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  1. This chronograph consisted of a cylinder 1 metre in circumference and 0.

  2. In the Bashforth chronograph a platform, arranged to descend slowly alongside of a vertical rotating cylinder, carries two markers, controlled by electromagnets, which describe a double spiral on the prepared surface of the cylinder.

  3. By means of an instrument known as a disjunctor the instrumental time-loss or latency of the chronograph is determined.

  4. The observatory of Washburn, University of Wisconsin, is furnished with a chronograph of the same type as that of Dent (Annals Harvard Coll.

  5. In the photo-chronograph described in Untersuchungen ueber die Vibration des Gewehrlaufs, by C.

  6. In the chronograph of Marcel Deprez, a cylinder for receiving records is driven at a high velocity, 4 to 5 metres per second surface velocity.

  7. In a second chronograph by Watkin ("Chronographs and their Application to Gun Ballistics," Proc.

  8. This chronograph has been used for finding the velocity of projectiles after leaving the gun, and also for finding the rate at which a shot traverses the bore.

  9. In many respects the instrument is similar to the electro-ballistic chronograph of Navez.

  10. The swing of the pendulum is an original rhythm, but the regular excursion of the chronograph pen, being caused by the swing of the pendulum, is an imposed rhythm.

  11. Formulae of the calculus of finite differences enable us from the chronograph records to infer the velocity and retardation of the shot, and thence the resistance of the air.

  12. Note when the ten minutes preparatory flag for your own race is hoisted; you will then be the better prepared to start your chronograph at the first gun.

  13. In the particular case of observing the transit of a star, most people will record it on a chronograph from one to three tenths of a second after it happens.

  14. The cable from Hong Kong lands at a point about one hundred and twenty miles from Manila, and the writer was directed to proceed thither, with a chronometer and chronograph for the purpose of transmitting time signals.

  15. The observer provides himself with a list of desirable stars, and setting his instrument on those he may choose, records the time at which they pass each of the spider lines, by tapping his chronograph key.

  16. This was a warning signal, and the observer at the second station with his eye on the light, tapped his chronograph key in the same way making a series of marks, which indicated the beginning of the comparison.

  17. This is an instrument in which an artificial star is made to record its own transit over the wires of a reticle, while the observer records the same with a chronograph key.

  18. The instant he observes the star crossing the spider line which represents the meridian, he taps his key, thus registering the time on his own chronograph and on that at station B and this operation he repeats with as many stars as necessary.

  19. On B's recorder it is registered as a deflection like the ordinary dot or dash, at the same instant is recorded on A's chronograph the time of sending.

  20. Then the connections were reversed and both chronometers allowed to beat for five minutes on the chronograph at the first station.

  21. B has his instrument set for the first star, and when it crosses his meridian, he taps his key marking the time on his own chronograph and also on A's.

  22. The expedition was at first provided with a substitute for the chronograph in the shape of the old fashioned Morse telegraph register.

  23. This pen is deflected through the agency of an electromagnet every second, and thus the seconds of the clock are recorded on the chronograph by offsets from the spiral curve.

  24. The peculiar feature of the chronograph is its second hand, which is double, consisting of two distinct hands,--the one lying over the other.

  25. The mode of operating with the chronograph at a race has been thus described.

  26. The chronograph is held firmly in the left hand of the operator, who watches the starters, but need not trouble himself to keep at the same time an eye upon the dial.

  27. As he inspects the record of these observations which has gone upon the chronograph sheet along with the clock beats he is able to determine, after proper calculations, how his clock stands.

  28. The two instruments are worked simultaneously; the chronograph checking the time allowed for each exposure and summing all the times.

  29. A chronograph is held in the other hand, whose index begins to travel the moment the finger presses a spring, and stops instantly on lifting the finger.

  30. There was no disturbance occasioned by thinking of the forthcoming revulsion of the mind the moment before the chronograph was stopped.

  31. When the two ideas had occurred, I stopped the chronograph and wrote them down, and the time they occupied.

  32. The chronograph Barrel-Apparatus for the American method of transits had been practically brought into use: "I have only to add that this apparatus is now generally efficient.

  33. I have since introduced the same principle in the Chronograph Barrel and the Great Equatoreal at Greenwich: I consider it important.

  34. In other words, the circuit-breakers can be operated so fast that when only a sixtieth of a second intervenes between the action of one and that of the next the chronograph can duly record the fact.

  35. The records of the chronograph can be made in two ways: one by a pen on a piece of paper tape, and the other by a scratch on a piece of smoked paper.

  36. When the two reflections are aligned, a "coincidence" is marked on the chronograph tape.

  37. The operation of the shutter is controlled by a chronograph (not shown), so that it emits a slit of light at regular intervals.

  38. The saving of time and labor by the printing chronograph is very considerable and the filing of the records very convenient.

  39. This chronograph is designed to meet the demand for a medium sized, well-made and accurate instrument of this kind and has given very good satisfaction.

  40. Hough has kindly consented to inspect every chronograph before it leaves our shop.

  41. The observer soon sees the comet entering his field, and by pressing the contact button he telegraphs to the chronograph the time when the comet is exactly bisected by each of the bars successively.

  42. Beyond the Chronograph Room a door opens on to the North Terrace, over which is seen the great north window of the Octagon Room.

  43. Above the Chronograph Room is a little, inconveniently-placed dome, containing a small equatorially-mounted telescope, known as the Shuckburgh.

  44. The paper cover of the chronograph after an hour's work shows a spiral trace of little dots encircling it some thirty times.

  45. Or, much more conveniently, each observer may independently determine the error of his own clock, and then bring his clock into the current, so that it may send a signal to the chronograph of the other station.

  46. Close by the door of the Chronograph Room a great wooden staircase rises to the roof of the main building.

  47. If, therefore, the comparison of the transit taps on the chronograph with the taps of the sidereal clock show that the clock was not indicating this time at the instant of the transit, we know the clock must be so much fast or slow.

  48. The contacts were finally made three inches long and placed only every three feet along the track, but just as these contacts were completed and placed in position the clock-work of the chronograph itself became deranged.

  49. A compression spring was interposed between the disc and the drum, and the outside of the drum was so arranged that a strip of paper could be wound around and fastened to it which would serve as a chronograph sheet.

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