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Example sentences for "imprison"

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imprimis; imprint; imprinted; imprinting; imprints; imprisoned; imprisoning; imprisonment; imprisonments; imprisons
  1. Hubert, away with him; imprison him; And on that day at noon whereon he says I shall yield up my crown let him be hang'd.

  2. We have, at this moment, two Deputies in the town, who arrest and imprison at their pleasure.

  3. Probably Sir Henry Tyler and Sir Hardinge Giffard knew as much of the Scriptures they strove to imprison us for disputing as the person who drew up our Indictment.

  4. But suppose," I continued, "it were so here, and we imprisoned you for deriding our opinions as you imprison us for deriding yours.

  5. The king observed this, and sent two vizirs with orders to imprison and execute him.

  6. When Joseph wanted to imprison Simeon, his brothers desired to assist him by force, but Simeon refused their assistance.

  7. Do you believe that the warrant to arrest and imprison came directly from her Majesty?

  8. So, countess," said the King, "you wanted to arrest and imprison the doctor?

  9. To argue thus is not sufficiently to take account of the terrible power of space to imprison beings in infinite isolation.

  10. Why, merely from the fact that we love our own individuality, should we not consent to the same reasoning in regard to it; why should we wish to imprison it forever within the limits of the same individuality?

  11. The first of these measures empowered the President to expel from the country or to imprison any alien whom he regarded as "dangerous" or "had reasonable grounds to suspect" of "any treasonable or secret machinations against the government.

  12. They were acquainted with the Rosicrucian philosophy, could hold correspondence with the spirits of the elements, imprison a spirit in a mirror, ring, or stone, and compel it to answer questions.

  13. The Council of Religion of the Irish House of Parliament condemned his book to be burnt, and some of the members wished to imprison its author, who after enduring many privations wisely sought safety in flight.

  14. They have already arrested the wife and sister of the Duke de Bouillon," said the Confessor; "and Monsieur de Villardin thinks that if they imprison women as a sort of surety for their relatives, they may equally well imprison children.

  15. The Court had power to imprison the convicted man for a year; but that was not any more a punishment and a means of restoring a man to credit than was the branding.

  16. And so when he heard the Minister simply speak of Barthes, and declare that the government would rather see him go into exile than be obliged to imprison him once more, he remained for a moment quite disconcerted.

  17. If Pius IX and Leo XIII had resolved to imprison themselves in the Vatican, it was because necessity bound them to Rome.

  18. If money was wanted, the lawless seizure and confiscation of our merchant vessels and their cargoes was a ready resource, and if to accomplish their purposes it became necessary to imprison the owners, captains, and crews, it was done.

  19. One cannot imprison the ocean in a vial of sea-water; one cannot imprison the Forest inside the covers of a book.

  20. Would it not be as well to carry him to the save and imprison him?

  21. In order to conduct the affair to a successful termination, it may become necessary to imprison a female, a young lady of great beauty and accomplishments, in this cave.

  22. We will bring her anywhere and imprison her in a room with you.

  23. We may not imprison her, be the cage ever so large.

  24. They were forbidden to imprison private subjects, or embargo or sell their property without first seeking the consent and co-operation of the secular arm.

  25. Edward did not immediately seize and imprison Bruce, because he desired also to ensnare his three brothers, who resided in Scotland.

  26. But England, with all her cunning and her base treachery, could not imprison the matchless mind and soul of the great Napoleon.

  27. The king of Portugal now desired to secure Isabella for his bride; and her brother threatened to imprison her unless she would yield.

  28. Why will you not imprison sunlight in that way, Mr. Desmond?

  29. The sheriff of the county, with a warrant for my arrest, may imprison me, and, of course, I have no action for false imprisonment.

  30. Certain persons have a right to imprison other people, and it is not false imprisonment.

  31. Although a corporation is a separate person, there is no way to kill it or imprison it for life.

  32. Sigismund was openly denounced as a heretic, while he in turn threatened to imprison the cardinals for contumacy.

  33. These rush wildly against it, snatch from it fragments of light and imprison them in matter.

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