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  1. The oxen and cattle in the enclosures are occasionally in the same manner fearfully mutilated by these wretches, sometimes for amusement, and sometimes in vengeance for injuries done to them.

  2. When men tried to raise crops in small gardens and enclosures for their sustenance, these legions of mice rushed in and destroyed the produce of their labour.

  3. The white (sometimes dun) are believed to be the survivors of the domestic roan-and-white, for the cattle in our enclosures at the present day are of that colour.

  4. Within the enclosures the corn crops were green and flourishing; horses and cattle, ricks and various buildings, were scattered about it.

  5. It is in severe winters that the chief danger occurs; they then suffer from hunger and cold, and are driven to the neighbourhood of the enclosures to steal.

  6. The enemy had the advantage of the wall, of the narrow streets and enclosures within, of the houses, each of which would become a fortress, and thus in the winding streets a repulse might easily happen.

  7. Some of us made our way down into the village and examined the fruit trees and enclosures and the square huts of which it was composed.

  8. And in our enclosures and pens, and horses and guns and ammunition, and in paying our men.

  9. About this period, the right centre, forcing through the enclosures and lanes beyond the village, was exposed to a raking fire, and in consequence was most severely handled, several officers and men being killed.

  10. Arrived there it turned to the left toward the gate of the stables that led to the enclosures and stalls, obliged to move now at slower pace among the dense crowd.

  11. It was like a little tunnel at the end of which could be seen the open space of other grassy enclosures and leaders that walked peacefully about; a fiction of a far-away pasture which attracted the wild beast.

  12. The bulls must be conducted from the pasture ground of Tablada to the enclosures in the plaza.

  13. One of the most interesting things about rural life was the common herding of the cattle, which, until the Enclosures Act came, had probably gone on from the time the Domesday Book was written, or longer.

  14. Malcolm a letter with some enclosures about suttees.

  15. At the office found a letter with enclosures from Colonel Macdonald, dated Tabriz April 20.

  16. All these enclosures abut upon the river at one end, and on a house at the other.

  17. These immense enclosures alone can contain at the same time civil war and an odd and indescribable tranquillity.

  18. The man in the waistcoat and the wooden shoes of whom we have just spoken, inhabited the smallest of these enclosures and the most humble of these houses about 1817.

  19. In the autumn of 1548 Hales had returned to London, and, as member for Preston, had prepared three Bills, dealing partly with enclosures and partly with the high prices.

  20. For enclosures in Devon and Somerset see Cunningham, Growth of English Industry and Commerce, Modern Times, Part II.

  21. The Statutes for Enclosures and Intacks to be put in execution, and all enclosures and Intacks since the fourth year of Henry VII.

  22. That the upper and lower enclosures formed parts of the same design, is sufficiently evinced by the drawing which has been reproduced.

  23. The structures on the mainland consist of two walled enclosures on different levels, connected by steps.

  24. The old chief, with knowledge of right on his side, pointed to the little enclosures by the river as he gravely said, "There are the graves of our grandfathers!

  25. In the Cathedral enclosures once stood a precious elm under which Jacques Cartier is believed to have assembled his followers on their first arrival in this part of Canada.

  26. Here were some square stone enclosures two feet high, used as pens, and for pitching tents in; within them I gathered some unripe barley.

  27. Now, Darwin tells us that the ancons have been observed to keep together, separating themselves from the rest of the flock when put into enclosures with other sheep.

  28. Napoleon found his enemy strongly posted along an elevated ridge, covered with wood, and further protected in front by a succession of terrace-walls, the enclosures of vineyards.

  29. These formations, approximating more or less to the circular form, though frequently deviating considerably from it, are among the largest enclosures on the moon.

  30. The enclosures were a formal tender of the office of Secretary of State to Seward and a private letter to him urging his acceptance of the appointment.

  31. He will show you my note and enclosures to him; and then please act as therein requested.

  32. We made our way up the steps, through the outer enclosures and into the central square, I confess to a fire of scientific curiosity and eagerness tinged with a dread that O'Keefe's analysis might be true.

  33. The finest examples of the grille are those known as the rejas, which in Spanish churches form the enclosures of the chapels, such as the reja in the Capilla Real at Granada in wrought iron partly gilt (1522).

  34. Generally, however, throughout Germany the wrought iron grilles are fine examples of forging, and they are employed for the enclosures of the numerous fountains, in the tympana of gateways, and for the protection of windows.

  35. As we were coming out I found there were two other enclosures in the fort beside that containing the Amir's pavilion.

  36. There could be seen the remains of all of them, both cows and oxen, lying near the enclosures and on the adjacent plain--each where it had fallen.

  37. Probably, if a blackthorn bush were by any chance discovered in the semi-parks or enclosures alluded to, it would at once be rooted out as an accursed thing.

  38. If, again, search were made in these enclosures for English trees and English shrubs, it would be found that none have been introduced.

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