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Example sentences for "improbability"

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imprisoning; imprisonment; imprisonments; imprisons; improbabilities; improbable; improbably; improbus; impromptu; impromptus
  1. There is one observation of considerable importance that may be here introduced, with regard to the improbability of the chief transitional forms between any two species being found fossil.

  2. Persuaded as we had been of the improbability that success would attend our sport, our spirits became more buoyant as our attendant, by his despairing tone, made our prosperity less likely.

  3. It may be observed that in the tender age of Henry involved in this supposition, there is nothing in the least calculated to throw a shade of improbability on this uniform tradition.

  4. Most persons, perhaps, may consider the degree of improbability to have become still greater.

  5. But Mr. Brau[19] calls attention to the improbability of such a gathering.

  6. The improbability of a small island like this, in an uncultivated state, producing sufficient food for such large numbers.

  7. From this it follows that the improbability of a miracle is no greater than the original improbability of a revelation, and that is not improbable at all.

  8. After making these assertion, he triumphantly exclaims: "It therefore follows that the improbability of a miracle is no greater than the original improbability of a revelation, and that is not improbable at all.

  9. Upon this Hume calls the reader's attention to the extreme improbability which there must beforehand appear to be in supposing that Sir W.

  10. If it were nothing in the duel, I should be inclined to say, notwithstanding the seeming improbability of the notion, that it was owing to some curious modification of vindictive spite.

  11. Indeed, the improbability would rather be the other way.

  12. Epistle; and if any earlier date be assigned to it, the improbability of the writer's having seen a written Gospel becomes all the greater.

  13. The extreme improbability involved in the suggested transference of the date of the Crucifixion is rightly emphasized by my colleague and friend Professor C.

  14. Frewen, in 1759, published a pamphlet to show the improbability of antimony and mercury having any such action, and the fallacy of the claims made for their success.

  15. Baker thought he was "an enemy of improvement and no philosopher," who stood upon the antecedent improbability of securing the patient by a minimal inoculation such as Sutton used.

  16. The wild improbability of ever achieving any part of this fascinating programme brought a petulant frown to his handsome, vacuous face.

  17. He was dubious about the incidents reported from Lektawa, but he made no secret of the utter improbability that Warden would have the means of buying camels and hiring men for the dangerous journey outlined by Captain Mortimer.

  18. It was in vain to urge as an objection the improbability of the hypothesis which implies that all the moving waters on the globe were once simultaneously charged with sediment of a red color.

  19. The improbability is certainly taken away by the knowledge that one such body, the earth, is inhabited.

  20. Then if you should find other bodies as large as the earth and bearing any resemblance to it, there would be no improbability in the thought that they or some of them were filled with life.

  21. Here, even more than in its various and violent changes of fortune, rests the improbability of the novel.

  22. The improbability is indeed palpable enough; yet I have to confess that it has never troubled me, any more than certain things not less improbable in As You Like It.

  23. Sundry critics have censured, some of them pretty sharply, the improbability involved in the circumstance of Viola and Sebastian resembling each other so closely as to be mistaken the one for the other.

  24. Nor is there any improbability in the tradition, that after Attila's death many of his warriors remained in Hungary, and that their descendants afterwards joined the Huns of Arpad in their career of conquest.

  25. Such news seemed too good to be true, Men tortured their neighbours and themselves by demonstrating its improbability and by ingeniously criticising its evidence.

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