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admiring; admiringly; admissibility; admissible; admission; admit; admits; admitt; admittance; admitted
  1. It is thought that more than one half of the admissions to English asylums present evidence of an inherited taint.

  2. The fourth is that of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, and of the admissions here, thirty per cent.

  3. The whole number of domestics, common laborers, and persons of no occupation, must be small as compared with the whole number of persons above fifteen years of age, and from whom admissions to asylums come.

  4. Fifth, from the large numbers of that class which has no regular employment nor any training for one, and which, at the present time, furnishes so many admissions to our asylums.

  5. But against these admissions the countryside dictator doggedly stiffened his resistance.

  6. Silently and with a heavily moving hand, Rowlett reached out and took the proffered paper which bore his incriminating admissions and signature, but he made no answer.

  7. The Peoples' Commissaries and the Soviets have, upon more than one occasion, made admissions that these horrors were part of their program.

  8. Furthermore the products are condemned by the very evidence of the originators and their admissions are quite sufficient to deter anyone from using the products as they suggest.

  9. Briefly then the recent admissions of the agents indicate that Iodeol does not contain “colloidal iodin” in a chemical sense, and there are indications that it does contain its iodin in a rather firm (chemical) combination.

  10. The following quotations taken from the circular are admissions that these preparations are not innocuous: “That the economy will tolerate to a surprising degree substances directly introduced through the blood stream is now well known.

  11. The most telling proofs in favor of the Rationalist position on the bible are the admissions which, from time to time, the defenders of the bible themselves make.

  12. Even by the admissions of the bible itself, the nations whom Jehovah ordered to be exterminated were very much more hospitable than the Jews.

  13. How is it," I said, without replying to his bow, "that so many free admissions were given without my sanction?

  14. The evidence presented against Katharine was adjudged to be insufficient in the absence of direct allegations of adultery after her marriage, or of specific admissions from herself.

  15. On the 5th November the ministers came to Hampton Court with the shocking admissions which they had extracted from the persons examined.

  16. Such admissions are important, despite the way in which Bousset qualifies them.

  17. But suppose Baur were right about the point which has just been discussed; suppose even the most impossible admissions be made; suppose it be granted that the original apostles differed fundamentally from Paul.

  18. But his own writings, and the admissions of the divine who preached his funeral sermon, show that his temper was not the most gentle.

  19. Comte makes admissions that are diametrically opposed to the alleged law.

  20. Taking the Indian statistics, and estimating percentage to strength, we find, amongst the inoculated, admissions 0.

  21. The application is as follows:-- "The annual admissions per mille for enteric fever amongst British troops in India have risen from 18.

  22. Yet he so little understood the force of admissions that he then made, that he let the elaborate a priori demonstration of the theory which he had already built up, stand in his "Capital," which he did not publish till 1867.

  23. But the admissions of 1864 did not end in theory.

  24. Surratt's admissions are right in the line of our theory, and tend to prove its correctness; but his claim that he was only a member of a conspiracy to capture is manifestly untrue.

  25. Yet its admissions are important, as they establish the theory of the conspiracy which we have maintained.

  26. The agitation in Great Britain and America against the Congo system of government, and the admissions of an official commission of inquiry concerning its maladministration, strengthened, however, the movement in favour of transfer.

  27. Sir Reginald, by a great effort, commanded himself so far as to return the bow, and apparently to receive the condescending admissions of the speech, with a proper degree of respect.

  28. If you fail to recover the tickets, you can pay single admissions at the door, and if you remember the number of your seats or in a general way where they are, you can take possession of them.

  29. We do not cite these statements in order to make a point against Protestantism from the admissions of its advocates, or to exult over these admissions.

  30. Herbert Spencer proves the same in a luminous and cogent manner, even from the admissions of philosophers of the sceptical school of Kant.

  31. Such are the candid admissions of a professor in the University of Cambridge.

  32. I’ve taken in ninety-five admissions and answered a couple of hundred questions about ghosts, and the crowd is still coming!

  33. Eighty-six dollars for admissions and seventeen-fifty on the refreshments,” replied Beals.

  34. It is not quoted by Clemens Alexandrinus, who set himself entirely to the work of adducing and bringing together all the admissions and recognitions which Pagan authors had made of the existence of Christ Jesus or Christians before his time.

  35. This assertion is fully verified by Justin Martyr, in his apology to the Emperor Adrian, which is one of the most remarkable admissions ever made by a Christian writer.

  36. This does not exclude his admissions in the case of a criminal trial of another party.

  37. The counsel did not wish a man to sit next the prisoner, who might converse with him for the purpose of getting admissions from him.

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