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Example sentences for "admirers"

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admiration; admirations; admire; admired; admirer; admires; admiring; admiringly; admissibility; admissible
  1. Neither Wagner himself nor the admirers of his later work could claim for it any strong originality or power.

  2. She took a great fancy to the little fellow, and used to make up his face for him and give him the flowers her admirers sent her.

  3. She seemed in capital spirits, and had three or four admirers waiting on her very words.

  4. She made no alteration in the disposal of her time: sledging parties and skating picnics were the order of the day; she was thoroughly pleased with herself, and received the attentions of her admirers as a matter of course.

  5. His fondness for Greek costume was assigned by his admirers as the cause of his reluctance to paint portraits.

  6. The book is full of revelations of great interest to admirers of Mr Barrie's genius.

  7. Her father viewed her increasing charms and ever-growing list of admirers with the gloomy apprehension of a disappointed man who had come to look upon each gift of the gods as a new sorrow cunningly disguised.

  8. She was making a mental inventory of her many admirers and wondering which of them could help her.

  9. Those of her admirers who were in a position to assist her professionally were only prepared to use their influence upon terms which she was unprepared to accept.

  10. He was still full of fun and mischief, and already had a crowd of admirers in college.

  11. Miss Lily kept her other admirers out of the way, except as she might meet them at dances or whist parties.

  12. All the disinterested people here are his particular admirers and have been carefully selected as such.

  13. Frederickson, of New York, one of the most enthusiastic admirers of Shelley, and who has been often known to pay more than the weight in gold for Shelleyana: "With how many garlands we can beautify the tomb.

  14. The many young admirers of James Otis will not let this book escape them, for it fully equals its many predecessors in excitement and sustained interest.

  15. Four years passed away, during which her former admirers gradually gathered around her again, solicitous, as before, to win her favor.

  16. On the part of modern historiographers this ordination has excited much criticism, and even the warmest admirers and staunchest advocates of the Order must confess their inability to account for it adequately.

  17. When Hutton addressed himself to a deep topic of abstract speculation, he "saw so very far into it" that even his most earnest admirers could not follow the visual act.

  18. This jockey had won a great race that day, and he was rewarding his admirers for the homage they paid him, all of which he accepted with a fine air of condescension.

  19. I say, without any egotistic pride, that among my admirers were several of the best-looking women who frequented the place, and who made no secret of the fact that they admired me as much as they did my playing.

  20. El buen mozo was another phrase among them; while more intimate admirers called him El guero, "the light-haired.

  21. All failures find their special apologies, and some curious ones were originated by the admirers of McClellan to account for the singular ineffective policy of that officer.

  22. It must not be forgotten that a whole succession of Byron's admirers and imitators have forced themselves in between him and us, obscuring the figure, and confusing our impression, of the great departed.

  23. Byron's poetry had, moreover, made for him friends and admirers by the thousand; he shared Parnassus with Goethe; he had begun to set the stamp of his spirit on the continent of Europe.

  24. Nay, is all the cant and sickly sentimentality on our side, and might not some such charge be applied to the admirers of the good old fashion?

  25. Crowds of the ragged admirers of these men were standing round 'the magnificent county court-house' as we passed the building.

  26. England has produced, owing to the effects of this class of admirers of art, two admirable, and five hundred very clever portrait-painters.

  27. It must be rather flattering to Church Dignitaries to observe what company they are in, as eulogists and admirers of the Honourable Member for Oxford.

  28. The days of the Highwaymen are over: but that need not be lamented by the admirers of the robbers of the good old times.

  29. A crowd of devout admirers cluster always round this great work and the artist who is employed in copying it.

  30. Among Day's readers and admirers was one person who was destined to have a most important influence upon his life.

  31. Godwin was married when Miss Alderson revisited her London friends and admirers in 1797--an eventful visit, when she met Opie for the first time.

  32. The "biggest and best terrier" has been tried by so many different people in all parts of the world and has won such unanimous praise that his admirers can recommend him to anyone, anywhere, for anything.

  33. Even his most enthusiastic admirers never claimed beauty for the Airedale.

  34. His funeral was a veritable apotheosis, disciples, admirers and detractors swelling the enormous cort├Ęge.

  35. In the zenith of his fame as an illustrator, at a time when tip-top authors and editors were all clamouring for his drawings, he did not despise humbler admirers and clients.

  36. His claims are familiar, but in spite of his admirers he seems so charged with a sensuous egotism that he is not apt to be a formative influence in literary history.

  37. His physical infirmity put him at odds with the world, while his striking beauty drew to him a crowd of admirers who helped to poison every spring of his genius.

  38. I have no lovers nor admirers to break their hearts about me, one way or another; but there is one honest fellow--hem!

  39. This new and tasteful edition of "Nick of the Woods" will be certain to make many new admirers for this enchanting story from Dr.

  40. If he has one defect it is a parsimony of tail, though I heard none of his thousands of admirers make that criticism; and he carries it up and out in true Arabian style.

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