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  1. A pyrometer in an annealing furnace would be an advantage where quantities of the softer metals such as zinc, aluminum, etc.

  2. Where only part annealing is required, the shell can be immersed in water, the part to be annealed being exposed above the water, and a blowpipe used on it.

  3. In running through a lot of shells, the common practice is to spin them all as far as possible without annealing, and after annealing the whole lot, to complete the spinning.

  4. In annealing zinc, the flame should not be allowed to touch the metal.

  5. Wood-turning Tools which are used in turning Spinning Chucks] Preparation of the Metal Brass, copper, and German silver should be pickled after annealing in order to get the scale or oxide from the surface.

  6. This way of annealing is sometimes necessary on a special shapes.

  7. The metal retains its heat until the job is finished, and this sometimes saves an annealing operation.

  8. Annealing The distance that metal can be drawn without annealing, can only be learned by experience.

  9. After annealing the shell it should be pickled to clean the oxide or scale from the surface; otherwise the metal will be pitted.

  10. Annealing is best accomplished in a wood or gas oven, where a forge fire is used.

  11. So, as you can readily see, an annealing kiln or oven must be arranged in such a way that it will allow the two surfaces to cool simultaneously.

  12. We regulate the oven according to what we are annealing in it.

  13. On each side of the great room were the annealing ovens, and down the center of the hall on a track moved a casting table which rolled along on wheels.

  14. In and out of the throng of moving workmen young boys, or carriers, swung along bearing to the annealing ovens on charred wooden trays or forks newly completed vases or pitchers.

  15. It goes into the annealing ovens right from this table and comes out all irregular--full of pits and imperfections.

  16. No matter how flat the casting table is, or how much care is taken, the surface of the glass after annealing is always bad.

  17. Dalton was, in a sense, a self-made man, having begun as stoker of one of the annealing furnaces when both he and the Works were young.

  18. The threads being immersed in the hot flame gases could only cool at the same rate as the gas, and it was not--and is not--clear to me that annealing of the threads can be avoided.

  19. Now annealing threads by a Bunsen makes them rotten.

  20. When the annealing is finished the side tube is bent as shown to serve as a handle when the time comes to mount the cathode.

  21. It is due neither to an effect of annealing (annealed threads are rotten), nor is it a skin effect, nor is it due to the cooling of the thread under higher capillary pressure.

  22. An old biscuit tin filled with asbestos in shreds, and an asbestos towel or cloth for annealing glass after removal from the flame.

  23. After annealing as for manganin it can be made into serviceable standards which do not change more than a few thousandths per cent.

  24. The annealing cannot be carried out in air, owing to the tendency to oxidation.

  25. All these alloys appear to require annealing at a red heat before their resistances are anything like constant.

  26. A box of quite dry sawdust is prepared in readiness for the process of annealing before the speculum is cast.

  27. Good annealing both with flame and asbestos is a sine qua non in all inserted work.

  28. As asbestos absorbs moisture, which would defeat its use as an annealing material, it must be dried if necessary.

  29. In all cases good annealing should follow this operation.

  30. The process of annealing may be considered successful if the disc does not fly to pieces in working; it is to be worked on the chilled side.

  31. Irregular diffraction fringes point to bad annealing of the glass.

  32. The shovel, then called stockle, marked H, was used to carry glass articles to the annealing oven, forks not being then in use.

  33. The construction of the annealing department shows two tiers of pans, the use of which must have been attended with great loss of materials.

  34. The tool M was used to carry flat articles to the annealing ovens.

  35. Illustration: Some Problems in Copper and Brass Work Made by Boys] Repeat the annealing and hammering until the desired shape is gotten.

  36. This process is known as water annealing and is a process used for tool steel when quick work is required.

  37. However, the last annealing should be done some time before the hammering is finished so that the last work on it will harden it sufficiently to prevent its bending when in use.

  38. As constant hammering hardens copper so that it ceases to respond to the blows, it is necessary to soften up the metal by annealing as the work goes on.

  39. You need one, you know, to put your metal in, at times, for annealing and soldering.

  40. As a rule, soda-glass will need more annealing than lead-glass.

  41. The "blank" for the socket is now completed, but it must be heated to dull redness in order to relieve strain and be placed in an annealing oven, where it should be annealed for some hours.

  42. For ordinary work, an annealing oven is not necessary, but one is described on page 60 in connection with the special cases where annealing is desirable.

  43. A thick article, or one having great irregularities in thickness will need much longer annealing than one thinner or more regular.

  44. Simple bulbs and joints do not even need this smoking; but thick articles, and especially those that are to be subjected to the stress of grinding, need more prolonged annealing in a special oven.

  45. This blank is now held in a pair of asbestos-covered tongs, heated to dull redness all over, and transferred to the annealing oven.

  46. The actual work of welding and cutting requires preliminary preparation in the form of heat treatment for the metals, including preheating, annealing and tempering.

  47. A Gaspipe Annealing Oven] Probably the simplest of all ovens for small tools is made by placing a piece of ordinary gas pipe in the fire (Figure 4), and heating until the inside of the pipe is bright red.

  48. In some cases annealing is used only to relieve the strains, this being the case after forging or welding operations have been performed.

  49. Zorzi had not put it into the annealing oven because it had been allowed to get quite cold, so that the annealing would have been imperfect.

  50. Giovanni moved a step forward and spoke directly to one of the men who had just dropped a finished glass into the bed of soft wood ashes, to be taken to the annealing oven.

  51. With a forked stick he took the beaker from the ashes and placed it in the annealing oven.

  52. He glanced at the furnace next, and recollected that the precious pieces Zorzi had made were in the annealing oven.

  53. A marvellous dish with upturned edge and ornamented foot was the next thing he made, and he placed it at once in the annealing oven.

  54. Take up one of the large flagstones behind the annealing oven, and dig a hole underneath it in the ground.

  55. Did you find some pieces of my work in the annealing oven?

  56. Giovanni went to the other end of the annealing oven, and came back a moment later carrying the iron tray on which stood the pieces Zorzi had made on the previous morning.

  57. The sunlight streamed through a window high above the floor and fell upon the arched back of the annealing oven, the window being so placed that the sun could never shine upon the working end and dazzle the workmen.

  58. Her father had given it to her as it came from the annealing oven, still warm after long hours of cooling with many others like it.

  59. When he judged that he had taken out more than half the contents, he took the iron box from the annealing oven.

  60. He would have set it in the annealing oven, but he wished to try the weight of it, and he let it cool.

  61. In the morning, if he drew the iron tray further down the annealing oven, the glass would be ready to be taken out, and Giovanni could take it if he pleased, for he knew whose it was.

  62. The annealing consists merely in letting down the temperature by degrees.

  63. The cylinders, in this state, are put into the annealing oven, where, by aid of a heat which raises the glass to redness, it is expanded into sheets.

  64. Illustration: Annealing Wire] And here it might be pointed out that John Spargo, Socialist and writer, offered a compromise resolution that was intended to satisfy all parties to the controversy.

  65. This is well exemplified in the heightened response after annealing (fig.

  66. When the two wires have been brought to exactly the same molecular condition by the processes of annealing or stretching, the effects obtained on subjecting A or B to any given stimulus are always equal (fig.

  67. Hence we may expect annealing to enhance responsiveness.

  68. That this beneficial effect of annealing was not due to any accidental circumstance will be seen from the fact that both wires have their sensitiveness equally enhanced.

  69. Defn: A name sometimes applied to the process of annealing metals.

  70. Defn: The fireplace at the side of an annealing oven.

  71. Glass Making) Defn: A sheet-iron cover for articles in a leer or annealing arch, to protect them from drafts.

  72. The finished bottle is taken by the "taker in" to the annealing furnace.

  73. The second system is especially used for annealing large and heavy objects.

  74. The heat passes from the melting furnace into the annealing kiln.

  75. The annealing process is therefore carried out in a manner differing essentially from that in use for any other variety of flat glass and nearly resembling that used for optical glass.

  76. At the end of the annealing process the glass issues in the shape of disks or slabs slightly larger than required by the optician in each case.

  77. From the annealing kiln the slabs of glass are transported to the cutting room, where they are cut square, defective slabs being rejected or cut down to smaller sizes.

  78. The bowl is severed from the blowing iron, and the wine-glass is sent to the annealing oven with a bowl, longer than that of the finished glass, and with a rough fractured edge.

  79. Before the glass is introduced, the annealing kiln is heated to dull red by means of coal fires in grates which are provided at the ends or sides of the kiln for that purpose.

  80. An ingenious and simple mode of annealing glass has been some time in use by chemists.

  81. In fact, the operation of annealing must be repeated every time the glass is melted.

  82. It is then placed, pot and all, in the annealing furnace, where it is kept nearly at a melting heat for three weeks or more, according to the size of the pot.

  83. The glass is then melted again, pressed into a flat disk, and once more put into the annealing oven.

  84. The annealing furnaces are of two forms according to the size of the sheets of brass.

  85. After annealing this riband, it is coiled into a spiral form, introduced immediately into a small matrass of a pear shape, an assay matrass, and about 500 grains of nitric acid, sp.

  86. Exterior to this, there is usually a drying kiln not shown in the figure; and there are adjoining stoves called arches, for drying and annealing the new pots before they are set.

  87. If copper alone forms the alloy, it must be dissolved and separated from the surface of each piece of coin, in the process of annealing and blanching.

  88. The annealing must now be made, after having separated the portion of water which had fallen into the crucible; and, lastly, the annealed gold must be weighed.

  89. A bottle-house has generally eight other furnaces or fire-arches; of which six are used for annealing the bottles after they are blown, and two for annealing the pots, before setting them in the furnace.

  90. The loose table or plate is lastly lifted up horizontally on a double pronged iron fork, introduced into the annealing arch fig.

  91. The oven is placed in immediate connection with the annealing arch, so that the tables may be readily and safely transferred from the former to the latter.

  92. The process is somewhat similar to that employed in annealing glass.

  93. This last-mentioned mode of producing button shanks and backs he prefers when such metals are employed as require annealing between the operations of shaping the backs and forming the shank.

  94. Forge for annealing the pieces of bronze; for drying the gilded pieces, &c.

  95. When a piece is to be gilded, after subjecting it to the preliminary operations of softening or annealing and brightening, it is rubbed with a moistened cork, dipped in the above powder, till the surface seems to be sufficiently gilded.

  96. He resumed his carrying in of the red-hot bottles from the benches where the men had been molding them, to the annealing oven, and for a time Hamilton watched him.

  97. Sitting where he was, Hamilton could see all the way to the annealing oven.

  98. In addition to this, the boys were compelled to face the furnace each time they came back, passing from the heat of the melting oven, in front of a draughty open door, to the heat of the annealing oven.

  99. Place upon the annealing tray, Figure 1, the circular piece of metal already cut, and apply the flame from the blow-pipe upon it until it becomes red hot.

  100. The change in glass which annealing is intended to prevent is known as devitrification.

  101. This is the reverse of annealing as understood in the art.

  102. A very important part of the novice's education is a knowledge pertaining to the annealing of metals.

  103. The tempering, or hardening, like the annealing process, may be repeated several times in succession, and at each successive heating the article is put at a higher temperature.

  104. In tempering, on the other hand, three things are also necessary: First: The heating temperature should be a dull red, which is less than the annealing heat.

  105. Annealing is one of the steps necessary with all cutting tools, and it is an absolute requirement with many metals for ordinary use, as well as for many other articles like glass.

  106. The hardening, tempering and annealing of steel, the chilling and annealing of cast iron, and the annealing of malleable cast iron are explained readily by the facts just set forth.

  107. The joint effect of such chilling and such annealing is to make the metal much harder than if slowly cooled, because for each 1% of graphite which the chilling suppresses, 15% of the glass-hard cementite is substituted.

  108. It is the standard work on Hardening, Tempering, and Annealing Steel of all kinds.

  109. It tells about the tempering of small watch springs, the hardening of cutlery, and the annealing of dies.

  110. If the spring is weak it may be strengthened in some cases by stretching it out after annealing so that a larger space will exist between the coils and re-hardening.

  111. Now a much more unique and artistic thing could be made by annealing the coin, and beating its surface flat on some firm, hard bed.

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