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Example sentences for "hesitate"

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hese; hesitance; hesitancy; hesitant; hesitantly; hesitated; hesitates; hesitating; hesitatingly; hesitation
  1. In that sanctuary, however, he did not hesitate to declare that he was the commander.

  2. But Washington did not hesitate a moment to cut this Gordian knot.

  3. Europe would hesitate over accepting the Doncaster coronet--as if a nameless Montolieu could doubt for a moment her own delight at being created Marchioness of Goodwood!

  4. What causes me to hesitate is this: my name is unfamiliar to your citizens.

  5. I trust you will not hesitate to call upon me if I can be of any use to you, ma'am--a message will bring me here without a moment's delay.

  6. Therefore I do not hesitate to say that I consider you a damned scoundrel!

  7. Shall we hesitate to go forward with the work?

  8. Nor do they who are sent hesitate in accomplishing that which is laid upon them, confident as they are in the strength of the power of him who sends them.

  9. If you would have liberty subsist do not hesitate because of specious arguments which will be presented to you by those who, if they reflect, will recognize the purity of our intentions and the resultant advantages of our plans.

  10. Why should Beaufort hesitate to accept Lord Lindores's invitation, and ask to be received into a much humbler house, if there had been no stringent reason for such a preference?

  11. He remembered how she had positively stated that there were to be guests at the Stanhopes, and he did not hesitate to accuse her of deceit.

  12. He could not hesitate on account of his youth, and yet, be quite assured that he was not too young.

  13. He was giving an exhibition on Prince Edward's Island, not far from the sea, but on a day so calm that he did not hesitate to ascend.

  14. Under these circumstances we need not hesitate to assure them that if they will but persevere, this feeling of fatigue will pass off, and a sense of enjoyment and lightness take its place.

  15. I know nothing as to Mark’s medical history, but I should not hesitate to affirm that he did not suffer from a disordered liver.

  16. There is no surer sign of neurasthenia than when a man who has always been a ready speaker, begins to hesitate for words in which to express himself.

  17. It is not that I doubt you, Dunham, that I hesitate to reveal all I may happen to know; but from a strong reluctance to circulate an evil report concerning one of whom I have hitherto thought well.

  18. Except a few words, he said, the words used in it were such as he would not hesitate to use in an original poem of his own.

  19. Let us add, that the pirates conscientiously abused the liberty conceded them, and did not hesitate to indulge in the most extraordinary caprices, which we had better pass over in silence.

  20. The General seemed to hesitate for some minutes, then, suddenly forming a determination, he rang a bell.

  21. Still, we have seen that he did not hesitate to plunder the very persons whom his duty obliged him to protect against all annoyance.

  22. Certain that the General would not hesitate to execute the threat he had made them, the merchants did not know how to get out of the scrape.

  23. If she is still in the office on Saturday I shall not hesitate to take her to task for her double-dealing.

  24. I shall say nothing of her in my letter to Mabel, except that I delivered the invitation, but when we go to Mabel's for Thanksgiving if she asks for an explanation of certain things I shall not hesitate to give it.

  25. If you knew, to-morrow, of something that would be to her advantage to know, you wouldn't hesitate to tell her.

  26. If necessary, I would not hesitate to take out a boat in spite of the risk I might run; but we will not make the attempt for the present.

  27. My good friend, don't hesitate to follow his suggestion.

  28. I scarcely hesitate to affirm, that there must be in the whole archipelago at least two thousand craters.

  29. We will not hesitate to take the actions needed to protect the integrity of the American dollar.

  30. If we have a serious shortage, I will not hesitate to impose mandatory gasoline rationing immediately.

  31. About this period, he did not hesitate to avow to the ablest of his counsellors, Talleyrand and Fouché, the resolution he had formed, that the Spanish race of the House of Bourbon should cease to reign.

  32. Napoleon, on his part, did not hesitate to accept the title of Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine.

  33. I believe I am something of a precisian myself, but upon such a consideration, and in Paris, I should not hesitate an instant.

  34. I thought I heard a cry," began the Doctor, "and fearing you might be unwell I did not hesitate to offer this intrusion.

  35. Francis did not hesitate a moment; he took the room, paid an advance upon the rent, and returned to his hotel to seek his baggage.

  36. But I don't hesitate to proclaim it--I mean to lift them again!

  37. I hesitate to recommend myself out and out for the office," he said, "but I believe that if you were to depend upon me for anything that a friend may do, I should not be found wanting.

  38. And he began to hesitate for an explanation.

  39. I won't hesitate to say all my thought," said Rowland.

  40. He showed no jealousy of a rival, and was always ready to recognise merit in others; nor did he hesitate to acknowledge any error of his own when more recent discoveries proved that he was wrong.

  41. It was insinuated by Fuccarius that Galileo had seen the telescope at Venice, but, as he denied this, we should not hesitate to believe in his veracity.

  42. Few among English astronomers will hesitate to rank him next with the illustrious Newton, and all will agree with Herschel, who called him 'the pride and the boast of British Astronomy.

  43. You see that, having forsworn himself to his country, he did not hesitate to send a false despatch, to mislead the Southern people and cover up his mortifying defeat.

  44. It is possible to hold an opinion quite honestly, and yet to hesitate about dying for it.

  45. They know no evil of Job, but they do not hesitate now to convert conjecture into certainty, and specify in detail the particular crimes which he must have committed.

  46. Individuals did not hesitate to ascribe to themselves the infallibility which they denied to the Church.

  47. Mr. Barton was one of those true Christians, who do not hesitate at performing their duty, even when it jars with their feelings.

  48. Moreover, it is a list that is periodically increased by the addition of new names, as occasion offers, for the Parisian authorities never hesitate to rechristen a street or a portion of a street, regardless of former associations.

  49. Professor Thompson does not hesitate to declare that we now "know more about 'electric fluid' than we know about such fluids as air or water.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hesitate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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