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  1. Of their goodness and sincerity these annals bear witness!

  2. The same writer has recorded an even more tragic case from the annals of La Soledad.

  3. The father's real work was to lie among the native Indians, and it is with his failures and successes in this direction that the main interest of our California mission annals is connected.

  4. In the plain, naive annals of Besse, the hard-heartedness and haughty pride of the Puritan magistrates (traits still amply represented in their descendants) are thrown into the most striking relief.

  5. Every schoolboy can tell the story, for no annals of Scotland omit to record his presence and service when the rival hosts stood face to face for a huge trial of strength and valour.

  6. It brought the annals of the peninsula down to the beginning of the present dynasty.

  7. Meanwhile the Japanese were working their will in Whang-hă Province, north and west of the capital, and as to the details of it even the annals give up in despair and say the details were so harrowing that it was impossible to describe them.

  8. The annals state that this reign beheld the inauguration of the humane custom of remitting the revenues, in part or in whole, in times of famine, also the custom of the king sending medicine to courtiers who might be ill.

  9. While doing so the annals say that the spirit of the murdered king appeared before him and chided him for scorning the power of Kitan.

  10. If these annals were later productions, intended to deceive posterity, they would scarcely contain lists of solar eclipses.

  11. The annals of the Ming dynasty say that it was the king’s son and not Sin-don’s.

  12. Now it was reorganized and the annals of the kingdom were put in proper shape.

  13. In this reign we find the first reference to the Kuk-cho Po-gam or the official annals of the dynasty.

  14. This is brought prominently to our notice by the statement in the annals that in the sixteenth year of this reign there should have been an eclipse but that it did not take place.

  15. Ch‘oe Jung was a son by a concubine and from this time the annals contain no mention of men’s birth on the mother’s side.

  16. No candid reader can believe that the country was steeped in such absolute degeneracy as the Japanese annalists would have us believe, and which other writers who had not access to the Korean annals have described.

  17. Do the annals of mankind record so dispassionate and so solemn an act of treachery, or so glaring an evidence of temporal power and despotism, as that of Hildebrand, known as Gregory, over the Emperor of Germany?

  18. See the Annals of the Russians in Hebersteinius, in Rerum Muscovit.

  19. In 887 he made a devout pilgrimage to Rome, and carried thither the alms of king Alfred and of the West-Saxons, as the Saxon Annals testify.

  20. This great ditch, mentioned by the Saxon Annals in the reign of Edward the Elder, seems made about this time.

  21. Ado in his Chronicle, Rhegino in his Chronicle, the annals of St. Bertin, Hincmar ep.

  22. This speech was a part of one of the most exciting debates in the annals of Congress.

  23. It was extemporaneous, but faultless in manner and matter; it was charged with the spirit of patriotism, and it will bear comparison with anything in the annals of American polemics.

  24. Davis's opinion is not surpassed in argumentative power or in literary expression by anything in the annals of that great tribunal.

  25. It deserves a high place in the annals of senatorial eloquence.

  26. The fact that there must have been an exchange of goods between these various groups is almost the only indication furnished by the annals as to trade or commerce.

  27. It is therefore not extravagant to conclude that the first ten and a half centuries covered by Japanese annals must be regarded as prehistoric.

  28. But close readers of the annals do not fully endorse that tribute.

  29. The annals appear to support that view to a limited extent, but the subject will presently be discussed at greater length.

  30. Thus, during the first five centuries of the Christian era, Chinese annals contain sixteen notices of events in Korea.

  31. But we are constrained to acknowledge some background of truth in the annals of old Japan, and anything that tends to disclose that background is welcome.

  32. It may be doubted whether in the long and blood-stained annals of the house of Salolja any member of that distinguished and ruthless family had ever occupied quite so undignified a position before.

  33. The annals of the popes become more and more detached from the general history of Europe, and thus lose all their splendour and a great part of their interest.

  34. The annals of the human race, Their ruins, since the world began, Of him afford no other trace Than this--there lived a man.

  35. Unroll thy long annals and say, Are they those whom the world called the victors?

  36. He discovers a credulous zeal to throw a lustre on his remote ancestor Manco Capac, not by inventing new incidents, but by collecting with great industry all that had been recorded in the annals of the family.

  37. But of all tales that war's black annals hold, The darkest, foulest still remains untold; New modes of torture wait the shameful strife, And Britain wantons in the waste of life.

  38. The virtuous delegates behold with pain The hostile Britons hovering o'er the main, Lament the strife that bids two worlds engage, And blot their annals with fraternal rage; Two worlds in one broad state!

  39. All that happened there hath been matter of public notoriety, and is recorded, for warning to lawless men, in the annals of our country.

  40. There was an early pope by that name, and it appears now and again in the annals of the Middle Ages.

  41. The Montgomery and Casey annals were full of blood-curdling adventures, and there is to-day a Casey County next to Adair, with a Montgomery County somewhat farther east.

  42. This is the story, precisely as Gillis himself told it to the writer of these annals more than a generation later: "There was a German kept a cigar store in Virginia City and always had a fine assortment of meerschaum pipes.

  43. Howells has acknowledged that out of Chicago is coming a literary virility destined to leave classic record in the annals of letters.

  44. In Phoenicia Proper there were historical writers at least from the time of Hiram, the contemporary of David, who wrote the annals of their country in a curt dry form somewhat resembling that of Kings and Chronicles.

  45. Annals of Horsemanship; with 17 copperplates, by Bunbury.

  46. We often read, in the annals of those times, of the unbounded plunder and devastation exercised by armed violence upon pacific industry, and the great fortunes sometimes amassed by the robber chivalry, by such predatory incursions.

  47. The annals of these times will transmit no account of fortunes made by pillaging or taxing the cotters of Ireland, the weavers of Paisley, or the cotton-piecers of Manchester.

  48. Both lived to see the vanity of all earthly grandeur, and to fall the victims of an inconsolable melancholy; and both left behind an illustrious name, unrivalled in the annals of their country.

  49. Two millions were sold in the first year--a circumstance, perhaps, new in the annals of printing.

  50. Fresh from the mint of his mind fell the clinking, golden coin of universal value, bearing the glowing stamp of his genius, unrivaled in the annals of time.

  51. The assassination of Julius Cæsar by Brutus, Cassius, Casca and twenty other Roman Senators, in the capital of the Empire in broad daylight, was one of the most cowardly and infamous crimes recorded in the annals of time.

  52. Kossuth pored over the chronicles and annals which narrate the incidents of this contest, till he was master of all the minutest details.

  53. The speech produced an effect almost without parallel in the annals of debate.

  54. The Advocate of Science and Annals of Natural History was conducted by W.

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