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encircling; enclave; enclaves; enclined; enclitic; enclosed; encloses; enclosing; enclosure; enclosures
  1. That your Majesty may order them to be considered and amended, I enclose them with this letter.

  2. Immediately upon your arrival at the said islands, you shall give orders to enclose the city of Manila with stone, along that portion where it is necessary and advisable, and on the other sides by water.

  3. Oh, but would it have been possible to enclose you with myself in that intimate union?

  4. I ventured to enclose my letter to papa in yours, trusting you would attend to my request to you to break the news to him gently and plead for me.

  5. I enclose my certificate showing my personal knowledge of Colonel Roosevelt's conduct.

  6. I enclose a copy of a recent letter to the Surgeon General which will show our present deplorable condition and the worse condition into which we are slipping back.

  7. Dear Sir: I have received your letter of the 19th instant, in which you enclose the draft of the formal letter which is to follow.

  8. My usual abode is in the hollow of a cork-tree, large enough to enclose this wretched body.

  9. I will stay here, intrepid and courageous, though all the infernal powers enclose me round.

  10. But if the looking-glasses, instead of being parallel, enclose an angle, a limited number of images only will be seen.

  11. Mr. Hopkins has shown that the lines of greatest pressure and of greatest strain are at right angles to each other, and that in valleys of a uniform width they enclose an angle of forty-five degrees with the side of the glacier.

  12. The lines, o p, o p, mark the direction of these crevasses; they are at right angles to the line of greatest strain, and hence also enclose an angle of 45 deg.

  13. I also noticed on this day that a seam of white ice would sometimes open out into two branches, which, after remaining for some distance separate, would reunite and thus enclose a little glacier-island.

  14. I enclose you letter I have received from H.

  15. You have likely received direct orders, and I only enclose it to keep you in mind of it.

  16. To enclose or otherwise withdraw from the scattalds such portions, not exceeding one-fourth of each scattald, to be judged of as at the date of each tack, as he may deem proper.

  17. MY DEAR MARY--As I am about to send a frank to dearest Jane, I enclose a note to you to thank you for the pleasure you have given me.

  18. They are bold and lofty, covered with green forest, and they enclose the most beautiful of all the lakes.

  19. If the two horns of the crescent are able to enclose St. Luc, and you charge at the center, we should win the victory soon.

  20. I do myself the honor to enclose a letter from Mr Morris to me in answer to one I had written him on the subject of the volunteers, who served on board the Ariel.

  21. Sir, I have the honor to enclose for the inspection of Congress a short letter from Mr Jay, which contains important information, and explains some passages in Dr Franklin's letters.

  22. I enclose also for your perusal, extracts from the addresses, not having time to have them copied at large.

  23. Sir, I enclose you copies of my letters, of the 17th, to the Governor of Havana, and Robert Smith.

  24. Dear Sir, I enclose the list of salaries you requested.

  25. These may be objects of curiosity, and as such I enclose them.

  26. Supposing you would wish to go into New York as soon as possible, I also enclose a passport for that purpose.

  27. Sir, I have the honor to enclose your Excellency a letter, which, after having read and sealed, I am to request you to forward with all possible despatch.

  28. Sir, I enclose an extract from a protest made by Captain A.

  29. Sir, I do myself the honor to enclose two letters from Mr Deane, which were delivered with his own hand to a Mr Marshal, who has sworn to their identity.

  30. I also enclose an extract of a letter from the Count de Vergennes to the Minister of France, as translated and communicated to me by him, which I have thought it necessary to submit to the perusal of the Superintendent of Finance.

  31. Sir, I do myself the honor to enclose the plan of a National Bank, which I laid before the United States in Congress assembled on the 17th day of May last, and which was adopted by them on the 26th.

  32. In order that you may clearly understand the succor afforded by France, I enclose an account extracted from a statement lately, furnished to Congress by the Minister Plenipotentiary of his Most Christian Majesty.

  33. Well, father, how large must it be so that the tree never could enclose it?

  34. He then very carefully gathered together the edges of the flower, so as to enclose and imprison the bee.

  35. Only, if it is very large, it will take a great while to enclose it, and it might be so large that it never could enclose it.

  36. The tree will make an effort to enclose any thing small or large.

  37. In the same category must be ranged the cells issuing from the wax-glands which supply Bees with materials for their combs in which they enclose the eggs of the queen with a provision of honey.

  38. In order to have their milkers at their disposal, without removing them from pasture, the ants make tunnels along the stalk, and enclose within it all the Aphides they meet.

  39. In confirmation of these sentiments Gustavus induced the Cabinet to enclose a letter.

  40. We trust they will be grateful; and to prove to you that such is the case, we enclose herewith an extract from the letter which they have written.

  41. They often contain dead cells or cell fragments, and when hæmorrhage takes place in a tissue they enclose and remove the granules of blood pigment which result.

  42. Then an "instant" is the class of all events which enclose members of a given punctual enclosure-series.

  43. To ensure infinite divisibility, we require also that every event should enclose events other than itself.

  44. Then a "point" is all the objects which enclose members of a given punctual enclosure-series.

  45. I have now the pleasure to enclose copies of the original, and a translation in Chinese, of the President's letter to the emperor, for your excellency's inspection.

  46. I must write Miss Rutledge a note and enclose Marian's resignation.

  47. She decided to write at once to her Aunt Mary, who was already in New York, and enclose a list of the articles she wished her aunt to purchase for her.

  48. I enclose you Robinson’s letter, as I think you will be interested by it.

  49. His army must indeed have been strong enough to enclose the second circuit of the city, 35 or 40 miles (III.

  50. Neriglissar had continued the fortification of the metropolis, and Nabonetus completed the walls which were intended to enclose the two parts of the city of Babylon on the east and west of the Euphrates towards the river.

  51. The latter will probably write to you; if so, I shall enclose his letter.

  52. This has been realized, and I enclose the letter referred to.

  53. It would seem, therefore, that the tenants would have been anxious to carry the process to an end and enclose their land.

  54. Where tenants with or without the assistance of the lord had managed to enclose some of their land and free it from right of common, they were in a position to devote it to sheep-farming if they chose to do so.

  55. In the dusk of a winter evening the high and silent warehouses which enclose the mirrors of water enclose too an accentuation of the dusk.

  56. Also cut out the letter[19] and enclose it in an envelope to: MR.

  57. Not at present; and as to the card, with your permission I'll enclose it.

  58. I have one favor to ask: could you procure me the means to enclose my card for Miss Daly, as I must relinquish the hope of seeing her on this occasion?

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "enclose" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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