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Example sentences for "breakwaters"

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  1. The most common form of harbour is that in which one or more breakwaters supplement a certain amount of natural shelter.

  2. Between the promontories, at the water's surface, two new breakwaters meet, closing the mouth of the harbor.

  3. They were like the breakwaters one sees in harbors.

  4. These breakwaters were required for the outer harbor, but an inner basin was needed.

  5. Government has been erecting breakwaters to control the current of the river, with the expectation of deepening the channel, which has about nine feet of water; but thus far the improvements have not accomplished the desired end.

  6. Three years before, when Roddy left Yale, his father ordered him abroad to improve his mind by travel, and to inspect certain light-houses and breakwaters on both shores of the English Channel.

  7. Indeed, counting large and small breakwaters and sea-walls, more has been expended in this country for these works than in any two or three foreign countries possessing sea-boards.

  8. When the wind freshens into a gale, the position of the ships at anchor in the harbor is a dangerous one, and the breakwaters have been constructed so as to obviate this danger.

  9. Breakwaters when also intended as wharfs are usually built with their inner sides--i.

  10. Breakwaters are only to be found in such public places as Dover, Portland, etc.

  11. She reached it at a point where the cliff dwindled into flatness, where the gentle tide rattled on pebbles instead of on sand, where the tall breakwaters contradicted the line of the shore.

  12. There was nothing but the porpoises and the breakwaters and the rocks, and a little bald sand dune, sketched on the canvas of that pale day.

  13. Concrete blocks possess the great advantages for breakwaters that they can be made wherever sand and shingle can be procured, and of a size only limited by the appliances which are available for handling them.

  14. Upright-wall breakwaters and superstructures are generally made of the same thickness throughout, irrespective of the differences in depth and exposure which are often met with in different parts of the same breakwater.

  15. The breakwaters constructed for forming harbours on the sea coast of the United States are almost all rubble-mound breakwaters.

  16. The extension of the Admiralty pier and the other breakwaters of Dover harbour consist of bonded courses of concrete blocks, from 26 to 40 tons in weight, as shown in figs.

  17. The breakwaters are protected from scour along their outer toe by an apron of concrete blocks, extending 25 ft.

  18. The superstructures of composite breakwaters erected by the United States for harbours on the shores of Lake Superior were formerly in some cases composed of timber cribs floated into position and sunk by filling them with rubble stone.

  19. Upright-wall breakwaters should not be formed with two narrow walls and intermediate filling, as the safety of such a breakwater depends entirely on the sea-wall being maintained intact.

  20. There are exceedingly powerful defences at the ends of the breakwaters and the openings can be protected from under-water attack by enormous booms.

  21. It is said that the amount of stone used in the oldest of the breakwaters was five million tons.

  22. The breakwaters have cost close upon a quarter of a million sterling at the present date, a sum well expended, for a fine harbour has now been constructed only less important than that of the Tyne.

  23. To the west, the wide arms of the Granton breakwaters enclose a harbour, built at the cost of the Duke of Buccleuch.

  24. The foundation stones of two great breakwaters were laid in 1863, these defences against the incoming waves being appropriately built of slag from the furnaces of Middlesbrough and Stockton.

  25. The rain-drops hung diamond-like on the thick foliage, but the long ground-swell still boomed against the breakwaters and showed white teeth, far to the south.

  26. Between these two bars there is a sort of swivel, whose pieces, in playing upon one another, give the breakwaters elasticity, while always holding them apart (Fig.

  27. In order to prevent the breakwaters from clashing against each other, they are united end to end in a very simple and ingenious manner.

  28. As the project was abandoned, the models of these breakwaters are rare.

  29. Mathematics are powerless to predict to us with accuracy the manner in which the floating breakwaters will behave, but experiment remains.

  30. A certain number of floating batteries, anchored behind the breakwaters and protecting the advances of torpedo boats by means of their firing, would make a formidable defense.

  31. She evidently preferred jumping the breakwaters on the way home to the more easy path of the sea wall.

  32. There was sufficient light for Masters to find his way over the breakwaters without stumbling.

  33. As division engineer of the Atlantic division of the Panama Canal he was in charge of the construction of the Gatun locks, Gatun Dam, and the breakwaters at the Atlantic entrance to the canal.

  34. The distinguishing features of the ends of the canal are the big breakwaters at Toro Point, at the Atlantic end, and Naos Island, at the Pacific end.

  35. Two minor breakwaters were also built at the Atlantic end to protect the terminal basin.

  36. The floe had not yet begun to form, but the piers and breakwaters had white ice caps frozen from spray--harbingers of the closing of navigation.

  37. Some of these inlets were exceedingly picturesque, as reefs extended from the shore, overhanging cliffs having from time to time fallen in huge crags and formed natural breakwaters to the beach.

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