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  1. Simultaneously Pringle's tilted chair came down to its four legs and Pringle sat poised, his weight on the balls of his feet, ready for a spring.

  2. He pyramided the balls and covered the table.

  3. They give their patients two or three little balls no bigger than a pin's head, or a few drops of tasteless liquid, and they sometimes work wonderful cures.

  4. These all communicated with each other as well as with the conservatory, and it was as easy as it was delightful to exchange the neighborhood of books or pipes or billiard-balls for that of Mrs. Vane's orchids and stephanotis-blossoms.

  5. The Indians made four or five most fierce charges on our lines, yelling and screaming as they advanced, shooting balls and arrows into our ranks.

  6. In less than a minute I saw the Indians charging our line most furiously and shooting a great many rifle balls into our camp fires, throwing the live coals into the air three or four feet high.

  7. How he became possessed of them, especially the pistol balls, I never could learn; probably he was supplied by his unmilitary countrymen; pistol balls are never given to infantry.

  8. Captain Ross, on arriving at Morant Bay, had found the town deserted by all the Europeans, except Mr. Georges, who was severely wounded with three musket balls in his leg.

  9. In one instant all three fell dead, almost all the balls of the firing party having taken effect.

  10. Then they throw their thrice fifty balls at the lad.

  11. When it was their turn to keep guard and his to drive, he would send the thrice fifty balls into the hole without fail, [1]and the boys were unable to ward them off.

  12. The dervishes, however, were not sparing of their ammunition, and fired as they ran, the balls going for the most part wide, although a few whistled over the heads of the defenders and two or three struck the rampart.

  13. I was asking him, and he said in his lazy way that they had got a decent racket-court at his place, and that he had been knocking the balls about a bit since he came home.

  14. There is but one man with them who knows the way hither, and against him our balls should be all directed.

  15. He carries not only explosive bombs but smoke balls as well.

  16. Quantities of other letters were torn open and aimed in balls at the empty grate.

  17. The empty fireplace had become a target for crumpled balls of paper.

  18. Not having the claws and balls of the forefeet cut off; -- said of dogs.

  19. After firing one shot at the Bear's head, which I missed, I then shot the two remaining balls into the bear's body with the only effect of making him more determined to get at me.

  20. I did not take a gun with me, only a revolver loaded as I had no more balls and this was before the days of fixed ammunition.

  21. Two silvery balls trailing thin, dark filaments shot out of the great cylinder and buried themselves in the sand behind him.

  22. Microcrystals of ice formed upon the legs of the structure, outlining them in shimmering contrast to the drab shadowy landscape, with its gray-green cover of lichens stippled with the purple balls of the lichen feeders that clung to them.

  23. There were chickens and dough-balls for dinner.

  24. Another balances hoops and poles on his nose and throws balls through the hoops; or he poises a saucer of water on the tip of his nose without spilling a drop.

  25. There are four or five of these given in a season--two balls and two concerts.

  26. Besides these balls and concerts there are yet the queen's and prince of Wales's breakfasts or garden-parties, which come off about 3 P.

  27. There are besides the court festivities, the balls and concerts at Buckingham Palace.

  28. The Prince," as he is commonly called, takes advantage of the suppers at balls and parties to make himself agreeable.

  29. These garments made them resemble balls of wool rather than men.

  30. On a visit to London some years ago the writer was presented in the diplomatic circle, went to several of the drawing-rooms and levees at Buckingham and St. James's Palaces, and was invited to the court balls and concerts.

  31. The balls are the larger and less select, but much the more amusing.

  32. Pickings put three balls precisely into the bubbling water, and drew alongside on his eighth shot.

  33. In the middle distance a glorious sycamore draws you to the left, and a file of elms beckon the sliced way to a marsh, wilderness of grass and an overgrown gully whence no balls return.

  34. He sent two balls into the lost land to the left and one into the rough to the right.

  35. There was a space of exactly ten inches under the clubhouse where his balls alone could disappear.

  36. How these balls did seem double and disappear one after another, mighty pretty!

  37. EGG BALLS These are used for soup and for garnishing of vegetable dishes.

  38. Form it into balls the size of the yolks and put them into the places in the whites from which the yolks were taken.

  39. Roll the mixture into balls that will fit the spaces from which they were taken in the whites, making each ball round.

  40. Mix thoroughly and make into balls the size of a marble, using enough flour to prevent sticking to the hands.

  41. Both balls had passed through it, and lodged in the heart of the tree to which the skiff was moored, and behind which Jackson and Philips had taken their stand.

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