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chronograph; chronographers; chronologer; chronologers; chronologic; chronologically; chronologies; chronologique; chronologists; chronology
  1. That a chronological order of formation of these rocks can be made out.

  2. The chronological system of animals and plants has been continuous, as the Bible represents it, since their first appearance on earth.

  3. He renounced the chronological limitation confining such inquiries to the domain of antiquaries, but he upheld the ethnographical limitation confining them to laws of the same race.

  4. To the unity of religious pragmatism in the main stock of the book of Judges corresponds a unity of chronological scheme.

  5. Browne) (1871), to which is added a chronological list of Jukes's writings.

  6. The interest of students seems to have stood in inverse ratio to the chronological vicinity of the facts under consideration--the farther from the observer, the more suggestive and worthy of attention the facts were found to be.

  7. The order of his compositions is systematic, not chronological or even ethnographical in the sense of grouping kindred races together.

  8. It was not till after many designs and many trials that I preferred the method of grouping my picture by nations; and the seeming neglect of chronological order is surely compensated by the superior merits of interest and perspicacity.

  9. What does chronological order matter, or an exact narrative, if only this sketch succeeds in giving a perfect impression of its original?

  10. Beattie, according to the precept of Horace, has rushed into the midst of things, and not taken up the narrative in chronological order.

  11. The mere external actions of men are not worth the studying: Who would have ever thought of going through a course of history, if the science were comprised in a set of chronological tables?

  12. And that geographical and chronological plan will show us that such ages were going on in unknown Europe during the period we are speaking of.

  13. I have found it convenient to follow, as a rule, the chronological order, but I have not kept closely to it.

  14. We shall now adopt a closer and more chronological arrangement than before, ranging under each decennial period the circumstances of most importance in the general history of literature, as well as the principal books published within it.

  15. Before these the memorable events of Roman history had not been critically reduced to a chronological series.

  16. Before we proceed to a more minute and chronological history, let us consider for a short time some of the prevailing trains of sentiment and opinion which shaped the public mind at the close of the mediƦval period.

  17. It may be observed, for the sake of chronological exactness, that these labours are by no means confined, even principally, to this decennial period.

  18. Attempt to determine the chronological order of Shakespeare's plays, 1878.

  19. The chronological order of the plays, which Malone was the first to investigate, was determined with considerable certainty and gave a new significance to the study of Shakespeare's work as a whole.

  20. Fortunately most local historians of this sect have made more or less attempt at bringing like to like, although they have generally preserved the purely chronological order within their groups, whether these be of subjects or periods.

  21. As a good example of an even more disappointing type of chronological histories we may take the History of Lynn, including Lynnfield, Saugus, Swampscott, and Nahant, by Alonzo Lewis and James R.

  22. The historical data so industriously accumulated in Egypt and Babylonia have enabled excavators to date certain finds in Crete, and to frame a chronological system for the ancient civilization of that island.

  23. To prevent, however, too wide a departure from the chronological succession which would result from the strict application of this rule, the later, i.

  24. In Copinger's chronological table of the printed editions of the Latin Bible during the 15th and 16th centuries (Incunabula Biblica, p.

  25. A general chronological order underlies the geographical even where it does not come to the surface.

  26. My endeavour has been to follow an accurate chronological arrangement; but I am fully sensible that perfection is impossible, and therefore I shall be grateful for corrections of errors, or additional information for future use.

  27. The next Washington letter of Masonic import in chronological order is his reply to an invitation to join the brethren of Alexandria Lodge, No.

  28. The next correspondence in chronological order is the letter, sent in reply to the Address delivered by the Brethren of King David's Lodge, No.

  29. History was a series of actions, with no other than chronological succession, independent on each other, and without any tendency to introduce or regulate the conclusion.

  30. In them unity of treatment is sought to be combined with a due regard to chronological sequence by grouping in separate chapters the various events relating to the several departments of descriptive astronomy.

  31. A new era has dawned, not by chronological prescription alone, but to the vital sense of humanity.

  32. The erosive action of the Falls of Niagara qualifies them to serve as a clepsydra, or water-clock on a grand scale; and their chronological indications have been amply corroborated elsewhere and otherwise on the same continent.

  33. Chronological records of events, under the form of annals and chronicles; 3rd.

  34. His reign, although of the highest importance to general history, is, particularly in the portion previous to the wars with Rome, replete with chronological difficulties.

  35. This point of time may be determined by the chronological data respecting the battle of Marathon, four years before the death of Darius (Herodotus VII.

  36. The Trojan empire comprised western Mysia: its history consists of mere traditions contained in poets, with very uncertain chronological data.

  37. An essay towards a chronological arrangement; it reaches down to Vitellius.

  38. Although Herodotus did not write his work in chronological order, yet we cannot doubt that he had some general plan of computing time.

  39. With respect to many of them, therefore, little more can be produced than a series of chronological data, indispensable, notwithstanding, to the general historian.

  40. Possessing a knowledge of and sympathy with the youthful way of looking at such subjects, the writers will not offer annals, arid and unconnected, nor bare chronological statements of events, however complete.

  41. Bode prefer to say "before 1477," a supposition which would make his precocity less phenomenal, and help to explain some chronological difficulties (see p.

  42. From none other than Titian himself, and to this piece of evidence we must next turn, following out a strict chronological order.

  43. I propose to take the evidence in strictly chronological order.

  44. Some of these were given away by Morse to friends desirous of possessing autographs of the illustrious Lafayette; others are still among his papers, and some of these I shall introduce in their proper chronological order.

  45. But they will be so numbered as to admit ultimately of a general chronological arrangement.

  46. Chronological List of Letters and Papers quoted in this Narrative 2.

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