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Example sentences for "hesitated"

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hesitance; hesitancy; hesitant; hesitantly; hesitate; hesitates; hesitating; hesitatingly; hesitation; hesitations
  1. She wrote that her parents had not hesitated a moment to give their consent.

  2. Ida hesitated a moment, because Peg had forbidden her to use the name of Harding, and had told her, if ever the inquiry were made, she must answer Hardwick.

  3. I hesitated this morning whether to come here, or to carry Ida to her mother, trusting to her to repay from gratitude what I demand from you because it is for your interest to comply with my request.

  4. He hung back, and hesitated about going in.

  5. The villain hesitated but a moment, then springing to his feet, he hastily made off, under cover of the darkness.

  6. Brower went through this ordeal serenely enough, and never hesitated to expose himself again.

  7. Its front limbs, my father says, seem as if nature had hesitated between wings and arms.

  8. I hesitated to repress this outbreak as it deserved, till Eunané's bitter mortification was evident in her brightening colour and the doubtful, half-appealing glance of tearful eyes.

  9. She still hesitated and faltered, till I began to fancy that her wish must have a much graver import than I at first supposed.

  10. While I hesitated to reply, gathering up as well as I could the thread of these thoughts as they passed in a few seconds through my mind, my left hand touched an object hidden in my bride's zone.

  11. He hesitated a little, the sham benevolence dying out of his face, and the angry look of baffled cunning taking its place.

  12. Our neighbours--we had neighbours in all directions at two or three miles' distance--for some time hesitated to call.

  13. Toby would have hesitated before meeting his angry employer but that he knew it would only make matters worse for him when he did show himself, and he mentally braced himself for the trouble which he knew was coming.

  14. He dug a grave under a little fir-tree near by, and lined it with wild flowers and leaves, and even then hesitated to cover the body with the earth.

  15. Dunk looked around quickly when the group appeared over the little ridge, scowled, hesitated and then came straight up to them.

  16. The Happy Family hesitated and glanced at one another.

  17. For years he had hated Dunk Whittaker-- The Happy Family, with rare good sense, had not hesitated to turn the white house into an impromptu hospital.

  18. The man hesitated a minute, then sullenly unhooked the barbs of the two lower strands, so that the wires, which had thus been lifted to permit the passing of the sheep, twanged apart and once more stretched straight from post to post.

  19. She hesitated a moment, and then, to my surprise, arose quite calmly, went to her desk, and came back with a photograph in her hand.

  20. He hesitated slightly, and then asked, 'Did you deliver up your find?

  21. It was a very mild copy of the principle which the Dutch had formerly applied to the Huguenots and which the United States has never hesitated to apply to subject races such as the French in Louisiana or the Spaniards and Mexicans elsewhere.

  22. Later on she hesitated for some time in giving her assent to his recall, and short of precipitating a Cabinet crisis did refuse.

  23. He hesitated now whether he should attack any of them; it seemed rather rash as they were six and he was only one.

  24. They hesitated for some time whether they should put out, but all agreed that it would be too dangerous.

  25. They hesitated to obey, and desired time to consider of it.

  26. Cranmer alone hesitated during some time, but at last yielded to the earnest and pathetic entreaties of the king.

  27. Yes--but--" He hesitated as if uncertain what to say.

  28. On seeing the senator talking with his father, he hesitated on the threshold.

  29. She hesitated for a moment and then replied quickly: "No, we are stopping down on Long Island for the Summer--at a cute little place called Massapequa.

  30. In truth, Pompe had an inveterate hatred of Blowers, and under the incitement would not have hesitated to stake his life in defence of the fair woman.

  31. The suddenness with which they embarked served to confuse and dispel all traces of recognition; and even the stranger, as they advanced toward him, hesitated ere he greeted Annette and extended his hand.

  32. He hesitated as the young man advanced, took Marston by the hand, nervously, led him aside, whispered something in his ear.

  33. She hesitated to reproach Marston with the bad effect of his life, but resolved on endeavouring to enlist Clotilda's confidence, and learn how far her degraded condition affected her feelings.

  34. Maxwell hesitated for a few moments, looked silently upon the scene.

  35. Harry hesitated for a moment, watched master's countenance doubtingly, as if questioning the singular command.

  36. Maxwell hesitated for a moment, as if contemplating some plan for her escape, ran his fingers through his hair again and again, then rested his forehead in his hand, as the perspiration stood in heavy drops upon it.

  37. Roger hesitated for a moment, and then answered, 'He'd give Felix such a thrashing as no man ever had before.

  38. He had no pity for his tenants in regard to game, but he hesitated much as to raising their rent.

  39. Mr Broune hesitated before he replied to this question.

  40. The financier hesitated for a moment, but did give the baronet the cheque as promised.

  41. But even the leading members of the Beargarden hesitated when the proposition was submitted to them with all its honours and all its responsibilities.

  42. When this was accomplished he hesitated as to the manner in which he would pass his day.

  43. The young priest had not hesitated to accept his neighbour's hospitality, having on one occasion laughingly protested that he should be delighted to dine at Carbury, as he was much in want of a dinner.

  44. When you tell me that you are absolutely in want of money to pay your own bills, and that he has not hesitated to take yours from you!

  45. She had not hesitated in declaring her purpose; and that purpose, together with the means of carrying it out, had not appeared to them to be unreasonable.

  46. For a moment the other hesitated and shrugged in evident embarrassment.

  47. Craven also felt sure that had he been aware of the circumstances Peters would not have hesitated to oppose his marriage.

  48. The pleasant voice hesitated and dropped to a lower, more serious note.

  49. But while she hesitated in an agony of self-consciousness Mouston precipitated the inevitable by dashing on ahead down, the stairs and plunging into the bearskin hearthrug, ploughing the thick fur with his muzzle and sneezing wildly.

  50. Even a liberal constructionist might have hesitated as to its constitutionality.

  51. Judge Peters, of the United States District Court, hesitated to enforce this decree against Pennsylvania, wishing to obtain the sanction of the Supreme Court of the United States.

  52. He hesitated a minute before he called Marge.

  53. He hesitated a moment, then asked gravely: "Would you tell us how you kill a Red, sir?

  54. Judith, now on the pavement by St. Paul's, hesitated a moment.

  55. At this, Griffith's face wore an expression of agony so horrible that Ryder hesitated in her course.

  56. Perhaps it was Charles Stuart the gentleman who hesitated to receive money in return for solemn promises which he did not intend to keep!

  57. When Parliament halted and hesitated at the last about the trial of the King, it was the iron hand of Cromwell which strangled opposition, by placing a body of troops at the door, and excluding 140 doubtful members.

  58. In fact we wonder that, with her imperious temper, she so long hesitated to strike the fatal blow.

  59. He has never hesitated to throw his gauntlet in the face of the public as he threw his letters of introduction in the fire when he arrived in Europe.

  60. As I signed my name on the salary list I hesitated perceptibly and he laughingly said: "Don't you know your own name?

  61. The girl hesitated an instant; she was conscious that she must choose between two risks.

  62. Fleda hesitated a moment; after which she exclaimed with a certain hard pride: "He's enough in love with me for anything!

  63. Fleda had another wonder, which she hesitated to express: it would scarcely do to ask Mrs. Gereth if she hadn't stood in fear of her servants.

  64. This decoration was rather new and quite fresh; and there was in the centre of the ceiling a big square beam papered over in white, as to which Fleda hesitated about venturing to remark that it was rather picturesque.

  65. Fleda, with a bright face, hesitated a moment.

  66. All would be made clear, and yet she hesitated and trembled at the coming decision as though sentence of death were about to be passed on her.

  67. Her blooming colour had faded, had changed to a deep pallor, but she neither trembled nor hesitated as she uttered a low half-stifled "No.

  68. The husband hesitated to render his wife a service which he would have done to any stranger; and that which a stranger, under the circumstances, would have at once accepted, the wife felt averse to receiving from her husband.

  69. Eugenie hesitated a few seconds, but her fearless nature and the thought of his former hostile tone turned the scale against him.

  70. Arthur still hesitated for one second, but had she not almost asked for forgiveness?

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