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Example sentences for "imprisoned"

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  1. A ship, with 140 armed soldiers on board, through stress of weather, put into Yarmouth port; she was seized by the townsmen, and her crew and soldiers imprisoned on behalf of the Parliament.

  2. We all know why she has imprisoned the duke; because he is a Greek, and loves the Muscovites and the great White Czar.

  3. From that ceremony you will return not to this Vistula Palace, but to that Citadel in which you once imprisoned the duke.

  4. The women and children who had been reserved from the massacre were imprisoned during a fortnight in a small building, one story high--a cramped place, a slightly modified Black Hole of Calcutta.

  5. The lieutenants imprisoned the Rajah in his own fort.

  6. They would have been imprisoned save that Aldovrandi, a member of the council, and of a distinguished family, set them free, and invited the sculptor to his own house, where he remained for a year.

  7. It was publicly stated that Jans Rubens had been imprisoned for political treason to Prince William, and must suffer death.

  8. Those who had made profession of being what they really were--that is, Christians--were imprisoned without being accused of other crimes.

  9. At length four months after receiving his wound, he began very slowly to improve, when intelligence came that he was to be taken as one of the hostages for the thirteen privateersmen imprisoned in New York.

  10. We trust you entirely with them, and you will understand, I am sure, that we do not wish to diminish anyone’s sense of nationality who is imprisoned or interned in Germany.

  11. There they were in the remotest wilderness, imprisoned in the narrow valley by Natalie's injury for weeks to come; with insufficient food and inclement weather in prospect, and without the remotest chance of succour from the outside.

  12. You have twice attempted Mr. Mabyn's life; you have stolen and converted to your own use his household effects and supplies; you have unwarrantably imprisoned him on an exposed island to the great detriment of his health.

  13. A writer of eclogues, fables and dramas; in youth a friend of Voltaire, afterwards imprisoned during the Terror.

  14. Among the great ladies imprisoned in their castles, this dreadful fancy was not rare.

  15. Food was passed along a tube to the imprisoned men; but the tube did not work well, and it was eventually found that they had not received the much-desired refreshment.

  16. The imprisoned men were heard, and were able not only to speak to their deliverers, but also to give directions as to the course of the cuttings.

  17. The wall behind which they were imprisoned was in a heading that was entirely flooded, and they could only be reached after part of the water had been pumped out.

  18. The imprisoned men worked from their side too; and in a few hours the obstruction was so far removed as to enable the two parties to speak to each other.

  19. The tale of the imprisoned men was, that the water was rapidly gaining on them, and one of them struck through the coal to escape from the rising water.

  20. I fear an attempt may be made to arrest him again upon the same claim in your city, and that he may be imprisoned amongst strangers.

  21. There’s a fairy in the violin, A Norse imprisoned fay; She struggles in her master’s arms, And fain would flit away.

  22. He felt his hand imprisoned tightly within the warm grasp of her soft, white palms.

  23. It scorched into his brain; and round and round, hither and thither, without rest, his feet wandered within the girdle of the infernal walls which imprisoned him.

  24. In 1563 he was imprisoned for saying mass.

  25. This learned and enlightened prelate had been imprisoned by the savage and fanatical Paul IV.

  26. But this heroic conduct, the haughty spirit of duty in which he imprisoned himself, was not practised by him without growing anguish.

  27. And when the Republic at last had come, that Republic which had cost him so many years of gaol, it had, in its own turn, imprisoned him, adding fresh years of gloom to those which already had lacked sunlight.

  28. Many persons were put to death, and a few were taken and imprisoned on suspicion, and many, being guilty, killed themselves.

  29. John of Calabria was consecrated Pope, or rather antipope, Crescenzio took possession of all power, and certain legates of Pope Gregory having ventured to enter Rome were at once imprisoned with the Emperor's ambassadors.

  30. Victor Macedo, the chief of La Chorrera, had about eighteen employees brought in from La Sabana, and when they arrived he ordered them to flog the unfortunate Ocainas, who were imprisoned and in chains, to death.

  31. On other occasions they often take advantage of the pools left when the river goes down in the dry season, the fish imprisoned in them being either speared or caught in nets.

  32. In the house that these poor people were imprisoned in there were also a large number of Indians in chains, who received daily violent castigations, flagellations, and clubbing.

  33. Lieblich Gedacht now understood why the lake was called the Lake of Sighs, for the sighs came from prisoners imprisoned in Bourdon's dungeon.

  34. I am imprisoned in the trunk of this tree.

  35. As he was looking out of one of the windows of the castle he distinctly heard Vox Angelica's sigh coming from the lake, and he at once understood that she was imprisoned in some dungeon underneath the lake.

  36. And so she was: but she had been imprisoned in the pool by the same wicked fairy who had not been invited to the christening of the young Prince.

  37. She told them what had happened, and they did not know what to do, for they could not even hear Lieblich Gedacht's voice; because it is only after years and years that a person who is imprisoned in a tree can be heard by any one else.

  38. I am Vox Humana,' said the voice, 'I was imprisoned in this tree by a wizard a hundred years ago, and nobody will set me free.

  39. Now Heartsease and the vagabond wandered far over hill and dale, north and south, east and west, earning their bread by songs, until they came to the grim castle in which Heartsease's mother had been imprisoned by the wicked fairy.

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