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Example sentences for "hesitates"

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hesitancy; hesitant; hesitantly; hesitate; hesitated; hesitating; hesitatingly; hesitation; hesitations; hesna
  1. Half the world hesitates between the song on Marlborough and the history of England, as they do between popular tradition and history as concerning Charles IX.

  2. One hesitates to advance; a feeling comes over you that you are become infinitesimally small and as easy to crush as an insect.

  3. She laid her hand on his arm and he fumbled irresolutely with his hat; she smiled confidently, knowing well that he who hesitates with a woman is lost.

  4. Ballard, dropping his eyes unaccountably, hesitates long over his selection of a fresh weed.

  5. A similar censure could be spoken regarding the adventure in the tavern,[77] where the author hesitates on the edge of grossness.

  6. In the Erfurtische gelehrte Zeitung,[73] in the very house of its own publication, the novel is treated in a long review which hesitates between an acknowledged lack of comprehension and indignant denunciation.

  7. If the Oligarchy hesitates at nothing to serve its selfish ends, it simply acts in harmony with Slavery, from which it draws its life-blood.

  8. Whoever hesitates for a second perhaps allows the bait to escape which during that exact second fortune held out to him.

  9. If Monsieur Aramis hesitates to come," he said, "tell him I am from Tours.

  10. The next twenty years are of such disgrace and national weakness that the historian hesitates to write about them.

  11. The beauty and spirit of much of the earlier inlay have been impaired by restoration, but the whole effect is unique, and on so vast a scale that one hesitates to criticize it just as one hesitates to criticize the windows at Gouda.

  12. His sermons are of a practical type; he believes largely in telling people what he thinks; and never hesitates to hit rich and poor alike in his discourses.

  13. The grub that has bitten into the honeyed prey draws back in disgust, hesitates a long time and then, urged by hunger, begins again, tries this side and that and ends by refusing to touch the dish.

  14. See how the great master of evolution hesitates and stammers when he tries, by fair means or foul, to fit instinct into the mould of his formulae.

  15. On his deathbed, he sends for this favourite daughter, who wishes to come, and hesitates for a quarter of an hour between doing so, and going to a ball at which it has been for the last month her chief ambition to be seen.

  16. No one hesitates to declare that if is want of self-respect and morality which brings wrong results outside of marriage, but it is also the want of them which begets evil inside the marriage relation.

  17. He hesitates at no weariness for her sake.

  18. I know his good nature, but if he hesitates you must intercede, or help me some way or other.

  19. Delacour assures me that she is perfectly out of all danger: but hesitates about acquainting her of my arrival these three or four days.

  20. When JOHAN hesitates and does not answer, she says sharply] Johan!

  21. The woman who hesitates to incur a debt which she ought not to incur, is lost.

  22. The beauty hesitates to say it, when a rich blockhead offers her his hand, because she has set her ambition on an "establishment.

  23. A stranger naturally hesitates to generalize on the truth of such a criticism, though marking individual illustrations.

  24. One hesitates whether to lay stress upon the ignorance or the folly of sentences like these.

  25. But if you should be seen--be marked," hesitates Dora faintly.

  26. I say that the man who now hesitates is guilty.

  27. Uncertainties beset one at the outset; the road one has to follow is found to be perilous and obscure, and one hesitates and postpones; one feels himself a home-body and is afraid of engaging too deeply and of going too far.

  28. Perhaps he hesitates to pull the bell; perhaps he seizes it negligently, precipitately, familiarly, or like a man who is quite sure of himself.

  29. I returned to my room where I found my husband looking as foolish as--" She hesitates and then resumes: "As a miller just made a bishop.

  30. No reader less dull than a clod can remain unreverent and unthrilled in the presence of that magnificent poem which one hesitates to say is surpassed by either Homer or Dante, the Book of Job.

  31. It is a theme so high that sages could not leave it unpraised; while there is never a penny-a-liner so poor or so mean that he hesitates to write his essay upon the sublime and beautiful art.

  32. Eileen steps down mechanically, then hesitates as if not knowing where to turn, her anguished eyes flitting from one group to another.

  33. Uncertain, trembling with fright, she hesitates a second; then darts to the side of the road and crouches down in the shadow.

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