged all the geniality out of his moustache, and his face was full of anxiety and gloom.

  24. He had worked poor Hanson's geniality for all it was worth, and he felt that in common prudence he must withdraw from the Courier for a season.

  25. His affectation of a straightforward middle-class geniality covered a decided tendency towards intrigue and a strong love of personal power.

  26. In his lips there was geniality as well as firmness.

  27. It must be confessed that what might be called the national manner is not conducive to geniality of intercourse.

  28. There was a sort of hideous geniality in the last words which Tuppence did not at all like.

  29. All the geniality had faded out of Whittington's face.

  30. The geniality of Antoninus Pius, like the geniality of the earth itself, had permitted the church, as being in truth no alien from that old mother earth, to expand and thrive for a season as by natural process.

  31. The breezy geniality of their shipboard acquaintance did not strike Harry as officious or obtrusive now.

  32. Amid all this geniality and liveliness at home and this beauty of surrounding nature abroad, little Marty seemed to outgrow in a measure her constitutional delicacy.

  33. There is an irresistible air of geniality about this home: can it be the house itself?

  34. But she was amazed to see Mr. Kemp, who thus far had seemed geniality itself, acknowledge her affianced with freezing coldness, and Hunting turned deathly pale with a presentiment of disaster.

  35. In accordance with his purpose to keep the vantage-ground already gained, he was geniality itself, and so entertained Miss Eulie and Mr. Walton that Annie soon relented and smiled upon him as kindly as ever.

  36. The geniality which he spread over all his creations was geniality spread from one centre, from one flaming peak.

  37. I wondered if he were a friend of Marny's, or whether he had only been attracted by that glow of geniality which seems to radiate from Marny's pores.

  38. What COULD the tastes of that man be who saw friendliness and geniality in these shaggy hills?

  39. Once it surprised her notions by remarking upon the friendliness and geniality written in the faces of the hills around.

  40. Every time you have given a smile of approbation, all the good cheer of your life will come up again in the geniality of your children.

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