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  1. Corelli's relation to chamber music and the concerto is as that of Monteverde to the orchestra.

  2. His symphonies were the outcome of the earlier concerto grosso, and thus, having remained true to the traditions of his great predecessors, he became in turn the pioneer for Mozart and Beethoven.

  3. The most characteristic phase of her individuality finds expression in a pianoforte concerto and in the symphonie-ballet "Callirhoé.

  4. Further originality was displayed in the chamber music of Steffani and Clari, in the concerto grosso of Torelli, in the combined harmonic and rhythmic effects of Vivaldi.

  5. Guilmant (1837) has displaced the classical organ concerto with string accompaniment by creating a more pliable form under the heading of "symphony for organ and orchestra.

  6. He is the son of a French-horn player of rare genius, whose memorable performance of his son's horn concerto first taught the present writer the latent possibilities of that instrument.

  7. After playing his own concerto with the orchestra of the Berlin Philharmonic Society on one occasion he was repeatedly recalled and had to play an encore, for which he selected a piece of Chopin's.

  8. And witness also the first concerto of Chopin.

  9. The concerto is one of Paderewski's finest achievements, however.

  10. For instance, look at Schumann's Concerto in A minor.

  11. As the programme also contained the Concerto and the Polish Fantasia we were able to form some opinion of Paderewski as a serious composer.

  12. I saw her eyes just for a minute, and I know what she's like, anyhow; didn't I play the Mendelssohn Concerto with her?

  13. The player had struck the opening chords of the great Mendelssohn Concerto for piano and violin.

  14. The first composition which gained him distinction was the Concerto in D minor, written in 1832, which was followed by the Capriccio in D minor.

  15. The Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, Op.

  16. In this we have a very pleasing account of the gradual progress of the composer from the concerto to the full splendor of the grand symphony.

  17. Concerto in C for Pianoforte and Orchestra, Op.

  18. He is equally unlucky in his reading of the letters of Hofmeister; for the Concerto offered him Jan.

  19. Böhm, Joseph, a distinguished concerto violinist, professor at the Vienna Conservatory, and the teacher of Joachim.

  20. When the tempest had at last subsided and we had settled back into our places, Frau Langenhan-Hirzel appeared to play the concerto of vom Rath.

  21. He had played the Mozart Concerto and Bach's Chiaconna most acceptably, to judge from his reception.

  22. Then came a delightful concerto by Haydn for strings, two obligato violins and an obligato 'cello.

  23. The concerto itself is most brilliant and was originally composed and dedicated to her.

  24. Have you dedicated your Concerto in E-flat to Archduke Rudolph?

  25. The lad played a concerto between "the 2d and 3d Acts" of "The Messiah" at a performance of Handel's oratorio given for the benefit of Rauzzini on Christmas eve of the same year.

  26. Harp Quartet"), dedicated to Prince Lobkowitz, was written simultaneously with the Concerto and Pianoforte Sonata in the same key.

  27. The pianoforte concerto referred to is that in G major, Op.

  28. Ries says on page 113 of the "Notizen": Beethoven had given me his beautiful Concerto in C minor (Op.

  29. Being too short to fill out the evening, it was preceded, on the 22d, by an orchestral fantasia of Neukomm--on the 23d by a pianoforte concerto of Beethoven.

  30. Concerto In D Minor For Three Pianos And Strings (Bach).

  31. Concerto In A Minor For Piano And Orchestra, Op.

  32. Concerto In E Minor For Violin And Orchestra, Op.

  33. They include some songs, a duet-concertino for clarinet and bassoon with strings, a concerto for oboe and orchestra, a still unperformed concert fragment for orchestra from the Legend of Joseph.

  34. Concerto In D Major For Violin And Orchestra, Op.

  35. He also found leisure to jot in the pages of his mathematics copybook whole passages of a violin concerto which appears to have been set down during his classroom lessons.

  36. Next day, at the rehearsal, the pianoforte was found to have been tuned half a tone lower than the other instruments; when Beethoven, to save time, played the whole Concerto through in the key of C sharp!

  37. How has the printing of the Concerto for 2 pianos (in E minor) [Concerto pathetique] progressed?

  38. The Concerto for which he asks has already been begged for several times from me by Sivori and Remenyi.

  39. He will let the public hear your Concerto next winter, which ought to meet with success in every country.

  40. Liszt played the E-major Concerto and the pianoforte Fantasia (with chorus), and accompanied the Scotch songs sung by Caroline Bettelheim.

  41. Merely play the first page of Henselt's Concerto and no one will doubt that I am very kindly disposed towards you.

  42. Last year he was in Leipzig, so he told me, and played his Concerto at the Gewandhaus there.

  43. Mozart wrote a concerto in Bb for bassoon, with orchestra (Kochel, No.

  44. Weber has also written a concerto for bassoon in F (op.

  45. There was now a concerto of coughing, and sneezing, and oich, oiching, and yawning, as if from beneath.

  46. My concerto did not go at all satisfactorily.

  47. I had told you in that letter, that I am to play Beethoven's Concerto in G major two days hence, in the Conservatoire, and that the whole Court are to be present for the first time at the concert.

  48. I am also to play there, and the members are anxious that I should give them a Sonata of Beethoven's; it may seem bold, but I prefer his Concerto in G major, which is quite unknown here.

  49. Last of all Baillot gives a grand concert on the 7th of April, and so I have promised him to remain here till then, and to play a Concerto of Mozart's for him, and some other piece.

  50. The first part closes with my new concerto in G minor, and at the end of the second I have unwillingly agreed to extemporize.

  51. In the fourth or fifth concert, I am to play Beethoven's Concerto in G major.

  52. The first Allegro from the Fourth Organ Concerto (the first book appeared in 1738) soon became shortly afterwards one of the prettiest of the choruses in Alcina.

  53. Mr. Streatfeild mentions also a concerto for two "clarinets" and corno di caccia, the MS.

  54. The dust which succeeds the concerto proves satisfactorily that it is possible to be frisky without being lively; its vulgarity is so pronounced that it offends you like low conversation.

  55. On June 11th she appeared at a Philharmonic concert, where she played a concerto by De Beriot, the child being then ten years old.

  56. No prominent virtuoso would dream of playing a concerto or similar piece in conjunction with it, and on the appearance of such a one at a concert, the accompaniments were invariably played on the piano.

  57. Even when he treats the larger forms of the concerto or the sonata this concentrated, not to say pointed, character of Chopin's style becomes obvious.

  58. The concerto for pianoforte with accompaniment of the orchestra in E may be instanced.

  59. This D-minor concerto is a strong, wholesome, beautiful work of art, vital with imagination, and made with masterly skill.

  60. Something happened then, and he put it off two days more; by that time I had the concerto ready.

  61. At Raff's instigation he visited Liszt at Weimar in the spring of 1882, armed with his first piano concerto (op.

  62. That beneficent but formidable personage received him with kindly courtesy, and had Eugen D'Albert, who was present, play the orchestral part of the concerto which MacDowell had brought with him in manuscript, arranged for two pianos.

  63. Except for three lines of passage work in the first part, the concerto remains to-day precisely as MacDowell finished it then.

  64. Lang at Chickering Hall, Boston, MacDowell's first concerto was played by Mr. B.

  65. I accept the dedication of your concerto with sincere pleasure and thanks.

  66. In London he appeared in concert, playing his second concerto with the Philharmonic Society on May 14.

  67. He had obtained an engagement for your father,' explained the man, 'to play a concerto in Prague.

  68. Mozart, when five, performed his first concerto publicly in the hall of the Salzburg University.

  69. Now, on that Sunday morning when you saw me first, father was playing a concerto at Prague.

  70. Yesterday evening I played my concerto in D minor, and directed my “Hebrides” in the Philharmonic, where I was received like an old friend, and where they played with a degree of enthusiasm which caused me more pleasure than I can describe.

  71. Concerto for the Violin, with Orchestra, in E minor, op.

  72. Concerto for the Violin, with accompaniment of Stringed Instruments, in D minor.

  73. Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, in D minor, op.

  74. I should also like to write a violin concerto for you next winter.

  75. This afternoon Moscheles, Clara Wieck, and I, play Sebastian Bach’s triple concerto in D minor.

  76. Concerto for Pianoforte, with Stringed Instruments, in A minor.

  77. The next time we have Mozart, whose C minor concerto I am to play, and we are also to have a quartett of his for the first time from his unfinished opera, “Zaïde.

  78. Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, in G minor, op.

  79. It gave me great pleasure, and made me like my concerto far better than I did before, for I know few people whose judgment I respect more than his.

  80. Concerto for Pianoforte and Violin, with Stringed Instruments, in D minor.

  81. E minor Saint-Saens--Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.

  82. Beethoven--Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra in C major (with J.

  83. When the company went to supper Ole found on the leader's music-rack a concerto of Spohr's, and began to try it over.

  84. A virtuoso is judged rather by the standard of Beethoven's concerto than by his ability to perform musical gymnastics with operatic selections.

  85. Miss Morgan has made tours through the Continent and Great Britain, and had the honour of playing the Bach double concerto with Joachim at the Crystal Palace.

  86. In two years he made his first public appearance at a concert at Pesth, when he played a duet concerto for two violins and orchestra with his master, and a solo on a theme by Schubert, with variations.

  87. He also wrote a concerto for him, and six short sonatas with accompaniment for guitar, tenor, and 'cello, and these the young artist soon played in public.

  88. He was also the first to play, with orchestra, Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in England.

  89. Viotti was commanded to play a concerto at the Court of Louis XVI.

  90. She remained at the high school three years, after which she began a splendid career by playing the concerto by Brahms at the St. Cecilia Festival at Münster.

  91. In the following year Marteau again visited America and brought with him a concerto composed for him by Dubois.

  92. One of her greatest triumphs was when, in 1885, at Vienna, she played Brahm's violin concerto with Richter's orchestra.

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