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Example sentences for "doggedly"

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  1. He was doggedly persistent in mastering every detail of a subject, and seems to have acquired a passion for routine fractional work.

  2. He steadfastly and doggedly clung to his command, rendering valiant and efficient service throughout the entire struggle, and was with his tattered veterans at Appomattox when General Lee surrendered.

  3. And now she was doggedly fighting to save what she had builded--not from the raids of the Indians but from the ravages of this war which was sweeping civilization aside.

  4. He knew that Edith was waiting for more, but he kept doggedly silent.

  5. He set himself doggedly to the task of forcing up his business, and meanwhile in the evenings he tried with Edith to get back upon their former footing.

  6. For awhile Red kept doggedly on, the older boy plodding behind him.

  7. Goaded by the knowledge that his fellow Cubs still believed his report of the previous night to be a brain fantasy, Red started doggedly off through the woods.

  8. The spray cut his face, the lashing feathers on the tops of the waves half-blinded him, but he held doggedly on, and presently hung on to the bladderweed that fringed the Cobbler's Seat.

  9. She seemed to take the blows passively, only lungeing doggedly up when the wild welter had flowed over her, and still keeping her nose to the sea.

  10. At last she said, doggedly and aloud, "I will.

  11. Towards evening she rose, and washed her face and did up her hair, and doggedly bade Martin take down the crocodile, and put out a basket instead.

  12. Indeed, there was little any of us could do, and one by one Ludar ordered us to rest, while he, whom no labour seemed to daunt, clung doggedly to the helm.

  13. The Englishmen hung doggedly on our heels; now and then coming up within shot, and then, having let off their broadsides, dropping away before we could put round to engage them.

  14. Then, too, Harriet Burrell was one of those doggedly determined persons who never know when they are worsted.

  15. They saw the boys a long distance to the rear, still trudging doggedly along.

  16. So I returned to my last resource for the time then being--to the publisher, persevering doggedly in my labour.

  17. Enough, I would go doggedly to work upon my tale or novel.

  18. She was so sorry for this beautiful, scared woman, that she looked doggedly at the lump of coal all the time that she was speaking.

  19. He went doggedly on, after two pauses, and knocked at the door of Sophy's study.

  20. Bits of it well planted in the marsh adhere doggedly together to this day, but even then the roof was off and the chimney lay in a heap on the ground, like blankets that have slipped off a bed.

  21. Henceforth, when the faithful fellow was Muckle Kenny, he would say doggedly to himself, "Dinna question me, Kenny.

  22. Though he still dragged doggedly at the oars, there was no longer any heart in his pulling.

  23. Yet beneath the surface he had enough of his father's stubbornness to make him stick doggedly to his lot, disagreeable though it was, if only he could have felt that he was receiving the consideration due to the son of John P.

  24. But despite all hazards of ambush he had kept doggedly on the trail, and now he was within reach of his quarry.

  25. But love fights doggedly and unconqueredly long after volatile and ephemeral passion has fled a stubborn field, and this was the love of the daughter of "the bravest man God ever made.

  26. Then she pointed out that Peter had gone doggedly to school all winter, struggling with a foreign language, and enduring the gibes he gets from being in a class with boys much younger than himself, with very good grace.

  27. The trade-union, to which of course they all had to belong, kept blacklegs at a distance, and they went on doggedly righting until new terms had been won.

  28. The bombardier was doggedly filling in the lists, only glancing occasionally to see if the pile of forms still to be got through were not growing somewhat smaller.

  29. The case was at the worst in Pennsylvania, where the tedious quarrelling of Governor and Assembly, joined to the doggedly pacific attitude of the Quakers, made vigorous defence impossible.

  30. Come here for a moment," cried Fred, in a quiet tone, and Murden doggedly consented.

  31. The stern republican started, drew himself up to his full height, and sturdily and doggedly placed himself directly in the way of the unjust claimant.

  32. But his pride was that deep-rooted feeling which, so far from being repelled by a single blow, fights stubbornly and doggedly onward, till the battle is over and its object gained.

  33. He kept doggedly on, nevertheless, and at last his perseverance was rewarded by his catching a glimpse of the lights of the town for which he was bound.

  34. But nothing could stop him, and he plugged doggedly on.

  35. His determination to find her was doggedly renewed as he thought of that.

  36. The girl staggered behind him with diminishing vigor; consciousness was very nearly at the point of disappearance, and her steps were wavering unsteadily, and doggedly slow.

  37. A numbness had come over her; consciousness burned very low as she wavered doggedly along through the darkness.

  38. The dogs prick out their ears upon the track, but stick doggedly to his heels.

  39. Soon his old black bitch slinks by the hedge, clears the fence at a bound, and doggedly follows her master's footsteps.

  40. She smiled doggedly with her lips, and she clearly was not happy.

  41. Hubert flung himself across the chasm, refusing doggedly to see it, and found himself, flushed and excited, in the little field beyond.

  42. He looked doggedly at her light yellow hair, and then looked down again when he saw that it was not real.

  43. He hurled a bit of that anger in the clod that hit Mealy Jones, then Jimmy walked doggedly back to the house.

  44. Mealy saw it all through envious eyes and with a pricking conscience, as he doggedly fumbled the myriad buttons which his mother had fastened upon his pretty clothes.

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