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Example sentences for "admiring"

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admire; admired; admirer; admirers; admires; admiringly; admissibility; admissible; admission; admissions
  1. English and Americans were admiring a pretty singing girl about fifteen years of age, who was beautifully dressed, and sitting with four very demure and ugly Orientals in the little orchestra.

  2. It appeared to me that all the women assembled were admiring the virtues and fortitude of my aunt.

  3. The Ghatkee here plays the part of a panegyrist by admiring the amiable qualities of the girl, who, she adds, is the very type of Luckee (the goddess of prosperity.

  4. The scribe had never seen Him before, and in spite of his deep-seated prejudice could not help admiring the man whom he had come prepared to despise.

  5. Joel only looked around with admiring eyes; but Jesse walked about, laying curious little fingers on everything he passed.

  6. The gardener gave us some beautiful bouquets, and we lingered here till sunset, admiring the view.

  7. She was not even fortunate enough to be able to persuade herself into admiring love and enthusiasm for those to whom necessity obliged her to give up her own life.

  8. He went off down Grange Lane with the swing and poise of a Hercules when the admiring waiters directed him to the Cottage.

  9. After a little time spent in admiring these two masterpieces, our friends proceeded to San Marco, and found the Padre at home.

  10. His father's canvases filled him with admiring awe.

  11. On reaching the Palace the bride and bridegroom were taken to a gilded drawing-room, and there left to talk together, while the guests filled up the time before the banquet by admiring the presents and calculating their cost.

  12. I remember watching and admiring the tenderness of a handsome, dashing young fellow as he walked the floor with the feverish little sufferer, or rocked him patiently until dawn.

  13. Bertha loathed Edward now with such angry, physical repulsion that she could not bear his touch; and every one she knew, was his admiring friend.

  14. Stendhal behaved so madly, so boisterously, and uttered such paradoxes that he offended Madame Dudevant-Sand, who openly expressed her distaste for him, though admiring his brilliancy.

  15. But these were deeply-hidden doubts; and, to her family and friends, Adolphine boasted loudly of all and everything that belonged to her and insisted upon an admiring appreciation of her children and furniture.

  16. Perhaps I was, for months, with a view to winning your affection; and that was why I spent myself in praises admiring Floortje's trousseau.

  17. Every one," she continued, "has been admiring your secretary.

  18. He sat by her side at luncheon and he could not help admiring the delicate tact with which she prevented the conversation from ever remaining more than a few seconds in channels which might have made him feel something of an alien.

  19. While I was looking on and admiring this state of things, I saw a market-man on his return homeward with an empty hen-coop on his back.

  20. The celestial chart, that we had been admiring with so much rapture, had gradually rolled itself up, and as the sun came out, we had a view of the dreariness around us.

  21. In that moment of frenzy he feared himself capable of shaking hands with the shabby Englishman in the Glengarry cap, or of asking the whole admiring company of passengers down to the bar.

  22. He found them at the stern of the boat, admiring the wild scenery, and looking "Fresh as the morn and as the season fair.

  23. And yet this refusal would show such nobility of soul that, even though it made me miserable, I could not help admiring it.

  24. Then casting an admiring glance around her, the young girl continued: "You were right in saying that your room was charming, Herminie.

  25. Olivier was in despair, but he could not help admiring this noble pride, though he deeply deplored the consequences so far as Gerald was concerned.

  26. But all the time Alla ad Deen's mother could not forbear looking at and admiring the tray and dishes, though she could not judge whether they were silver or any other metal, and the novelty more than the value attracted her attention.

  27. That he, John Beveridge, with the roses thrusting themselves into his eyes, should stoop to pick the simple little daisy at his feet, could not fail to fill her with an admiring gratitude that would add the last charm to her passion for him.

  28. And he could scarcely help admiring their courage, or recklessness, rather, in camping so near the head of the American government, where they might expect to be caught in a trap at any moment.

  29. He told, too, about brave Bill Hickson, and that gentleman's cot was always the centre of an admiring throng of visitors, who shook his hand and told him how proud they were of what he had accomplished.

  30. Archie lay back in his comfortable Wagner seat, admiring the beauties of spring, and thinking, too, of the days he spent in walking along this very road.

  31. The elder bounder stood near him quietly comforting, encouraging, and admiring him, as a lover encouraging and admiring his ingenue betrothed.

  32. Oh, please drive on, Jane," said the young man, his admiring eyes on the girl who grasped the reins afresh and straightened like a soldier for inspection.

  33. Teresa sought shelter from the curious though admiring eyes of the fresh arrivals.

  34. Walpole mentions the countess being mobbed in the park one Sunday when in company with Lady Coventry, so that several sergeants of the guards marched before and behind them to keep off the admiring crowd.

  35. Here, as elsewhere, he gathered admiring pupils about him, and kept diligently at his work.

  36. He was named by his admiring contemporaries "a better Titian," and it was asserted that even Apelles would have been proud to be called "the Grecian Murillo.

  37. As he stood now, a hand affectionately upon the album, a trace of the fatuously admiring smile still lingering on his expressive face, a knock sounded upon the door.

  38. That's it--look frightened while she's admiring you in that bold way.

  39. Nor had he been spoiled in the least, said the interviewer, by the adulation poured out upon him by admiring women and girls in volume sufficient to turn the head of a less sane young man.

  40. He had no money to pay his fine, but, greatly admiring Henry Clay, whom he hoped to see President, wrote him urging that he aid the "guiltless prisoner.

  41. He succeeded in reaching General Banks, who had taken the place of General Butler, and when the fleet returned to New Orleans, he was warmly welcomed on board by his admiring companions.

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    Other words:
    adoring; amatory; appreciative; awestruck; complimentary; flattering; panegyric; regardful; respectful; reverent; solemn; worshipful; worshiping