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Example sentences for "demurely"

Lexicographically close words:
demselves; demulcent; demum; demur; demure; demureness; demurrage; demurred; demurrer; demurring
  1. Her glance, demurely downcast, was all too rarely raised above the level of his chin.

  2. The demurely luscious blonde stared disconsolately at the bulletin board, upon which another thirty minutes was being added to the time of arrival of a ship already three hours late.

  3. No one seeing Babbie going to church demurely on Gavin's arm could guess her history.

  4. The gypsy had two empty pans in her hands, For a second she gazed in the minister's direction, then demurely leaped the ditch of leaves that separated Nanny's yard from Caddam, and strolled into the wood.

  5. She looked up at me as demurely as you please.

  6. Clasping her hands behind her back, she looked my aunt demurely in the face.

  7. Juliette tripped out like a stage soubrette, demurely pert from crown to sole.

  8. She uplifted her innocent eyes demurely to his face.

  9. Miss Phoebe Spencer," she said, her eyes cast demurely down.

  10. She gave one timid glance at Venner; then, averting her eyes, she walked demurely across to her place at the table.

  11. Her eyes were drooped demurely before the ardent gaze of the handsome, pink-cheeked young soldier who stood before her, and in her white fingers she held--a single red rose.

  12. Five minutes after, Victoria went demurely in search of Clorinda, found her sitting before the glass in utter humiliation, and protested that the whole thing was nonsense.

  13. When he reached the doorstep, Sidney was demurely seated and quite alone.

  14. She sat very demurely in the waiting-room with a magazine in her lap, and told her aged patient that she admired and respected him, but that she had given herself to the suffering poor.

  15. He was tingling with the thrill of the chase; and he turned his attention to the small maiden who sat cuddled close to his side, with hands folded demurely before her, imprisoning between them the overlap of his flaunting blue sarong.

  16. Peggy folded her hands demurely in her lap.

  17. To which last Fanny answered demurely and hesitatingly that she believed she had exhausted herself,—a reply which was received in the light of a bon mot.

  18. Her attitude is conventional:—she sits demurely erect, with formally posed hands.

  19. My uncle touched me on the shoulder, and we were about to leave, when Ambrose, whose bronze mask had been drawn down once more over his fiery passions, came demurely towards him.

  20. She was walking very demurely at his side, pondering in her mind the circumstances which could have brought the rector and Lucy Harcourt into such familiar relations as to warrant her calling him Arthur and appear so delighted to see him.

  21. Maria Pilar Catalina Isabel Teresa Mariana Moreto y Hernandez, at the service of God and yourself," responded the child, demurely kissing the clawlike hand and smiling trustfully into the queer yellow face so near her own.

  22. Don Quixote, with empty saddle, was plodding along demurely a few rods behind the rest, but when asked what had become of his little mistress, he twitched his white ears with the most non-committal air in the world.

  23. So without more ado they went their way into the forest, the knight riding upon his charger, and Tuck pacing along demurely by his side.

  24. Ere he had gone half a mile, he saw Robin Hood walking demurely among the trees a little in front of him.

  25. She had come up for a visit from the Queen's court at London town, and now sat demurely by her father the Earl of Huntingdon.

  26. The owner of the voice was sitting demurely at the farthest end of the room on a cushioned bench.

  27. She offered no objections to the new situation, but blushed and looked down demurely to her folded hands.

  28. Then Christie was forced to tell her why it was impossible for her to do so; and, in her secret soul, she took a naughty satisfaction in demurely mentioning that she had refused my lord.

  29. Instinctively she glanced toward Marjorie, but that innocent damsel had swept all her boats and whales into her pocket, and was demurely studying her lessons.

  30. But at last her name was called, and she demurely took her place near the foot of the line on one side.

  31. Sometimes, holding hands, we took runs down the mountain side; then walked demurely again when we got to easier going.

  32. The St. Clair walked up demurely and took my hand.

  33. Patty was in mischievous mood, and looked up demurely at Blaney.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "demurely" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    earnestly; gravely; grimly; quietly; seriously; sheepishly; soberly; solemnly