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Example sentences for "breaks"

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breakfasts; breaking; breakings; breakneck; breakout; breakthrough; breakthroughs; breakup; breakwater; breakwaters
  1. No ray of sun breaks the veil, as Don Pedro, on horseback, emerges from the portcullis of the castle, clad in a heavy mantle which entirely conceals his figure, the hood pressed over his face.

  2. The howling of a dog alone breaks the silence.

  3. His ally, Charles the Bad, King of Navarre, alarmed at the passage of the French, breaks the alliance and joins with the King of Aragon against him.

  4. Do not give me all the credit,” breaks in the king, mollified by this applause.

  5. Plants, whose life mere sap doth nourish, Rise and flourish, When he breaks the shades of night.

  6. Afterwards lads and lasses dance in separate rings, but the ring of lads bumps up against the ring of girls and breaks it, and the girl who has to let go her neighbour's hand will forsake her true love hereafter.

  7. Appalled, DORA drops the tray and breaks the saucer.

  8. He finally breaks the situation, takes up "East Lynne" from the table, and walks slowly back to the front door.

  9. He looks at her, slowly, then breaks the look abruptly.

  10. If he has a dagger, he uses the dagger; if not, he takes a stone and hammers it open; if no stone is at hand, he dashes it on the ground and breaks it so.

  11. No other voice nor sound is there, In the army of the grave; No other challenge breaks the air, But the rushing of Life's wave.

  12. But little Mollie stands alone outside the cabin door, And breaks her heart for one the waves threw dead upon the shore.

  13. The honeysuckle breaks a flask, And a breeze, on pleasure bent, Catches in her little hands The sharp scent.

  14. He asks the audience to applaud, to clap their hands, for noise always breaks charms, and will release him from the enchantment so that he may return to his dukedom.

  15. Remembering to set Ariel free, he lays aside his magic gown, breaks his staff, buries it fathoms deep in the earth, and drowns his magic book deeper than did ever plummet sound.

  16. Blood formative; -- applied to a substance in early fetal life, which breaks up gradually into blood vessels.

  17. A noble and triumphant merit breaks through little spots and sullies in his reputation.

  18. One who transgresses; one who breaks a law, or violates a command; one who violates any known rule or principle of rectitude; a sinner.

  19. One who discontinues, or breaks off or away from; an absentee.

  20. My word is passed; and Lambert Meredith breaks not that.

  21. Take charge of the matter, and report to me the moment the council breaks up.

  22. About the outlet the country was wild and rugged, and from the point where the river leaves the lake the water breaks into a tossing foaming rapid.

  23. However, I'll let it drop, for I believe the river goes east and north, and then west and breaks through mountains to Michikamau.

  24. Each wave breaks the surface into a huge circle, and the effect from the heights is a succession of wonderful sparkling rings vanishing into the yellow sands.

  25. Cross-in-Hand stands on the verge of the down, which breaks away precipitously to the vale where Yetminster lies.

  26. In some quarters his poems are received with that curiosity which is awarded to a man of genius who breaks out freakishly with some strange hobby.

  27. In 1897 Crete revolts against Turkey, war breaks out between Greece and Turkey, the Powers interfere, and peace is concluded at Constantinople.

  28. And universal succession further takes place when a State breaks up into parts which either become separate International Persons of their own or are annexed by surrounding International Persons.

  29. In February 1904 war breaks out between Japan and Russia on account of Manchuria and Korea.

  30. In America the United States intervene in 1898 in the revolt of Cuba against the motherland, whereby war breaks out between Spain and the United States.

  31. In September 1911 war breaks out between Italy and Turkey, on account of the alleged maltreatment of Italian subjects in Tripoli.

  32. When war breaks out between the sending and the receiving State before their envoys accredited to each other are recalled, their mission nevertheless comes to an end.

  33. When a consul dies or war breaks out, the consular archives must not be touched by the local authorities.

  34. In the Far East war breaks out in 1894 between China and Japan, on account of Korea.

  35. I watch the changing shadows, And the patch of windy sunshine upon the hill, And the long blue woods; and a grief no tongue can tell Breaks at my eyes in drops of bitter rain.

  36. Sometimes a stone cracks under the press or breaks through accident.

  37. We generally stay," explained Celia, "until our host breaks it to us that he can't stick us any longer.

  38. It's the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

  39. If two or more men have a right to hunt over the same portion of ground, and one of them breaks off the tops of certain trees, by their laws the grubs in these are his property and no one else has a right to touch the tree.

  40. If he could find out a blind mistress, never man would be so secure of conquest; but the eye breaks the spell that enchants the ear.

  41. He is a man much given to apothegms, which serve him for wit, and seldom breaks any jest but which belonged to some Lacedaemonian or Roman in Lycosthenes.

  42. This is where our common scientific training--the manufacturing of small scientists in the bulk--breaks down.

  43. What he feels when he breaks a bit of rock is the whole round earth--the wonder of it--the great cinder floating through space.

  44. This line appears to have been too much for the writer in the Life, who here breaks his quotation short off by the head, annihilating with a quite ingenious violence at once grammar, sense, and sound.

  45. It breaks through that near range," he said, pointing.

  46. These breaks they jumped one after another without taking serious trouble to head them, though Kate's companion, riding on the river side, gave her every chance to do so.

  47. But Self persisted, formidable in its vivid keenness, feeling the most poignant doubt about reality, ready, as it seemed, to find existence break as breaks a bubble round about it.

  48. Then what wonderful properties do we find in charcoal, which is so brittle that a light tap breaks it, and a slight pressure pulverizes it, and yet is so strong that no moisture rots it, nor any time causes it to decay.

  49. But within this wider peace breaks out suddenly an interior strife.

  50. Hourly the distance grows between London town and the outgoing folk, between English shores and where the surf breaks on the pale Virginian beaches.

  51. This {441}has been found to be the best form of sea wall, as it breaks the force of the waves more completely than would a structure with a smooth front.

  52. The surf breaks violently when the wind is high, and makes a landing or embarkation dangerous.

  53. The scene is quite picturesque and full of animation, especially when the rope breaks and lets the boat back over a distance that has been gained with much toil.

  54. I can walk with you up to the ridge of the hill, And we'll talk of the way we have come through the valley; Down below there a bird breaks into a trill, And a groaning slave bends to the oar of his galley.

  55. It breaks my heart from dawn Till all the wee, wee, friendly stars Come out at dayli'gone.

  56. The book itself breaks down the frontier between France and Germany.

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