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Example sentences for "callously"

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callosity; callosum; callous; calloused; callouses; callousness; callow; calls; callus; calluses
  1. He had been fooled, heartlessly, callously fooled.

  2. But she was only trifling with him, callously and not too gently, for the edification of herself and her real lover, O'Guire.

  3. How oft had he callously exercised the right given him by virtue of some important mission entrusted to him, in order to sweep ruthlessly aside the lesser pawns which stood in the way of his success?

  4. Not in fair fight, but brutally, callously stabbed!

  5. She started as if stung with the very lash with which he so callously threatened her.

  6. And men still die, in horribly unknown fashions and in callously recorded numbers, in the mines which supply the stuff upon which our vaunted culture rests.

  7. He was inexpressibly shocked--revolted in every human fiber--by what this unhuman monster had so frankly and callously thought.

  8. Even while the men were thus callously discussing the tragedy that had been enacted before their eyes, the miracle of the dawn was transforming night into day.

  9. She had solely and callously used their daughter to extort money from him.

  10. He was certain that Susan Brundon needed exactly the assistance he could give; probably people robbed her, traded callously on her unsuspicious nature.

  11. It was the sort of thing you read about as having happened just before the French Revolution--the haughty nobles in their castles callously digging in and quaffing while the unfortunate blighters outside were suffering frightful privations.

  12. Callously enough she switched off the lights and left him lying there, in darkness but for the ash-dimmed glimmer of a dying fire.

  13. But because a discourteous street-car persisted callously in remaining upon its track Gloria ducked down a side-street--and thereafter that afternoon was never able to find her way back to the Post Road.

  14. And now," callously supplemented the Englishman, "our new King feels an uncertainty of tenure so long as the old King lives, and I am rushed after this refugee Monarch with brief instructions to dispose of him.

  15. Insects lured by the sweetness of the exudation are callously entrapped, and why so?

  16. This I willingly did, but soon afterwards I remembered that one man had been lying ill in their camp, and on making enquiry I found that they had callously left him behind alone.

  17. More patent to the superficial observer is a cruelty which appears to be callously indifferent to suffering.

  18. State has been effectively prevented by making the individual solicitous only for his own family and callously indifferent to the welfare of his country.

  19. It was a question of ringing the bell or of callously using Kathleen's commemorative tablet.

  20. At the last moment Michael thought he would forfeit the half-crown long ago deposited and keep the key, but in the end he, with the rest of his departing contemporaries, callously accepted the more useful half-crown.

  21. He had somehow preferred to play comrade instead of gallant; and all the women had taken advantage of that, used him callously to pair with old maids, faded wives, and homely debutantes.

  22. Callously but lightly and skillfully the surgeon examined the battered head.

  23. They were discussing his fate as calmly and callously as if he had been a steer with a broken leg.

  24. Accustomed by his profession to think the worst of people, and to probe deeply and callously for hidden evil motives, it amused and rather pleased him to meet a man whose extraordinary story roused not the faintest doubt in his critical mind.

  25. If she had spoken openly and callously of this man being murdered, she could not have expressed the same thing more plainly.

  26. Could he recognise again this cool, imperturbable ruffian who so callously threatened him with murder?

  27. Hagan was still pleading in a frenzied way; Connie Myers was callously folding his letter, while he watched the other warily--neither of the men had heard the sound.

  28. If only he were an expansive Italian now, he could think of some way openly to abase himself, instead of standing there callously and dully.

  29. He was no longer an isolated, formless Freshman, dumped down into the midst of the most callously laissez-faire of Universities, he was no more a forgotten molecule with no share in, or responsibility for the ultimate reaction.

  30. The city was immense and populous, and there was in its populousness and immensity something stubborn, unconquerable, and callously cruel.

  31. They pressed through the hurrying crowd, and came out into the noisy street; and the great, greedy city callously swallowed up its little victim.

  32. There was no emotion, no animation, it scarce seemed any interest; not a hand was raised; but all callously awaited the harvest of the sea, and their children stood by their side and waited also.

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