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concerts; concessimus; concession; concessionaires; concessional; concessit; concessive; concevoir; conceyue; conceyued
  1. In Hanover, Brunswick, Saxony and Hesse-Cassel popular movements led to the granting of constitutions, and in the states already constitutional Liberal concessions were made or promised.

  2. This was a reward to the princes for their efforts in bringing about the peace, and an extension of the concessions made in 1220.

  3. To conciliate the Catholic Centre party, numerically the strongest of all, various concessions were from time to time made to the Roman Catholic Church, e.

  4. In Turkey the government, helped again by the personal interest of the emperor, who himself visited the sultan at Constantinople, gained important concessions for German influence and German commerce.

  5. Each party wished in return for its support to get some concessions from the government.

  6. In many places the lords yielded to these demands, among those who granted concessions being the elector palatine of the Rhine, the bishops of Bamberg and of Spires, and the abbots of Fulda and of Hersfeld.

  7. The more concessions were made to him, the more exacting he became; and having got the English out of Macao, and made the Portuguese submissive to his will, he then assumed a very bland and condescending tone.

  8. In his report to the emperor, respecting these several occurrences, Keshen declared that "he had only made conditional concessions to the English; merely promising that he would earnestly implore the emperor's favour in their behalf.

  9. When William II is compelled hereafter to make concessions to the Centre in the Reichstag, his allies, the Italians, will be well advised to give the matter their attention.

  10. We know what a struggle William II had to face on the subject of the canal from the Elbe to the Rhine, and what concessions he was compelled to make to the Prussian Chamber.

  11. Lord Salisbury evoked much mirth, over these concessions at the Lord Mayor's banquet, joking somewhat cynically at his own policy in disposing of territories over which he had no rights.

  12. On his return from Jerusalem, William found the situation extremely strained, and he endeavoured to relieve it by concessions of various kinds.

  13. These concessions carry with them the control of the port and surrounding territory.

  14. Valuable mining concessions have been granted to foreign companies.

  15. The Germans have obtained mining concessions in Shantung peninsula, and these involve the iron ore and coal occurring there.

  16. Concessions for mining the two last-named have been granted to American companies.

  17. How is this profession to be reconciled with the following one, "that the form which this primacy took depended on the concessions of the particular local churches"?

  18. But as yet the concessions of the governments have nowhere strengthened them or weakened the revolution.

  19. They decided to offer Mehemet Ali certain concessions and to make war on him if he refused to accept them.

  20. Most of her commerce was with Great Britain although German capitalists had received concessions within her border.

  21. It is divided into the Concessions of the various nationalities, of which the English, in size and mercantile importance, is easily first.

  22. Foreign fleets bombarded the coast‐towns and wrung concessions from the rulers of the helpless land.

  23. When, after his departure, the Concessions were suddenly assailed, the commanding officers of the other Allies were of opinion that the defence of the settlements was hopeless, and advocated a retirement on Taku.

  24. For although Mussolini had in many ways made his rule popular, although in his concessions to modern ideas and inventions he was "rather breathlessly progressive," yet in the true sense of the word Mussolini was a Reactionary.

  25. It remained for legislators to settle which was the more opportune, the delay of the assembly or the immediate concessions of favours to the conquered race.

  26. The levelling tendency of English liberty (inevitable if plastic natures are to co-operate and to make permanent concessions to one another's instincts) comes out more clearly in America than in England itself.

  27. The speaker must make concessions to their impatience, their taste, their capacity, their prejudices, their ultimate good; he must neither bore nor perplex nor demoralise them.

  28. Making the concessions to this secret thought which the disasters of the time demanded, without compromising her womanly dignity or her aristocratic beliefs, she enveloped her sorrows in impenetrable mystery.

  29. She even went so far as to make a pretence at miserliness, to please those calculating minds; and after causing certain concessions in the way of luxurious living to be extorted from her, she seemed to comply with a good grace.

  30. But whatever may be the eventual effect of this negotiation, it has been, for the present, the means of wresting some unwilling concessions from the Assembly in favour of a free exercise of religion.

  31. Walpole spoke against the Bill, limited as its concessions were.

  32. It would not be difficult to prove, from the very concessions of Dr.

  33. His necessities had all along enabled the Commons to extort concessions in parliament, until in 1406 he was forced to nominate a council and govern by its advice.

  34. But as his title was disputed he was compelled to purchase support by vast grants to the nobles and concessions to the cities, by which he gained the title of El de las Mercedes--he of the largesse.

  35. Tavistock wrote me word that the Government meant to be moderate, and that any concessions would be made by, and not to, the violent section.

  36. It is remarkable, and rather amusing to a neutral like me, to hear what each party says of the concessions of the other.

  37. Convinced that an army raised by his name alone, would, if deprived of its creator, soon sink again into nothing, he intended it to serve only as a decoy to draw more important concessions from his master.

  38. All the fruits of the victory of Muehlberg were lost again in the congress of Passau, and the diet of Augsburg; and every scheme for civil and religious oppression terminated in the concessions of an equitable peace.

  39. These concessions on the part of the States, demanded some return from Sweden.

  40. Considerations such as these inclined the Emperor and his council to concessions and pacific measures, but it was in this very spirit of concession that, as others would have it, lay the origin of the evil.

  41. The Emperor's concessions only encouraged the Elector of Bavaria to bolder demands.

  42. The political philosophers who think that the Civil War might have been averted by timely concessions would do well to study this picture of the wide distribution of persons who saw no peace in slavery.

  43. It was only natural, however, that there should be some that would hold such concessions to be sinful, and in violation of the principles asserted in the Declaration of Independence and in the very Preamble of the Constitution itself.

  44. Concessions forced by violence from all the legal powers are not a means of safety," said Duchâtel; "one defeat would quickly bring a second.

  45. The King indeed had begun his concessions by granting freedom of the press on March 7th; but it seemed very unlikely that this concession would be accompanied by any securities that would make it a reality.

  46. After concessions made by the Japanese, the greatest good feeling prevailed on both sides, and there seemed every prospect of establishing those national relations which had been the purpose of Commodore Perry's mission.

  47. Let the majority take a step in the direction of the concessions indicated; however small it be, I am certain it will be understood, and that you will have a new Cabinet, which will do what you think necessary.

  48. The events of the day justified their belief; for, while some one was reading aloud to the people the account of the concessions recently made by the King, the soldiers suddenly fired upon them, and the crowd fled in every direction.

  49. He walked about the studio, no longer vexed at finding models weakened by concessions to middle-class taste; he even felt tolerant with regard to that hideous bust.

  50. It was there that the market of mutual concessions was held, that the bartering of influence and votes was carried on.

  51. It was felt at court that some concessions were now due to the subject nationalities.

  52. She introduced Italian methods of government, alternating between concessions and vigorous persecution, both alike devoid of sincerity.

  53. Czegled that he himself was in favour of an independent bank, but that the king opposed it, and that in the event of no concessions being made he would join the opposition.

  54. It was done by grants of lands and privileges, the first instalment of a never-ending crop of ruinous concessions which Stephen continued to make from the day of his accession down to the day of his death.

  55. But an impatient outburst of the insurgents and a foolish attempt to seize Hull and Scarborough gave Henry an excuse for repudiating the concessions made in his name.

  56. Sir Robert Peel wisely endeavoured to stifle agitation by making considerable concessions to Irish sentiment.

  57. But its success was purchased by concessions to the Lords, which deprived the measure of much of its original merit.

  58. At the same time he reissued the Great Charter, containing all the important concessions which John had made at Runnymede, save that which gave the control of taxation to the tenants-in-chief.

  59. These wise concessions might possibly have had some effect in pacifying Ireland, if, in the autumn of 1845, they had not been forgotten in the presence of a disaster which suddenly fell on that unhappy country.

  60. He made genuine and considerable concessions to Scottish feeling, guaranteeing autonomy and freedom of trade, and suggesting that the two realms should adopt the indifferent style of the empire of Great Britain.

  61. The Tory government itself realized the necessity for some concessions to the growing public sentiment.

  62. Even the few concessions to which necessity compelled her were granted with an uncertain and shrinking hand, as if fearing to give too much; and she lost the fruit of her benefactions because she mutilated them by a sordid closeness.

  63. The British Government were apparently determined that concessions wrung from them, by considerations foreign to the immediate struggle, should not be subjected to further modification in the Senate.

  64. Opinion that Erskine's concessions showed the break-down of Great Britain, i.

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