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entering; enterit; enteritis; enterlude; enteron; enterprised; enterprises; enterprising; enterprize; enterprizes
  1. The doctor, suspecting that I had gone to Enterprise in search of my mother, made plans to capture me and have me returned, but all of this failed.

  2. Patience, toil, trust in God, and enterprise are the elements which are fast putting this work on its feet.

  3. My spare time was spent in going through the country noting the waste of the land and the lack of enterprise among the owners and tenants, due in large measure, I am sure, to the mortgage system and the deep ignorance of the people.

  4. In order to begin business with some assurance of success, I organized another company, and had associated with me in this new enterprise (the Union Drug Company) Rev.

  5. The Napo is navigable for a flat-bottomed steamer as far as Santa Rosa,[120] and it is a wonder that Anglo-Saxon enterprise has not put one upon these waters.

  6. Though a mixed race, they are far superior to their progenitors in enterprise and intelligence.

  7. It was among these wild Indians on the Ucayali that the Franciscan friars labored so long and zealously, and with a success far greater and more lasting than that which attended any other missionary enterprise in the valley.

  8. But it will not come until a road through the wilderness and a steamer on the Napo open a short communication with the wealth of Amazonia and the enterprise of Europe.

  9. It is the dullest city in Ecuador, without the show of enterprise or business.

  10. The moral part is perhaps deteriorated; but in tact and enterprise they often excel their progenitors.

  11. This merchant had traveled in the United States, and could not help contrasting the thrift and enterprise of our country with the beggary and laziness of his own, adding, with a show of sincerity, "I am sorry I have Spanish blood in my veins.

  12. This was not large enough either for his purposes, so with stupendous enterprise he cut a canal nine miles long, and through it decoyed the waters of the little Seine into the arms of the "Greasy" paramour.

  13. Footnote: This fact I get from correspondence to the Ottawa Free Press, a newspaper which, under the great journalistic enterprise of Mr. J.

  14. How reasonable this view was at the moment is of little consequence, for within a few hours afterward the character of Jackson's enterprise as a mere foray became too palpable to be mistaken.

  15. The whole enterprise was committed to Grant to be handled by him without let or hindrance, and it was conducted by him from beginning to end without interference, and almost even without suggestion.

  16. While the result of Booth's shot secured for him that notoriety which he loved, the enterprise was in fact by no means wholly his own.

  17. Four days later the Confederate general, Stuart, with 2000 cavalry and a battery, crossed into Maryland and made a tour around the Northern army, with the same insolent success which had attended his like enterprise on the Peninsula.

  18. Ostrich farming is an enterprise of the past twenty years, and before it began, the only way of procuring ostrich feathers was by hunting down and killing the wild birds.

  19. A dark, uncanny-looking fleet it was, too, with an air of stealth and secret enterprise that could not be dispelled.

  20. Then the "Prince," with a farewell toot of her whistle to the destroyer, turned her nose about and steamed off in search of such further enterprise as the broad sea might hold in store for her.

  21. I believe in the future of this country, in its latent wealth and its possibilities, and I am prepared to take on the town's uncompleted enterprise and assume its one hundred and thirty thousand dollars of liability.

  22. Innumerable things had been demonstrated to be possible, and to be chief engineer of such an enterprise had been, thought Belding, all that any man could ask.

  23. He saw to what wide scope this enterprise could expand if only this restless and prophetic spirit might be wisely steered by men of colder brains and more deliberate resolution.

  24. It was taken at forty-eight, a loss of two points, and in that first transaction the value of the entire enterprise shrank by half a million.

  25. And should the prospecting pick of the half-breed not uncover that which he sought, the entire enterprise would lack its basic security.

  26. The enterprise is a difficult one; but "where there is a will there is a way," and what colonization needs most is a hearty will.

  27. Also there's that little mine enterprise me and Mr. Robert's mixed up in, which ain't come to a head yet.

  28. Are you going to stand in the way, Mr. Ross, of an enterprise such as that?

  29. In fact, I don't mind admitting that I am as near to being beaten on this enterprise as I've ever been on anything in any life.

  30. But I want to assure you that this enterprise is a genuine, honest attempt to benefit you and your community.

  31. A new enterprise which has an element of risk about it; a goat is an unfortunate sign to sailors or to those connected with them.

  32. A hazardous enterprise or expedition is the meaning of this symbol.

  33. The undertaking of a somewhat hazardous enterprise necessitates a voyage to India; through this much will happen which will eventually lead to your becoming famous.

  34. These show fortunate business, a good income, and the gratification of your tastes and pleasures; boots of a curious shape foretell an unfortunate enterprise ending in failure.

  35. A new enterprise or project; care should be taken to think it over well; do nothing rashly and seek reliable advice.

  36. This signifies a happy discovery, leading to a fortunate enterprise brought about to a great extent by your own patience and ability; it is also a good omen of love, friends, and increase of fortune.

  37. These show an agricultural enterprise that will be to your advantage.

  38. A person of greater enterprise than discretion, who in embracing an opportunity has formed an unfortunate attachment.

  39. Said Peter: "Your intentions Are good, but you lack enterprise Concerning new inventions.

  40. That period of life in which we compound for the vices that we still cherish by reviling those that we have no longer the enterprise to commit.

  41. Our friends," said Wilfred, "will surely not abandon an enterprise so gloriously begun and so happily attained.

  42. The great Coromandel enterprise fell through; or rather the post promised to him was transferred to some other candidate.

  43. The whole enterprise was conducted at the expense of the state, and in 1853 the recovered lands were offered for sale for its benefit.

  44. England is, I believe, the only country where private enterprise has pursued sylviculture on a really great scale, though admirable examples have been set in many others on both sides of the Atlantic.

  45. All the cautiousness of the Scotchman the Dutchman has, but not the enterprise and industry.

  46. It owes its development from a mere pit village very largely to the enterprise of Sir Charles Mark Palmer (q.

  47. The government has shown a strange reluctance to surrender the old-fashioned monopoly, but the spirit of private enterprise has slowly gained the day.

  48. Muravief's enterprise had carried his country first to the mouth of the Amur and thence southward along the coast to Vladivostok and to Possiet Bay at the north-eastern extremity of Korea.

  49. Enterprise in the direction of Korea seemed to be the only hope of saving the maritime results of the great Trans-Asian march.

  50. This proved to be the last enterprise planned by Nobunaga.

  51. Its cloth and battik pedlars are known throughout the island and the success of their enterprise is evident in the style of their houses.

  52. The stock which you are solicited to take in this enterprise is small.

  53. The promising and ambitious enterprise of Mr. Henson has hardly been spoken of for a quarter of a century.

  54. So far as Handy was concerned, the operatic enterprise did not in the least disturb his mind.

  55. So with the miner, the rock resists, then finally yields, and after that the milk and honey of enterprise in the shape of liquid oil flows forth.

  56. There were no theatrical syndicates in those times to limit the enterprise and energy of the aspiring though poor and ambitious manager.

  57. The afternoon of the day of the show an unexpected storm loomed up, which threatened the enterprise with destruction.

  58. During the last 25 miles it seemed as if the enterprise would collapse near the goal, as the cold had so stiffened the half-starved horses that they could not travel over the hard-frozen and icy ground.

  59. Thus were these red-coated men nation-builders, in that it was under their protection that the vast enterprise was carried forward to completion.

  60. He thought also that it did not become his piety to turn aside from the enterprise which God had favoured.

  61. Tancred cannot achieve the enterprise of the Enchanted Forest, because his dead mistress seems to come out of one of the trees.

  62. Neither can I give up the enterprise that calls me forth.

  63. It would then," he said, "be for herself to judge, whether she would persist in the enterprise or renounce it.

  64. In the epic of Tasso the reader constantly desires to learn how the success of the enterprise is to be brought about; and he scarcely loses sight of any of the persons but he wishes to see them again.

  65. There was an enormous list of Trustees and the unwieldy character of the board, coupled with the irregular habits of the President, made the failure of the enterprise inevitable.

  66. A chief part of the enterprise was to destroy the rebel cavalry commanded by General Forrest, who were a constant threat to our railway communications in Middle Tennessee, and I committed this task to Brigadier-General W.

  67. The enterprise under you has two objects: the first is to give General Sherman material aid, if needed, in his march north; the second, to open a base of supplies for him on his line of march.

  68. But the commercial enterprise of the Jews soon discovered that ten cents would buy a pound of cotton behind our army; that four cents would take it to Boston, where they could receive thirty cents in gold.

  69. I do not wish to be rash, but want to give my rebel friends no chance to accuse us of want of enterprise or courage.

  70. The squaws decked out in gay colors, and the men gaudily dressed in war bonnets, made the scene most attractive, but as everything looked propitious for the dangerous enterprise in hand I spent little time watching them.

  71. A more immediate development of commercial enterprise cannot fail to result from the opening of a Ship Canal through the Isthmus of Panama; viz.

  72. There are no men who act more efficiently as the leaders of an enterprise than the editors of the periodicals that advocate and defend it.

  73. The following circumstance, among others, evinces the eminent degree in which he possessed that untiring perseverance, on which the success of a great enterprise often depends.

  74. Pitt, Fox, and some of the highest of the nobility and bishops in England, were the firmest friends of the enterprise from the first.

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