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anoints; anoj; anomalies; anomalistic; anomalous; anon; anone; anonymity; anonymous; anonymously
  1. The existence of such an institution in any land Lincoln deemed a national calamity; in a free Republic he felt it to be a heaven-braving anomaly and affront.

  2. This pathetic situation, this invincible anomaly in our national career, is pathetically re-enacted in the fate of Lincoln in these debates.

  3. The anomaly of such a court can hardly be denied, both as a matter of theory and--supposing it to matter at all what Church doctrine really is--as illustrated in some late results of its action.

  4. This apparent anomaly is due to two causes.

  5. In 1851 a flagrant and inveterate anomaly was removed by the success of those law reformers who had long in vain protested against the absurdity of disallowing the evidence of persons immediately interested in the suit.

  6. This proposal was officially condemned on the ground that it would only remove an anomaly by provoking an abuse.

  7. We are now enabled dimly to perceive how the curious anomaly of very simple and very complex methods of securing cross-fertilisation--both equally effective--may have been brought about.

  8. A large body of hereditary soldiers become an anomaly when fighting has passed even out of memory.

  9. By-the-bye, the Anomaly has spotted a defective grindstone there.

  10. Henry gave the Anomaly his dinner, and then inspected the file-cutters in two great works.

  11. The Anomaly went directly, and gazed into Little's face for some time.

  12. Yet To some it is no anomaly to pray God's blessing upon a liaison.

  13. Some have supposed this anomaly to be produced at the rebuilding of the church; but Drake in his "Evenings in Autumn," thinks it was in consequence of the disposition of the ground, which forms a lofty mount on the east.

  14. It is an anomaly in the eastern Slavic half of Europe.

  15. For ever since the time at which, by means of various observations, this anomaly was first observed, we have only arrived at half a period of the obliquity.

  16. On the anomaly of the Praecession of the Aequinoxes, & of the obliquity of the Zodiack.

  17. And thus the pole attains the period of the anomaly of the praecession of the aequinoxes twice; and that of the declination or obliquity once only.

  18. On the anomaly of the Praecession of the Equinoxes, and of the obliquity of the Zodiack.

  19. The period of the anomaly of the praecession of the aequinoxes is 1717 years, and a little more.

  20. In these things he was an anomaly in his age, and felt about them as would any humane gentleman today.

  21. His sane, balanced, moderate character comes out in his own words again and again: he was a wonderful anomaly in that age.

  22. There is not, of course, in all the complex marvel of human metabolism, such an anomaly as a purely physical function.

  23. White creatures are so feminine in general effect that it seems an anomaly when they are males.

  24. Moquin-Tandon mentions as subject to this anomaly species of Galeopsis, Prunella, Scabiosa, and Dipsacus, and also mentions a remarkable variety of Viola odorata cultivated in the neighbourhood of Toulouse.

  25. Equisetaceæ are likewise subject to an anomaly called by Duval Jouve interruption of the spike, and wherein the scales bearing the spore cases are separated by whorls of branches instead of forming one compact unbroken spike as usual.

  26. In Digitalis purpurea a similar anomaly is sometimes met with.

  27. There are certain varieties of elm that very generally present this anomaly on their rank, coarse, growing shoots.

  28. Linné, as has been already stated, considered these flowers to be sterile, and only capable of multiplication by division of the root, but Willdenow obtained seeds from the Linaria which reproduced the anomaly when sown in rich soil.

  29. Delavaud,[179] to present this anomaly as a constant occurrence.

  30. Whence comes the anomaly that it is in supenaturals alone we find man departing totally from the common rules of evidence, and the respect which he owes to himself?

  31. All agreed, at that time, that the anomaly should not increase, and all concurred in the hope and belief that the blemish would gradually disappear.

  32. This produces an anomaly in the principle of our free institutions, which threatens in time to bring into subjugation to slave-owners the great body of the free white population.

  33. It is only necessary to roll the "r" to overcome this seeming anomaly of a collection of consonants.

  34. Into this box (or TAB, Temporal Anomaly Box) each person was supposed to write an account of their temporal journey and leave it on the island that is presently Daem, at specific locations decided on for that purpose.

  35. A woman who was not property, who resisted the attempt to be turned into property, was an anomaly in Ditmar's universe.

  36. Again she was struck by the anomaly of a religion that had indeed enthusiasms, sacrifices perhaps, but no disciplines.

  37. Hirschfeld finds that 54 per cent, of inverts become conscious of their anomaly under the age of 14.

  38. A few years ago she came across a book on sexual inversion which proved to be a complete revelation to her of her own nature, and, by showing her that she was not an anomaly to be regarded with repulsion, brought her comfort and peace.

  39. This spurious imitation is due to the fact that the congenital anomaly occurs with special frequency in women of high intelligence who, voluntarily or involuntarily, influence others.

  40. These remarks are of interest when we are attempting to find the wider bearings of such an anomaly as sexual inversion.

  41. At the Innsbruck meeting of the German Anthropological Society, in 1894, Virchow thus expressed himself: "In old days an anomaly was called pathos, and in this sense every departure from the norm is for me a pathological event.

  42. The anomaly may, however, be present at this early age, but not consciously until later.

  43. Subject to this same serious cause of doubt, even a cross with a fresh stock did not benefit the great-grandchildren of Hero; and if this were really the case, it is the greatest anomaly observed by me in all my experiments.

  44. The old anomaly of a ruler of the Church who was not a bishop had, so far as Armagh was concerned, disappeared for the time.

  45. Then there was the glaring anomaly of allowing the Conversion Economies to accumulate at compound interest in the hands of the commissioners of the Caisse, instead of using the money for remunerative purposes.

  46. The anomaly consisted therefore in the preservation of an embryonic feature.

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