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Example sentences for "demur"

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demoralizing; demotic; demselves; demulcent; demum; demure; demurely; demureness; demurrage; demurred
  1. If all was not clear to 'my children's' understanding, at least my children had no mutinous demur in a positive shape ready for service.

  2. The Marquis of Berghen and Baron Montigny consented with some demur to undertake the mission, but for various reasons they did not reach Madrid till some two months later.

  3. The duchess after some demur agreed to receive the petition.

  4. Rose made no demur the next morning when M.

  5. Then Wanamee was less superstitious than most of her race, and made no demur at remaining in the house, if Rose desired to stay.

  6. Against this, however, we all protested, and declared that all would go wrong without him; and after some demur he again proceeded.

  7. Not but that the story opens well and is cleverly written, but I demur to the Italian.

  8. It is the duty of the chaperoned to agree without demur to whatever the chaperon may suggest.

  9. At the first glance one is tempted to resent the fact that many hotel proprietors object to having children accompany their parents to the public table, and that some even demur at their presence in the house.

  10. The Marquis obeyed, and, without awaiting answer, or demur from the officer in charge of the guard, the girl flicked her horse and sent him over a low bush into the narrow way.

  11. This, despite the demur of his Excellency, her father.

  12. The monster, without demur or suspicion, drank some of the sake, and found it so good that he asked for a second cup.

  13. After some demur they pretended to set off on this quest.

  14. Alban did not demur and he went to his own room, and taking off his boots he lay upon his bed and quickly fell fast asleep.

  15. Alban did not demur for he was tired out and that was the truth of it.

  16. But I respectfully demur to the former of the two proposed inferences.

  17. David knew what he did by all this; he knew that his making the worst of his case, was the way to speedy help, and that a feigning and dissembling the matter with God, was the next way to a demur as to his forgiveness.

  18. She took from him without demur the pen he held out to her.

  19. He did not demur when Sallie turned down the village street instead of up-hill again.

  20. While Slyne did not even demur against the quantities of expensive wine the old man consumed during dinner.

  21. I make no doubt that some will demur to this proposition.

  22. I, however, would demur to the word "few" and ask how much we really know about it.

  23. Judith heard no demur as Blatch detailed their plans.

  24. It was not without considerable demur on the part of Miss Winter, that some of these indiscriminate festivities were allowed to pass.

  25. Tom had introduced Blake to Hardy, after some demur on the part of the latter.

  26. He entreated me not to go, but I was resolved to see with my own eyes whether things were as bad as reported, and after some demur he consented.

  27. The money was as safe as if it was in my purse, for the syndicate was directed by Quakers, who certainly made close bargains, but who paid, without demur or delay, whatever they promised to pay.

  28. I was like the young lady who consented after some demur to take a ride on a very steep toboggan slide.

  29. If she makes any demur about accompanying you immediately, or if demur is made or delay suggested from any quarter, you will say that my request is a command.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "demur" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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