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Example sentences for "improbabilities"

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  1. On the other hand, none of Plautus' plays is more loaded with improbabilities of that description into which he most readily falls.

  2. There are again other striking improbabilities connected with the Polish nation in the history before us.

  3. Bad and good are clearly differentiated, despite the improbabilities of the romantic vicissitudes; and poetic justice is administered with decision.

  4. Consequently the great revelation of tragic fact which he gave to posterity was limited by these stories of crime and hampered by their improbabilities and stage effects.

  5. I read to Hartley out of the German a series of very masterly arguments concerning the startling gross improbabilities of Esther (fourteen improbabilities are stated).

  6. Now I think that, if I took the trouble to do so, I could point out improbabilities in this second story sufficient to damn it on its own showing.

  7. Minor improbabilities constantly jar, and there are numerous small blunders of fact[364] of the unintentional kind, which irritate more than intentional ones of some importance.

  8. Their habits of legal investigation, fit them in an eminent degree to weigh with scrupulous accuracy the characters of witnesses; to detect improbabilities and contradictions.

  9. At the trial of Berry, Green and Hill, for the murder of Sir Edmondbury Godfrey, the improbabilities of the testimony and the contradictions of the witnesses were so glaring that it seems incredible that any man could believe them.

  10. Whether this view involves more improbabilities than the current one will be seen from the forthcoming observations.

  11. For nobody has any conscience about adding to the improbabilities of a marvellous tale.

  12. I am leaving Rome in a few days; and the tradition goes, that a parting draught at the Fountain of Trevi insures the traveller's return, whatever obstacles and improbabilities may seem to beset him.

  13. The play teems with improbabilities and Romantic absurdities.

  14. While fully conscious of the great improbabilities and weaknesses of these dramas, we are also sensible of the atmosphere of new ideas which pervades them.

  15. To these various improbabilities we may add another--that Schleiermacher's hypothesis requires us to admit that the Phaedrus is Plato's earliest dialogue, composed about 406 B.

  16. The right and wrong improbabilities may be illustrated from two burglar stories.

  17. But the imagination refuses to accept these improbabilities unless they are made to serve as external manifestations of events and actions which seem thus to be taking their regular course.

  18. Story admitted to be full of inaccuracies and improbabilities .

  19. Thus Mr. Gairdner's explanation fails, while the improbabilities remain as strong as ever.

  20. Even this selected tale, as we have received it, is full of gross improbabilities and inaccuracies.

  21. But these were misty visions, and we considered the greatest improbabilities as near and natural.

  22. The host of improbabilities gathering about such a detail as the pound of flesh must strike every mind.

  23. To these improbabilities must be added the remarkable fact that Josephus, who gives a very detailed history of Herod, entirely omits any hint of this stupendous crime.

  24. Now, take the testimony of Mr. Walsh, and I find some improbabilities in it.

  25. There are also other improbabilities connected with this testimony.

  26. These twin improbabilities would breed suspicion in credulity itself.

  27. It is difficult to croud more improbabilities and lies together than are comprehended in this short narrative.

  28. There are some improbabilities in Spitzius Hofmann's gourd-flask; but the Dog must be held responsible for what he delivers.

  29. He kept many of the improbabilities of Greene, rejected a few, and added some of his own.

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