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Example sentences for "genially"

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  1. Can't go to business this early," he said genially to the ever respectful Paul.

  2. He was almost ready to approach them genially and pass an hour in light conversation.

  3. This last was partly, no doubt, because the question of tact might be felt as having come up at the end of a quarter of an hour during which he had liberally talked and she had genially questioned.

  4. Wilbraham was in no particular hurry to settle his business; he was quite satisfied for that afternoon, and he entered genially into conversation with Miss Holt upon the subject of her grievances.

  5. There was only, however, a telegram for Charnock, which he genially offered to deliver himself and did deliver, running into Charnock's bedroom for that purpose.

  6. When I met Mr. Watts-Dunton, he alluded to this and other matters concerning Thomson so genially as to make me wonder how he could at times have written in so unsympathetic and unworthy a manner of authors whom he disliked.

  7. The little doctor smiled genially because his heart was good.

  8. He threw a joke at the negro polishing the brass, and paused genially to exchange a word with the elevator starter.

  9. Runs all right to-day, Sam," he remarked genially to the boy whom he had half throttled the evening before.

  10. Miss Alice Corkran has shown me an illustrated coloured map, depictive of the main incidents and scenery of the Pilgrim's Progress, which he genially made for "the children.

  11. Carling genially conceived a real gratification to be conferred on his wife.

  12. Dudley Sowerby, surprised Victor's eyebrows at least, and caused him genially to review the visit of Lady Grace.

  13. Would not Sterne have felt a thrill of complacency, had he beheld his tableau of the Widow Wadman and Uncle Toby so genially embodied by Ball Hughes?

  14. Moir, who so genially united the domestic lyrist and the good doctor; a Delta framed in bay adorns the pedestal of his monument.

  15. Goldsmith has genially celebrated the humble, rustic inn in the Deserted Village, and his own habits confirmed the early predilection.

  16. Many greatly-endeared human benefactors cannot thus be wisely or genially celebrated.

  17. Scaife, it is true, laughed genially at Caesar's distress.

  18. Warde, guessing, perhaps, the wish of the crowd, smiled more genially than before.

  19. Steve stopped for a second to look at his interrogator and then observed genially as he moved on, "Oh, just killin' time, you know.

  20. The old gentleman smiled very genially and went out.

  21. He very genially returned my purse, and said he had conceived a great liking for me.

  22. Having said this my old friend bowed to me and departed genially with my cigar case in his pocket.

  23. A great fire had burned out on the library hearth; the group had genially sat together till the candles were guttering in their sockets in the old crystal-hung candelabra.

  24. It is the story of that ebony autocrat who presides so genially and yet so firmly over it.

  25. So he smiled again genially enough upon the distracted Beal.

  26. He settled down to chatter genially about Tom, Dick, and Harry, and the fair ladies interested in those worthies, or in whom those worthies were interested.

  27. While all was passing so genially and satisfactorily to Holcroft, it may well be supposed that his conduct was not at all to the mind of his neighbors.

  28. You promised to mind, you know," and he smiled so genially that she smiled back at him although tears came into her eyes.

  29. She swashed through the seas as genially as an old wooden clock, burying her head under waves that came only like children at play, and, on board, it cost a ducking to go from anywhere to anywhere.

  30. There, though a bunnia's sharp elbow nagged his ribs, and the bunnia's servant dropped a heavy package on his foot, he smiled so genially that he melted the wrath of the frantic luggage clerk.

  31. King asked him, smiling so genially that even the police could not have charged him with more than curiosity.

  32. I did not believe much in what he said, nor could I reasonably endorse many of his statements; but he did it all so genially and naturally that one felt almost ashamed to question the matter of his discourse.

  33. He bummed a tune cheerfully as he climbed the stairs, and was smiling genially when he entered the massive study.

  34. The sympathy is with the difficulties attached to the effort and the display, rather than with any intellectual sense of power and skill genially unfolded under natural excitements.

  35. Yet, because this malice did not organize and concentrate itself in an eye looking on and genially enjoying our several mortifications, we both pocketed the affronts.

  36. Don't worry about them, George," he continued genially and confidentially.

  37. Just now the lump in his throat would not have allowed him to eat soup, let alone a rather hard biscuit, but he looked up with a laugh and waved a genial salute to the trooper, who as genially responded.

  38. If I had only known the vindictiveness of this man--" He was interrupted by a genially objecting hand and a laugh which Morrison was somehow able to make lighthearted.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "genially" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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