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Example sentences for "hesitations"

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hesitated; hesitates; hesitating; hesitatingly; hesitation; hesna; hest; heste; hestes; het
  1. Hervart felt all his absurd hesitations melt away within him.

  2. And so presently, to gain time for these hesitations of his, he began to talk of other things.

  3. I became a prey to wretched hesitations and diffidence.

  4. So much of her and so little of her had at length made an end of all the prudent hesitations that lay under the crisp pie-crust of that starched and dazzling shirt front.

  5. His hesitations saved him, and won France a master in her long roll of fame.

  6. How far it had carried her it was not possible to say; but here were the hesitations and doubts back again.

  7. Out of a tangle of hesitations and doubts she had plunged into her wild adventure.

  8. It is even more certain that the compact of Trachenberg also helped to end the hesitations of Austria.

  9. Bernadotte's hesitations were finally overcome by the news that Bl├╝cher was marching south towards Leipzig.

  10. For a time the hesitations of Prussia were ended by Napoleon's violation of Ansbach, and by Alexander's frank explanations at Potsdam; but meanwhile the delays caused by Prussia's suspicions had marred the Austrian plans.

  11. The way to come to a settlement of all their doubts and hesitations is to follow Him.

  12. The simplicity and symmetry of his sentences, the modulations of his thrilling voice, the radiance of his fine face, even his slight hesitations and pauses over his manuscript, lent a strange charm to his speech.

  13. Even in regard to slavery he had serious hesitations about the ways of the abolitionists, and for a long time refused to be identified with them.

  14. Between maidenly hesitations and many promptings she retold the story--the new girls had never heard it, and to the old girls it was always new.

  15. All that afternoon, mixed in with his promptings and hesitations and travail of spirit, had loomed large, the fair, plump features of his fancied rival.

  16. I am quite ready to respect another man's faith; but it is too much to ask that I should respect his doubt, his worldly hesitations and fictions, his political bargain and make-believe.

  17. I will not needlessly complicate this question by urging at length that environment also is open to some of the objections and hesitations which paralyze the employment of heredity.

  18. Here and there I detected hesitations and repetitions, which I have purposely passed over.

  19. How do we know," says the philosopher, "what accidents may happen, or what doubts and hesitations may yet turn up?

  20. There is reason to believe, also, that the administration of the fur company had not been entirely satisfactory, so that there were well-founded hesitations with regard to the renewal of its franchise.

  21. Tardily, too tardily, Congress entered upon the work; and then began hesitations of another character.

  22. But any doubts or hesitations as to the right attitude of Rome towards Piedmont at this crisis were put an end to by Mazzini.

  23. In her intense sympathy for Wilkinson she knew how to account for all his hesitations and delays.

  24. That uncompromising attitude was more dignified than the hesitations of weaker natures.

  25. If Fairfax had yet any hesitations about complying, they must have been ended by what occurred in Parliament immediately afterwards.

  26. Whatever hesitations the printer may have had, Milton had none.

  27. Chiefly by his means, the King's hesitations were at length overcome.

  28. The Lords were too busy, or had hesitations in favour of a rival Version by a Mr. William Barton, so that their concurrence was withheld; but that was not the fault of the Assembly.

  29. But about this time he felt the need of turning to St. Clara and Brother Silvestro for counsel on the subject of the doubts and hesitations which assailed him; their reply restored to him peace and joy.

  30. Yet his doubts and hesitations were not entirely dissipated.

  31. As addressed to Joseph, tortured with doubts of Mary and hesitations as to his duty, the sequence of the two things is beautifully appropriate, otherwise it is monstrous.

  32. Hesitations and agonising doubts of his betrothed's purity had vanished with the night, and, instead of the dread that her child would be the offspring of shame, had come a divinely given certainty that it was 'a holy thing.

  33. With all doubts and hesitations I'm perfectly convinced of one great factor in human life--the necessity to follow the impulse which lies deeper than any reason.

  34. All those years at Oxford of dreams and hesitations had let him store up within himself a very fury of love.

  35. My hesitations and doubts, my fantastic raptures and despair, my loss of the power to appreciate anything at its right value, revealed the madness of loving a princess.

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