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  1. Before setting the pots in the furnace, they are annealed during 4 or 5 days, at a red heat in a small reverberatory vault, made on purpose.

  2. The flatted heads have become hardened by the blow of the hammer; when annealed by heating and slow cooling, they are handed to the piercer.

  3. Upon it are placed the cupels, which are thus annealed during the ordinary work of the furnace, that they may be introduced into the muffle, when it is brought into its proper degree of heat.

  4. The wire must be annealed from time to time during the drawing, and finally cleaned, like the plates, with dilute acid.

  5. It is then annealed in a furnace, and, after cooling, is passed afresh through a rolling press.

  6. The ingot is taken out and annealed in hot ashes, which both soften it and free it from grease.

  7. They are next annealed for the purpose of filing such parts of them as cannot be ground, and afterwards paired.

  8. The annealing must now be made, after having separated the portion of water which had fallen into the crucible; and, lastly, the annealed gold must be weighed.

  9. The brass in these operations must be annealed 7 or 8 times before the sheet arrives at the required thinness.

  10. Illustration: 395] The barrels thus made are annealed with a gentle heat in a proper furnace, and slowly cooled.

  11. The forks are now annealed by surrounding a large mass of them with hot coals, so that the whole shall become red hot.

  12. The ingot is next cleaned, and rolled to the proper thinness between cylinders as described under MINT; being in its progress of lamination frequently annealed on a small reverberatory hearth.

  13. Copper is annealed the same as brass and is also pickled.

  14. Aluminum can be annealed the same as zinc, as the melting point is 1,140 degrees F.

  15. It was necessary to anneal these shells between each operation, the upper shell being annealed four times and the lower one three times.

  16. Where only part annealing is required, the shell can be immersed in water, the part to be annealed being exposed above the water, and a blowpipe used on it.

  17. After the shell is spun or broken down on chuck A, it is annealed and pickled.

  18. The flattened and annealed button is dropped into it and the heating continued with, at most, gentle boiling for a few minutes.

  19. The strip should be annealed during the rolling and again at the finish.

  20. Somewhat larger buttons may be similarly treated, but they should be annealed (i.

  21. One method of making cutters in sets is to clamp the annealed stock in the cutter-head and then turn the ends to the required radius by placing the head in the lathe.

  22. If this steel is annealed, it can be worked as easily as the more expensive annealed steel.

  23. Should a particularly accurate job be called for, the steel should be annealed again after the roughing cuts have been taken and before machining to the final size.

  24. Iron castings are also annealed by packing with cinders in a box, which is then heated for some time, as with the malleable cast iron.

  25. As the metal hardens by successive blows, the blanks are annealed (that is heated and allowed to cool) as often as may be found necessary.

  26. The castings are annealed by placing them in a furnace or oven until red hot, then allowing them to cool gradually.

  27. The steel castings after being annealed are dressed and carefully examined for defects.

  28. I could see nothing clearly that was not confined within the dark faultless line where the sky was inseparably annealed to the sea.

  29. That long wound in the forest would be annealed and invisible in a year.

  30. The whole circumference of the tube is heated at that point and annealed as usual.

  31. The whole circumference of the tube is then heated and annealed carefully.

  32. If not properly annealed the place heated may crack spontaneously when cold, and it is quite certain to crack if it is reheated later.

  33. The joint is then well annealed and allowed to cool.

  34. Replace the needle by a bit of annealed iron wire; the same effects ensue.

  35. Snares may be made of annealed brass or copper wire, or of several strands of twisted horsehair.

  36. The permeability of cobalt, both annealed and unannealed, was always diminished at the low temperature.

  37. After one of the rings had been annealed at 840 deg.

  38. The influence of high temperature on cobalt was very remarkable, completely altering the character of the change of length: the curves for annealed cobalt show that at 450 deg.

  39. The metal, having first been uniformly tempered glass-hard, should be annealed in steam at 100 deg.

  40. An experiment by Ewing showed that by the operation of stretching an annealed iron wire beyond the limits of elasticity the permeability under a magnetizing force of about 3 units was reduced by as much as 75%.

  41. As regards the higher temperatures, the chief point of interest is the observation that the curve of magnetization for annealed cobalt shows a small depression at about 450 deg.

  42. The results, nevertheless, agree very well with those for annealed wrought iron obtained by other methods.

  43. A A, called the "yoke," is a block of annealed wrought iron about 18 in.

  44. Induction curves of an annealed soft-iron ring were taken first at a temperature of 15 deg.

  45. Fleming rightly regards it as not a little curious that for materials differing so much as this cast cobalt and soft annealed iron the hysteretic exponent should in both cases be so near to 1.

  46. Alchorne showed that gold alloyed with 1/37th part of tin is sufficiently ductile to be rolled and stamped into coin, provided the metal is not annealed at a high temperature.

  47. Such an alloy, when cast and allowed to cool slowly, is excessively brittle, but it can be tempered and annealed in a peculiar manner.

  48. After being flattened it is annealed and cut into pieces of about 6-1/2 grs.

  49. But before it can be polished it must first be annealed as rough plate.

  50. If it were not annealed it would not be strong, and would snap to pieces the moment it came in contact with the outer air.

  51. An annealed iron wire is equal in resistance to a copper wire of the same length when the iron has 7.

  52. Copper wire, both soft and hard, as regularly made, does not vary more than one per cent from the standard, and aluminum and annealed iron wires also show high uniformity as to resistance.

  53. Glass, however, cannot be annealed so that it will not fracture, although attempts have been made for years to find a means for doing it.

  54. You remember how we annealed the steel by gradually cooling it down?

  55. To find whether a piece of annealed steel can be hardened.

  56. One dozen assorted annealed iron wires, from 1 in.

  57. The most efficient machine was found to be one with a drum armature, the iron body of which consisted of very thin wire annealed with special care.

  58. A A is the main core of the transformer, composed of a ring of soft annealed and insulated or oxidized iron wire.

  59. This latter is then covered with a layer or layers of annealed and insulated iron wires C C, wound in a direction at right angles to the secondary coil.

  60. Upon the rim are wound several layers of fine, well annealed iron wire, which, when wound, is passed through shellac.

  61. Annealed steel is steel which has been softened without being decarbonized.

  62. To-day annealed steel is almost exclusively used for this purpose.

  63. The construction of a plain coil, such as would be suitable for ignition service, is about as follows: The core is made of soft annealed iron wires (No.

  64. In construction, the above core and pole piece is made up of sheets of annealed steel of two different widths assembled together to form proper size and shape.

  65. By wrapping the hot apparatus that is to be annealed closely in cotton wool, and leaving it there till quite cold.

  66. Each joint, especially those at JJ, must be annealed after it is blown.

  67. After forging, the projectiles shall be annealed at a temperature of at least 1,200 deg.

  68. These caps will be thoroughly annealed before being placed upon the projectiles and will be free from cracks and all other defects.

  69. The finished seal, which should be slightly annealed by smoking in a sooty flame, is shown by a2.

  70. The "blank" for the socket is now completed, but it must be heated to dull redness in order to relieve strain and be placed in an annealing oven, where it should be annealed for some hours.

  71. In either case, the article to be annealed should be laid on a clean, smooth, fireclay surface, the temperature should be maintained at a very dull red for two or three hours and then reduced steadily until the oven is cold.

  72. For the latter, take a piece of annealed wire, rather shorter than the specimen, wind with tow to the required size, and place in the skin.

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