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  1. His two autobiographical works, From Twenty to Thirty and C.

  2. He assumes all the expressions of despair to be found in her sonnets of this period, to be so many reliable autobiographical documents, and builds his narrative upon them accordingly.

  3. In the following sonnet, which is one of several dictated by the same mood of feeling, the more subjective tone of her thought affords us an autobiographical glimpse of her state of mind on religious subjects.

  4. Such were the autobiographical snatches--by no means so crude as they sound that reached her intelligence from time to time.

  5. The poems, which, rightly read, are strewn with autobiographical hints, are not silent as to the intention of this period.

  6. This is one of the autobiographical cases in these pamphlets, which are otherwise arid deserts of sand, scorched by the fire of extinct passion.

  7. Douglas of North Carolina has permitted me to use an autobiographical sketch of his father, as well as other papers in the possession of the family.

  8. Footnote 6: For many facts relating to Douglas's life, I am indebted to an unpublished autobiographical sketch in the possession of his son, Judge R.

  9. The whole poem is full of such autobiographical confessional passages, either indirect like this or open and undisguised like the great introductions to the first, third, seventh and ninth books.

  10. These obviously autobiographical passages are to be found all through the poem.

  11. The autobiographical impulse is normal in old age: when men cannot build on hope they build on memory, their minds regress into the past because they no longer have a future.

  12. The truth is that the attempts of Godwin and others to make the autobiographical statements of the author fit into the life of Chaucer, have quite led the critics out of the right track.

  13. The (possibly imaginary) autobiographical details here supplied have been strangely handled for the purpose of insertion into the life of Chaucer, with which they have nothing to do.

  14. The text of the present issue of the autobiographical letters is taken from the original MSS.

  15. Compare the autobiographical note of 1832 as quoted by Gillman.

  16. I do not think we need look for anything autobiographical in this and the following poems written to Etesia.

  17. This appears to me pretty conclusive evidence; against it, however, must be set the passage on the Civil War in the autobiographical poem Ad Posteros (vol.

  18. We have another scene of which again, it seems to me, we cannot doubt the autobiographical reality.

  19. The autobiographical sketch of Hearne's own life, which Huddesford published in 1772, in conjunction with the lives of Leland and Wood, is preserved among the Miscellaneous MSS.

  20. From the short autobiographical notice of himself, given in his own collections for a continuation of the Athenae Oxon.

  21. Autobiographical memoirs by Foucault, extending to 1719, were published under the editorship of F.

  22. Moses Williams, the second (which goes no farther than the letter A) under the title of Reliquiae Baxterianae, including an autobiographical fragment.

  23. Autobiographical novel of a girl who, like the author, finally becomes a dancer and choreographer.

  24. This is non-fiction, autobiographical account of a woman's experience in two English prisons.

  25. She has herself given some account of her early life in an autobiographical sketch which forms the prelude to the work already published.

  26. Five years after Charles Darwin had been buried (he was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey in 1882), his son published the Life and Letters of Darwin, which included an autobiographical chapter.

  27. Hawthorne gives us an interesting account of his boyhood in an autobiographical note to his friend Stoddard.

  28. From an autobiographical sketch sent to Dr.

  29. They are his own words which follow: An autobiographical fragment from Forster's "Life.

  30. Autobiographical Preface to the 'Narratives of the Merovingian Times.

  31. The last words of Thierry's Autobiographical Preface are most touching.

  32. I have reproduced them here because of the autobiographical hint contained in the word Anna, which was the name given by Lamb to his "fair-haired maid" in his love sonnets.

  33. Another valuable source of information is to be found in his novels, though it is always difficult to discriminate between what is and what is not autobiographical in these works.

  34. It is a great advance in certain respects over the first novel, but wants the peculiar interest which belonged to that as a partially autobiographical memoir.

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