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  1. There ain't going to be any more concerts at my lectures.

  2. Before our departure our Allies gave two farewell concerts in our honour, which were a great success, for when we left they knew that they were losing most of the "life" of the camp.

  3. Concerts were frequently held, and as the camp contained very considerable talent, we had some really first class performances, after being allowed to hire a piano from the nearest town.

  4. During these concerts a certain Englishman solemnly sang some new Russian songs, learnt by heart, of which he did not understand a word.

  5. Concerts followed one another, and I did not miss a single one.

  6. And he had given away fortunes, had played fortunes at benefit-concerts into the coffers of cities overtaken by fire or flood.

  7. But he never appeared in public concerts nor in large halls.

  8. Liszt visited London in 1840, and Moscheles records: "At one of the Philharmonic Concerts he played three of my studies quite admirably.

  9. Friedheim next went to Vienna, where his concerts met with brilliant success, and later on to Northern Germany, where his renown as a great pianist became firmly established.

  10. Mackenzie) at St. James's Hall and the Crystal Palace; concerts of Chev.

  11. Later he began to give orchestral concerts at which the symphonies and concertos of the German masters were given for the first time.

  12. These concerts were set on foot by several noblemen and distinguished persons, admirers of the music of Handel, Mozart, and the old Italian masters, whose compositions are here exclusively performed.

  13. The concerts at Prince Leopold's are generally the most agreeable, and the insufferable squeezing is somewhat avoided in his large rooms.

  14. For a week past two or three concerts have resounded in my ears every evening, or, as they here more properly say, every night.

  15. At theatres and evening concerts chaperonage is distinctly required; but at morning concerts and matinees, companionship rather than chaperonage is needed.

  16. He organized various sports during the day, and concerts and theatricals during the evening.

  17. She always plays at the Band of Hope concerts in our village at home, and she goes down to the school to practise her solos on the piano there.

  18. In connection with the concerts we must again refer to the Quartermaster's string band.

  19. The Sunday evening concerts in the theatre were also a very notable and valuable feature of the social life of the garrison.

  20. Then it was announced that Lensky would give three concerts in Vienna, which he had avoided for some years.

  21. Therefore, I beg you, if you give concerts for your own distraction, so be it; but only not for my sake.

  22. Except that from principle he never touched his bow on the days of his concerts before he presented himself to the audience, Lensky spent this day just like any other; one perceived no outward excitement about him.

  23. Now, incited by the accounts of the day girls, they were always asking to be taken in to Harlingden to concerts or picture palaces.

  24. These concerts were arranged and superintended by Beaumarchais who seems to have been treated by all with marked favor and esteem.

  25. Concerts for Mesdames were not to be thought of, so very naturally he found himself drifting farther and farther from the social atmosphere of Court life.

  26. Will people who attend lectures and concerts cease drumming with their fingers on the back of seats, or with canes or feet on the floor, till the services begin?

  27. Rich women came in their automobiles and carriages to take her driving, and she was taken to concerts and matinees.

  28. Here's a list of concerts and lectures for next winter.

  29. Go to the great concerts where you know that the music is good, and that you ought to like it whether you do or not.

  30. I wouldn't trouble myself about the affectations of people who go to this or that series of concerts chiefly because it is fashionable.

  31. I have some money in the bank and I am going to advance it to you, because you can return it later on, when you give concerts or sing at the opera.

  32. There may be concerts and even operatic engagements, who knows?

  33. Then, she had sung in one or two concerts and, suddenly, Paul Dupont, the marvelous, had come into her life.

  34. One evening during the first year of her married life, she had taken part in one of these concerts at the "Red Apple" Hotel.

  35. They're giving what they call promenade concerts at Covent Garden, and a few days ago there was some difference with the leader of the orchestra.

  36. His success as a leader of orchestra had been substantial and immediate, and when the concerts at Covent Garden came to an end he had been offered engagements in other quarters.

  37. Under four eyes, as we say in Iceland, I intend to give a series of concerts and I'm looking out for fresh material.

  38. The Society gave weekly concerts on Fridays, from 8 to 10, and an extra concert, during the Fair season, on Thursdays at the same hour.

  39. While his elder sons were at home the family concerts were among his most agreeable experiences.

  40. An English writer, speaking of them, says: "Private concerts and amateur theatricals ought to be very good to be successful.

  41. Private concerts and amateur theatricals are very often the occasions for evening parties, and make a very pleasant variety on the usual dancing and small talk.

  42. Private concerts are often given in the 'morning,' that is, from two to six P.

  43. She went to balls and danced, she went to dinners and talked, she went to concerts and listened (at concerts Bessie always listened), she went to exhibitions and wondered.

  44. But what bothers me is the fact that there are only concerts at certain times.

  45. With an amplifier the concerts broadcasted from several stations can be heard inside the tent, and we will charge admission to the tent.

  46. But we can get concerts and weather reports and lectures----" Amy painfully writhed in her chair at this point.

  47. Her tastes were for masquerades, dances, fireworks, illuminations and other forms of tinseled show, not for concerts of orchestral and chamber music.

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