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Example sentences for "abnormality"

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  1. It is of critical importance because, if the instruction comes wrongly, we may, even with good intentions, contribute to the very abnormality that we wish to forefend or overcome.

  2. For example, a normal individual carrying a recessive defect will bear the abnormality in half of his or her germ-cells.

  3. The abnormality here concerns the sense of smell alone; the impression here lasts a considerable time: and now she acquiesces in it, but only for the purpose of moving through it, as a mere means.

  4. As was the case with the condition previously described, this abnormality finds its primary cause in an unequal distribution of weight due to vice of conformation in the limb above, causing one side of the hoof to be higher than the other.

  5. In some cases the abnormality may be remedied by the use of a tip.

  6. In cases where the abnormality has been brought about by wounds to the flexor tendons, the alteration in the direction of the limb is often so great as to produce 'knuckling over' of the fetlock.

  7. I was proud of playing the sympathetic confidant; but, less natural than that, a certain abnormality in the conversation had stimulated me; I was excited to hear more.

  8. But the greatest abnormality was seen in his eyes.

  9. Any abnormality connected with the vision, especially in children, should be a warning to consult an oculist.

  10. In everything but his fatal abnormality he was an ordinary healthy boy, and the prospect of going into a new county, and learning something of estate management, a subject in which he was really interested, appealed to him.

  11. When the question of color is raised, therefore, we will try to discover only whether the person in question has normal color- vision, or what the nature and degree of his abnormality may be.

  12. Inasmuch as this soon stops, the abnormality and incorrectness of their audition is hard to establish.

  13. British people of genius, one parent, generally the father, had shown abnormality from a social or parental point of view.

  14. But of actual insanity, of nervous disorder, of any decided abnormality or downright unfitness in either father or mother, not a sign.

  15. Entirely normal people of sound heredity do not tend to manifest signs of pronounced mental weakness or abnormality even in extreme old age.

  16. The nervous abnormality of the parents in this case was less profound than that of the children, but it was present in both.

  17. September 2, dreamless sleep; no signs of abnormality except a slight diminution of hearing.

  18. There was no abnormality of electrical reaction.

  19. These monstrosities are as likely to happen as the different forms that affect--either by arrested development or some abnormality of excessive development--the head, which is a very prolific subject of anomalies.

  20. Lewis Smith, the president of the Section, believed in the evil results of the reflex irritation due to abnormality of the prepuce.

  21. From the family history the main suggestion of the causation of the mental abnormality is in illness during developmental life, but neither ante-natal nor hereditary conditions are quite free from suspicion.

  22. The lying, regarded as an aberrational tendency, is out of proportion to our findings of abnormality in any other sphere of mental activity, except perhaps the evidences of defective memory processes.

  23. Delbruck again considered the early appearance of character anomalies and perverted sex feeling to prove a deep-seated abnormality of nervous constitution.

  24. Commenting on this case, Jorger points out the marks of abnormality from childhood, such as solitariness and religious intensity.

  25. It would really seem that just the findings which the hospital statement enumerates would convince one of this individual's marked abnormality from a social point of view and that his being at large was a grave undesirability.

  26. Without that union in action a confusion will show in form of abnormality which is known as disease.

  27. From this I think that the cause of croup is simply the result of abnormality of the cerumen system.

  28. The most common abnormality is the existence of a single kidney; rarely a supernumerary kidney may be present.

  29. That it is an abnormality has been recently stated.

  30. Such Pigs often show the abnormality from generation to generation, and they proved convenient for those whose scruples would not allow them to eat the flesh of a beast "dividing the hoof" and not chewing the cud.

  31. C) and foot; the second and third digits are represented by mere splints, one of which may as an abnormality be enlarged, and reach nearly as far as the well-developed digit.

  32. One wonders what abnormality of mind conceives such themes, evolves such situations.

  33. There are in English a number of stories of insanity associated with the supernatural which may have been influenced by the Russian method, though Ambrose Bierce's studies in the abnormality of soldier life preceded Andreyev by years.

  34. This state of affairs, however, is probably an abnormality directly due to environment.

  35. The mother's migraine might also be considered as a nervous malady amounting to a family taint, but cannot be held responsible for so grave an abnormality as idiocy.

  36. A real and important abnormality which indicates a deviation from every type of race or caste is facial asymmetry or plagioprosopy, analogous to plagiocephaly, and frequently associated with it.

  37. Not infrequently the fundamental reason for habitual miscarriage lies in some anatomical abnormality which a surgical operation alone can correct.

  38. If an abnormality is recognized which cannot at once be treated to the best advantage, arrangements will be made for such prompt treatment that the woman will not become an invalid.

  39. Doctor Herzenstube roundly declared that the abnormality of the prisoner’s mental faculties was self-evident.

  40. Then giving his grounds for this opinion, which I omit here, he added that the abnormality was not only evident in many of the prisoner’s actions in the past, but was apparent even now at this very moment.

  41. A frequent cause is congenital sexual inversion, that is, "sexual instinct turned by inborn constitutional abnormality toward persons of the same sex.

  42. Every abnormality is a disturbance of this equilibrium.

  43. Further, inasmuch as human life just in its mental functions is related to its social surroundings, much must depend on the external conditions, whether the disproportion and abnormality has to be treated as pathological.

  44. To reduce these abnormalities means to secure a more stable equilibrium and thus to avoid social damages, and at the same time to prevent the growth of the abnormality to pathological dimensions.

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