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contagion; contagions; contagious; contagiousness; contagium; containe; contained; container; containers; containes
  1. An attractive prospectus for the Rhenish Thalia was issued, and he began to prepare for the first number, which was to contain an installment of 'Don Carlos'.

  2. His best strength was devoted to his plays, which in themselves, however, contain a large lyric element.

  3. No continuous record exists of the family life, and the numerous letters of Godwin and Mrs. Godwin when either was absent from home contain only occasional references to it.

  4. These rocks contain numerous remains of caryophilla, productus, and terebratulae.

  5. These fissures contain some soil which supports, in the summer, a dense growth of herbaceous plants.

  6. When Lewis and Clark ascended the Missouri, the town of St. Charles was said to contain one hundred houses, the inhabitants deriving their support principally from the Indian trade.

  7. A quarter-section is a square whose sides (bounded by meridians and parallels), are each half a mile, and contain 160 acres.

  8. These graves evidently contain the relics of a more modern people than those who erected the mounds.

  9. If so, then we may conclude that the Miscellany Questions contain such of these masses of separate thinking as Gillespie found no opportunity of using in any other manner, and, therefore, consented to their publication in their present form.

  10. In this case, we may further observe, that as soon as the pudenda are penetrated, there appear two little pits or holes which contain a secretion, which is expelled during copulation, and gives the woman great pleasure.

  11. That they may be strong to lift and bear burdens, and thrust and give a strong blow; so their bones are thick, because they contain much marrow, or they would be easily corrupted and injured.

  12. If a Manuscript, therefore, should contain about two hundred Pages, each Page containing about thirty-three Lines of eight Words, it would occupy about three hundred Pages in Print.

  13. The three eastern chapels of this transept contain many interesting monuments too--that of Lady Elizabeth Nightingale, in the chapel of St Michael, is perhaps the most popular.

  14. The Clarence vault is supposed to contain the remains of George, Duke of Clarence, who was mysteriously put to death in the Tower of London by his brother Edward IV.

  15. The cloisters on the south side of the abbey are of great interest and contain many monuments, and the windows, too, in the south alley are remarkably beautiful.

  16. Only a few shields of other brasses remain, but to the antiquarian the casements of these beautiful memorials contain much that is interesting, showing as they do the diverse and unique character these lost monuments once possessed.

  17. It seemed to contain no means of cooking--neither fireplace nor oven; I did not understand that the great black furnace which filled one corner, was an efficient substitute for these.

  18. Neither can this happen without the sanction of God; and I know that, amidst His boundless works, is somewhere stored the secret of this last fate's justice: I know that His treasures contain the proof as the promise of its mercy.

  19. For all she now knew her nature might contain other such secrets as this that had sent the warm blood into her cheeks at a touch--nay, at the thought of a touch.

  20. It also, as Louie well knew, did not contain one of the real points at issue.

  21. No house ever yet was built, broad enough, wide enough, and high enough, to contain two families.

  22. And malt like this is worthy of a good frame to contain it,' quoth Reuben, who was at work among the flasks.

  23. To my surprise, however, Saxon pished and pshawed under his breath, until at last, unable to contain his impatience, he broke out in hot discontent.

  24. He walketh up and down, and biteth his lip, and clencheth his hands like one who can scarce contain his wrath.

  25. Have at it, if it contain the whole Platonic philosophy.

  26. If every captain is to be admitted into our councils, we must hold our meetings on the Castle Green, for no apartment could contain us.

  27. The Sinaitic and Alexandrian manuscripts each contain 29 books.

  28. The Roman Catholic and the Protestant Bibles do not contain the same number; the Roman Catholic contains 75, the Protestant 66.

  29. Excepting a few brief exhortations, of which it gives an account, it does not purport to contain a word from his tongue or pen.

  30. Some of these books contain what purport to be divine revelations, but the books themselves do not pretend to be divine.

  31. The Bible does not contain the shadow of a shade of error from Genesis to Revelation"--Cheever.

  32. Excepting the English versions, which are mostly revisions of the same version, scarcely two of the principal versions contain the same books.

  33. Of the Christian versions of the Old Testament, some contain the Apocryphal books, others do not.

  34. But these Epistles contain no mention of them.

  35. Thus we see that different versions of the Bible do not contain the same books; different versions of the same book do not contain the same readings, while even different copies of the same versions disagree.

  36. These legends contain a modicum of truth--how much cannot be determined.

  37. The first two chapters of Genesis contain two accounts of the Creation differing in every important particular.

  38. They contain two hundred words never used by Paul.

  39. That the writings of the Apostolic Fathers contain no proofs of the existence of the Four Gospels is admitted even by Christian writers.

  40. The Septuagint version and the Alexandrian manuscript contain 151 psalms, the last one being omitted from other versions.

  41. Works in General Literature, Topographical and Antiquarian, many of which contain additional illustrations, &c.

  42. Where two seals are affixed below the signature one may contain a classic aphorism, like TAI BI FU GEN (the truly beautiful is indescribable) or CHU YO (keep the middle path).

  43. In answer to all this suffice it to say that whatever a Japanese painting fails to contain has been purposely omitted.

  44. TEN CHI JIN means that whatever is worthy of contemplation must contain a principal subject, its complimentary adjunct, and auxiliary details.

  45. But what did the parcel contain after all?

  46. Here my brother could contain himself no longer, and joined Mr. V.

  47. The strongest forms, however, do not always endure the longest, the very excess of the noble and generous juices which they contain being the cause of their premature decay.

  48. As you will, young man,' said the landlady; and presently brought in an earthen pitcher which might contain about three pints, and which foamed and frothed withal.

  49. Ay, truly, young man; and I believe that the abyss and the yet deeper unknown do not contain them all; some walk about upon the green earth.

  50. The books in these cases,' said he, 'contain the masterpieces of Haik learning.

  51. In about two hours I came to where a kind of cottage stood a little way back from the road, with a huge oak before it, under the shade of which stood a little pony and a cart, which seemed to contain various articles.

  52. The great poet who invented Gothic cathedrals would, in the presence of this architectural caprice, ask the question, "Does the tower contain the well, or the well the tower?

  53. Perhaps the young universe may contain a panacea for my anguish!

  54. I have sent to the Hotel de Langeac for my letters, and must wait to glance over them--they might contain news about Roger.

  55. It was just the song of a skylark, mounting higher and higher from the ground, till it came so close that Prince Dolor could distinguish its quivering wings and tiny body, almost too tiny to contain such a gush of music.

  56. There," said Mag, pointing with one wrinkled claw to a magnificent bed, large enough to contain six people.

  57. They contain a peculiar principle, residing in and obtainable from them, termed Fungin, which is as highly azotised as animal fibre.

  58. And does not every particle of this new matter contain within itself the same force and principle, as existed in that which generated it?

  59. If the seed contain them and have not lost its germinating properties, these worms will be found again in the grain.

  60. Even stones contain in their interior, or interspaces of their structure, the germs of fungi.

  61. He has discovered in the early development of the frond of ferns certain cells, which he denominates antheridia, or sperm cells; these contain in their cavity a number of subordinate cells, each containing a spermatazoon.

  62. The omissions are by no means numerous, and the matter they contain is generally unimportant in itself.

  63. These papers contain a host of minute queries and criticisms, which were the result of a close examination of the first four volumes, undertaken at Fenn's request.

  64. I do not despair of seeing the time when our State and National Assemblies will contain a fair proportion of colored representatives--especially if the proposed college at New Haven goes into successful operation.

  65. It may contain a million board feet of timber.

  66. The slabs, once considered as waste, contain much material that is now utilized.

  67. IT is essential to a true theory of nature and of man, that it should contain somewhat progressive.

  68. Every surmise and vaticination of the mind is entitled to a certain respect, and we learn to prefer imperfect theories, and sentences, which contain glimpses of truth, to digested systems which have no one valuable suggestion.

  69. The compounds of sodium are possessed of many properties in common; this is partly explained by saying that they all contain one or more atoms of the element sodium.

  70. Acids all contain oxygen, said Lavoisier; this was soon regarded as one of the fundamental facts of chemistry.

  71. The great generalization, usually known as Avogadro's law, runs thus: "Equal volumes of gases measured at the same temperature and under the same pressure contain equal numbers of molecules.

  72. We now know that the black and the red compounds alike contain only mercury and sulphur, and contain these elements united in the same proportions.

  73. Lavoisier had recognized oxygen as the acidifier; Black had proved that a caustic alkali does not contain carbonic acid.

  74. The compounds of ammonium possess many properties in common, and this is partly explained if we assume that they all contain one or more atoms of the compound radicle ammonium.

  75. Two small cups of gold were now used to contain the water; a very small amount of alkali appeared at the negative pole, and a little nitric acid at the positive pole.

  76. Now, if "equal volumes of gases contain equal numbers of molecules," it follows that the ratio of the densities of any two gases must also be the ratio of the weights of the molecules which constitute these gases.

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