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Example sentences for "frankly"

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  1. He wandered about most of the day, frankly sight-seeing--but his mind was always open.

  2. Admiral Newton was intensely interested, and frankly studied the strange, weird Geck.

  3. However, he did not hesitate to speak frankly to his old friend, nor minded in the least if he aroused her ire.

  4. Personally he preferred that Beth should inherit, and frankly told his old friend that the girl would make the best mistress of Elmhurst.

  5. There was in Tommy's attitude toward his guide not only the appeal of frankly acknowledged helplessness, but also a suggestion of confidence in the other man's ability and willingness to answer understandingly.

  6. They seemed willing enough to take you for what you frankly acknowledged you were.

  7. Tommy felt his characteristic impulse to be as frankly autobiographical as he dared.

  8. Tommy told him frankly how the clerks looked to him.

  9. To tell you the truth frankly I think you are ill-judged to speak to me on such a topic.

  10. Owen Fitzgerald, when he saw her, bowed low before her, and then frankly offered her his hand.

  11. It is unnatural enough that we and Russia should combine to crush Prussia, but when it comes to our old enemies the French helping us against a German power, I say frankly I don't like it.

  12. It is a book for which to be frankly grateful, for it holds matter for many hours' enjoyment.

  13. I may remark, however, that he rhymes with great accuracy, and if he shows an inclination to be didactic, and even give Lord Kitchener a hint or two, I frankly pardon him for the sake of his concluding line.

  14. He couldn't say more, but though I gladly accepted the idea of his coming to Ireland, which was a very happy thought on his part, I told him frankly that I should not fight him again at present.

  15. The natives are kidnaped or captured far in the interior, brought down to the coast, and frankly sold.

  16. And the fact was frankly admitted by the rest of the team.

  17. Miss Cora Dobbs was too frankly of the world to suffer any vicarious embarrassment.

  18. There I frankly don't agree with you, but of course we look at things so differently, and that is the great charm of your long letter.

  19. She despised all men, frankly and coldly.

  20. Miss Pridmore was a perfectly sincere, a frankly outspoken admirer of "The Adventures of Dick Smith.

  21. He admitted frankly that because he had not the faculty, or, perhaps, the desire to drive the big, new car, he and his late employer were to part company at the end of the month.

  22. I have gone carefully over your father's affairs, as you requested me, and I tell you frankly they are in bad shape.

  23. Clearly the captain was in love with her--he had frankly confessed as much, and Viola knew it anyhow.

  24. But when he spoke thus frankly and feelingly of the change in him, Susan looked at him--and, not having seen him in two weeks and three days, she really saw him for the first time in many a month.

  25. As she looked at herself in a long glass in one of the show-parlors, her face did not reflect the admiration frankly displayed upon the faces of the two other women.

  26. She who had never acquired the habit of hypocrisy frankly exulted in countenance exultant beyond laughter.

  27. Susan lowered her eyes and her cheeks burned--not because Matson was frankly discussing the frivolous subject of sex.

  28. She was better off, clear of the whole unjust and horrible business of respectable life, clear of it and free, frankly in the outcast class.

  29. A crisis, drawing them close together or flinging them forever apart or forcing them to live together, he frankly as keeper and she frankly as kept, might come any day, any hour.

  30. Then he frankly showed her why he was refusing.

  31. He understood her innocence that frankly assumed marriage where a sophisticated girl would, in the guilt of designing thoughts, have shrunk in shame from however vaguely suggesting such a thing.

  32. In the opinion of these people--an opinion often frankly expressed, rarely concealed with any but the thinnest hypocrisy--the life of prostitution was not so bad.

  33. Soon after they definitely abandoned respectability and appeared in the streets frankly members of the profession, they became bold and rapacious.

  34. That is the object and the aim of civilization--to encourage and to compel each individual to be frankly himself--herself.

  35. De Courcy's attentions she had long placed to the account of a regard which, while she was permitted to give it the name of friendship, she could frankly own that she valued above any earthly possessions.

  36. She will tell me frankly who is the real father of little Henry, and I shall feel no difficulty in asking her.

  37. Laura now frankly informed Mrs De Courcy of the inquietude she had suffered from the persevering remonstrances of Lady Pelham, and the obtrusive assiduities of Hargrave.

  38. I think I'd better tell you frankly that I'm not satisfied, Dr Richardson.

  39. She was unwilling to take it, but had not the presence of mind to put him off by a jest, and would not be frankly rude.

  40. This idea, I must frankly declare, had preoccupied me during the whole of the visit.

  41. I ought to add that soon afterwards, the ruling authorities whose repugnances were entirely dissipated, frankly and unreservedly applauded the happy choice which you made of the learned geometer to replace Delambre as perpetual secretary.

  42. The work was modestly submitted to the actor Lanoue, who, although he bestowed flattering encouragement on Bailly, dissuaded him frankly from exposing Clothaire to the risk of a public representation.

  43. I messed with him all the time I was on board, and he always spoke frankly and openly to me; indeed, I should be most ungrateful did I not acknowledge the kindness with which he treated me on all occasions.

  44. I resolved, therefore, to go frankly to Captain Symonds, to plead my constant good conduct, and to beg that he would trust me and O'Driscoll and one man away from the ship to carry out a matter of importance.

  45. He spoke frankly to me, as he did to the crew, and seemed to be on good terms with everybody.

  46. I however frankly told Captain Douglas that I wished to bid farewell to the ladies I had escorted to the camp.

  47. Gladys did not approve of the move, and frankly expressed her opinion.

  48. As she spoke, Miss Moore looked about her with frankly admiring eyes.

  49. Grace's eyes were frankly questioning, but she still said nothing.

  50. And all these acknowledgments of David's superior goodness Saul made, while knowing well and frankly owning that David should be the king, and that the kingdom should be established in his hand.

  51. He candidly admits that he had formed a very sinful purpose; but he frankly abandons it, accepts her offering, and sends her away in peace.

  52. Frankly and cordially he should have taken the blame on himself, and at once exonerated his noble son.

  53. Ned got your letter, and I suppose in time will answer it, I had the question put to me by Baker yesterday as to whether I wished him to go to the other side, and I had to say frankly that I did.

  54. This is a very delicate way of saying that he must have a sort of "kitchen cabinet" made up of men like you and myself who will be willing to talk frankly to him, and whom he will listen to with confidence and respect.

  55. She is the brightest spirit I have ever met--and all her vanities are so dear and human and lie so frankly exposed.

  56. And if you think that I am too far up in the clouds I want you frankly to tell me so.

  57. That proud position is disputed by Sarah and the plainest orphan, who also is the most muscular, because they frankly tell us, in a land where hired labor is not to be had a man must marry to get some one to cook and wash for him.

  58. Beware of the woman who is frankly your enemy.

  59. I tell you frankly that it is all I can do to withhold the edge of my saber when I meet those students.

  60. John frankly told them the story of his engagement, and, as he was going to be married in Denmark, asked the two Fr√łken Jensens if they would be bridesmaids.

  61. While editor of the Washington Union, Major Donelson frankly admitted, in his account of the election in Tennessee, between Gov.

  62. He frankly acknowledged that his estates were never under better cultivation than at the present time: and he could say the same of the estates throughout the island.

  63. The manner in which the 9th Section was agreed to, by the national convention that formed the Constitution, is thus frankly avowed by the Hon.

  64. It is due to the cause, and to the society under whose commission we acted, frankly to state, that we were not selected on account of any peculiar qualifications for the work.

  65. The manner in which the 9th Section was agreed to, by the national convention that formed the constitution, is thus frankly avowed by the Hon.

  66. But, on the whole, he frankly acknowledged that he had been justly reproved.

  67. That her place was incompatible with her literary pursuits was indeed frankly acknowledged by the King when she resigned.

  68. A plain, probable, coherent explanation is frankly given to him.

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