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  1. These are believed to be animated by a single divine spirit, which has been transmitted from the semi-mythical, but probably in substance historical, founder of the dynasty through all his successors to the present day.

  2. The old Alban dynasty of the Silvii or Woods, with their crown of oak leaves, apparently aped the style and emulated the powers of Latian Jupiter, who dwelt on the top of the Alban Mount.

  3. The reverence which the Shilluk pay to their king appears to arise chiefly from the conviction that he is a reincarnation of the spirit of Nyakang, the semi-divine hero who founded the dynasty and settled the tribe in their present territory.

  4. To meet and overthrow the power of that dynasty is the work now before all those who would prevent that consummation.

  5. Welcome or unwelcome, such decision is probably coming, and will soon be upon us, unless the power of the present political dynasty shall be met and overthrown.

  6. With the coming of a dynasty which endured for three centuries, we must sketch the relations, in Scotland, of Crown and Parliament till the days of the Covenant and the Revolution of 1688.

  7. The Celtic dynasty now held the most fertile district between Forth and Tweed, a district already English in blood and speech, the centre and focus of the English civilisation accepted by the Celtic kings.

  8. Scarcely half a century had elapsed between the moment when the XVIII's dynasty reached the height of its power under Amenôthes III.

  9. The days of the empire would have Harmhabî himself belonged to the XVIIIth dynasty, for he modelled the form of his cartouches on those of the Ahmesside Pharaohs: the XIXth dynasty began only, in all probability, with Ramses I.

  10. Egypt was maintaining, therefore, its ascendency, or at least appearing to maintain it in those regions where the kings of the XVIIIth dynasty had ruled after the campaigns of Thûtmosis I.

  11. The memory of his son overshadowed his own, and the series of the legitimate kings who formed the XXth dynasty did not include him.

  12. Wiedemann saw in this name the mention of a king of the XVIIIth dynasty not yet classified.

  13. This constituted the rise of a new dynasty on the ruins of the old--the last, however, which was able to retain the supremacy of Egypt over the Oriental world.

  14. The chapel was at Qurnah, a little to the north of the group of pyramids in which the Pharaohs of the XIth dynasty lay side by side with those of the XIIIth and XVIIth.

  15. Be that as it may, the XVIIIth dynasty drew to its close amid strife and quarreling, without our being able to discover the cause of its overthrow, or the name of the last of its sovereigns.

  16. The evidence of the existence of a similar feudal organisation from the time of the XVIIIth dynasty is furnished by a letter of Dushratta, King of Mitanni, where he relates to Amenôthes IV.

  17. Russian dominions; and Paul, fond, as most princes are, of military glory, promised himself that of restoring the Bourbon dynasty by force of arms.

  18. The name of the old dynasty must have brought with it great advantages.

  19. Both kinds of temple vary little, if at all, in plan from the time of the twelfth dynasty down to the Roman dominion.

  20. The interest in the dramatic romance of the dynasty was heightened by the well-known sympathy between the King and his youngest sister.

  21. Already the shadow of the ruin of the Stuart dynasty could be discerned outlined in the ferment of the times.

  22. Such was the personal appearance of Boabdil el Chico, the last of the Moorish dynasty in Spain.

  23. Such were the principal events of the last night of the Moorish dynasty in Granada.

  24. But in other respects they rather resembled the more knightly and energetic race by whom in Britain the Saxon dynasty was overturned:-- the Hellenes were the Normans of antiquity.

  25. They utter many complaints against the dynasty of Jove.

  26. It was, probably, during the energetic and politic rule of the dynasty of Pisistratus that efficient means were adopted to derive adequate advantage from so fertile a source of national wealth.

  27. Agamemnon, whose injuries he resents, is the monarch of the great Achaean race, whose dynasty and dominion the Dorians are destined to overthrow.

  28. In Egypt a great change had operated upon the ancient character; the splendid dynasty of the Pharaohs was no more.

  29. It seems to me apparent that almost simultaneously with deities of these two classes would arise the greater and more influential class of personal divinities which gradually expanded into the heroic dynasty of Olympus.

  30. Their dynasty never lasted long; the oldest tyranny in Greece endured but a hundred years [159]--so enduring only from its mildness.

  31. The fact that when Cavour was convinced that the Bourbon dynasty at Naples was about to fall, he tried to hasten its collapse by a few weeks or days, was made the most of by his enemies as an example of base duplicity.

  32. There was, indeed, one state in which, though the dynasty was Austrian, the government was conducted without ferocity and without scandal.

  33. The King, however, and General Menabrea, who was finally admitted into the conspiracy, could not be blind to the fact that an unpopular war might create so great an agitation in the country that the dynasty itself would be in danger.

  34. She was here interrupted by the twitching of the table-napkin from her head by her body-woman, who had advanced upon her from the rear, with the reigning member of the dynasty of purple velvet bonnets in her hand.

  35. He was called to the throne by acclamation, on the death of Fedor, the last of the dynasty of Ruric.

  36. But for the disparity in prudence, the dynasty upon the English throne would probably have been reversed.

  37. He rose from the humble rank of a sergeant in the army, to the highest rank under Bonaparte; and in 1810 founded a new dynasty in Sweden.

  38. On the defeat of his house in the east, he subdued Spain and founded a dynasty which continued 300 years.

  39. It would be taken as a bad omen, and until the dynasty has been more firmly established, public opinion must be considered before everything else.

  40. In those days the Ramonyi dynasty had seemed as firmly seated upon the throne as that of any other ruling family in Europe.

  41. After struggling with what at one time appeared to be insurmountable difficulties, we have at last succeeded in replacing the Ramonyi dynasty upon the throne.

  42. Next morning it was rumoured in the camp that I, Prince Paul, had returned to Pannonia, that the Republic was no more, and that the Ramonyi dynasty had come to its own again.

  43. And had not the latter, as soon as the Ramonyi dynasty was overthrown, stepped into the breach and attempted to seize the throne for himself?

  44. With the advent of the Bourbon dynasty a new element entered into the political organization of Spain.

  45. It is not till many centuries after the Sixth Egyptian Dynasty had passed away that we come upon fresh evidence of the connection between the two countries.

  46. Petrie's date for the First Dynasty be adopted, or from about 3400 B.

  47. The conquering Dynasty had been succeeded by the Eighteenth, the Dynasty of Queen Hatshepsut, Tahutmes III.

  48. Over the seas, the Egyptians of the Eighteenth Dynasty were setting down on their tomb walls those likenesses of the Keftiu which have helped us to the date of this last development of Minoan greatness.

  49. The Twelfth Dynasty is placed by Professor Petrie at about 3400 B.

  50. The fact that the seals of this period show motives derived from the Egyptian Sixth Dynasty 'button-seals' suggests that Early Minoan III.

  51. Egyptian art, a fact which may be explained by the consideration that from the end of the Sixth Dynasty to the establishment of the Eleventh, Egypt appears to have been passing through a time of great confusion.

  52. Coming farther down, we know also that Sahura of the Fifth Dynasty sent a fleet down the Red Sea as far as Punt or Somaliland.

  53. But the rise of the Twelfth Dynasty in Egypt marked the beginning of a more stable state of affairs in the Nile Valley, and in this period, which corresponds with Dr.

  54. This catastrophe took place in the reign of Aboonirin, twentieth sovereign of the Dynasty of Molonekin--three thousand years after the reign of Barrahneil.

  55. The blood of Ahab and his wife was to be licked up by dogs, their dynasty to be overthrown, and their whole house destroyed.

  56. Thus ended the dynasty of David, in the year 588 B.

  57. Lorenzo had believed that, backed by the Pope's influence, Francesco would establish for himself a dynasty in Romagna.

  58. With him the Valois dynasty came to an end.

  59. What else was the founder of any dynasty but a high-flying adventurer--or a brigand-chief, if the melodramatic term is more captivating to your fancy?

  60. Their restoration to the Church--however much it might be a means of founding a Borgia dynasty in the Romagna--made for the greater power and glory of the Holy See.

  61. I never dreamed that I was being thus misled, or that Markoff was acting with such cunning and unscrupulousness against the interests of the dynasty and the nation.

  62. The technical mastery of landscape painting had been achieved late in the T'ang dynasty when the problems of perspective, placement, and vantage point were solved.

  63. Proceed we now to give such few particulars of the dynasty and life of this imperially descended exile as space permits.

  64. The dynasty that he founded was not long-lived.

  65. In the confused years which followed, he managed with the aid of plundering bands to form a kingdom on the ruins of the Nanda dynasty in Magadha or Behar (321 B.

  66. The commencement of the reign of Ala-ud-din, the founder of the Bahmani dynasty in the Deccan, is assigned to 1347.

  67. Gupta dynasty and empire (see GUPTA), the most extensive since the days of Asoka.

  68. An Afghan of the Lodi dynasty was on the throne of Delhi, and another Afghan king was ruling over Bengal.

  69. The Buddhist dynasty of Chandragupta profoundly modified the religion of northern India from the east; the Seleucid empire, with its Bactrian and later offshoots, deeply influenced the science and art of Hindustan from the west.

  70. Asoka's time the kingdom was independent, but no early records survive, the Inscriptions of the dynasty being of late date, while the long lists of kings in Tamil literature are untrustworthy.

  71. Andhra dynasty of the Satavahanas, whose power, originating in the deltas of the Godavari and Kistna rivers, by A.

  72. The Tughlak dynasty lasted for about seventy years, until it was swept away by the invasion of Timur, the fourth Mahommedan conqueror of India, in 1398.

  73. All real power passed into the hands of the peshwa, or Brahman minister, who founded in his turn an hereditary dynasty at Poona, dating from the beginning of the 18th century.

  74. Chola country was visited by Hsuan Tsang, but the country at that time was desolate, and the dynasty of small importance.

  75. Most of the Deccan was ruled by the Chalukya dynasty from early in the 6th century, and the style prevailing over this area, from the Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers to the Tapti and Mahanadi, may be styled, from them, as Chalukyan.

  76. Records begin towards the end of the 12th century, and the dynasty can be traced from then till the middle of the 16th century.

  77. Chalukya stock, who founded a second dynasty known as the Chalukyas of Kalyani, which lasted like its predecessor for about two centuries and a quarter.

  78. The last of the Bhonslas, a dynasty older than the British government itself, died without a son, natural or adopted, in 1853.

  79. The dynasty which force had given to the French people was not fitted for it; the Bourbons neither associated with the national sentiments nor manners; France has therefore separated herself from them; her voice called for a liberator.

  80. Thus despotism may be the offspring of a republic; and liberty, the gift of a dynasty which has reigned for ages by right divine.

  81. The text is written in a small, very black, but neat hand, and may be assigned to a time between the XXVIth Dynasty and the Ptolemaic Period.

  82. These extracts are peculiarly valuable, for they prove that the legend of Osiris which was current under the XVIIIth Dynasty was based upon traditions which were universally accepted in Egypt under the Vth and VIth Dynasties.

  83. The king who reigned over Egypt was Ra, the Sun-god, who was not, however, the first of the Dynasty of Gods who ruled the land.

  84. For it was as difficult to count up all the benefactions of the Alexandrine kings, as it was impossible to find a single act of friendship done by the dynasty of Antiochus to the Achaeans.

  85. The dynasty lasted until the time of the Mithridatic wars.

  86. But seeing clearly that money is ever the support on which every dynasty rests, and having a clear head and the instincts of a ruler, he took measures to prevent the introduction into the town of money from outside.

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