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  1. Such few observations as have yet been made show that muscular anomalies are found with remarkable frequency.

  2. It may be noted that arterial anomalies are extremely frequent.

  3. Langdon Down notes) there are frequent anomalies in the development of hair among idiots.

  4. Anomalies of the tendon reflex of the knee are very common among criminals; they are either exaggerated or, very frequently, absent.

  5. Most of these anomalies are found much more frequently in the male than in the female skull.

  6. Atavism in dental anomalies is well recognised among the races of man; a fourth molar, for instance, found generally among the platyrhine apes, is occasionally found in man: in what proportion is it found among criminals?

  7. I shall in this chapter deal with certain anomalies in phototropic curvature, brought about by variation of temperature and by seasonal change; certain organs again are apparently erratic in their phototropic response.

  8. The anomalies referred to above may be explained by taking into consideration the modifying influence of temperature on the excitability, and the conductivity of the organ.

  9. I shall here adduce considerations which will show that the apparent anomalies regarding the response of tendrils to light is due to the variation of transverse conductivity of the organ.

  10. The analysis of the resulting effect, thus rendered possible, casts new light on the phenomena of response, proving that the anomalies which had so long perplexed us, are more apparent than real.

  11. On the inheritance of other anomalies in the extremities see Dr.

  12. It is often sufficient for the inheritance of some peculiar character, that one parent alone should possess it, as in most cases in which the rarer anomalies have been transmitted.

  13. By one of those anomalies which I have frequently had occasion to remark, the Emperor fixed for this ceremony Sunday, the 30th Floral.

  14. It was not one of the least remarkable anomalies of the epoch to see the judgment by which criminal enterprises against the Republic were condemned pronounced in the name of the Emperor who had so evidently destroyed that Republic.

  15. In fact, it is a safe rule to look upon all anomalies of the curve with suspicion.

  16. Their next recommendation deals with one of those anomalies in which our political and social structure, from its unsystematic nature, so much abounds.

  17. Errors and Anomalies noted by transcriber: Close quotes have been supplied or deleted where unambiguous, and paragraph-ending full stops (periods) have been silently supplied.

  18. Now, as the anomalies of social order and the oppression of individual liberties arise principally from the play of economic contradictions, we have to inquire, in view of the data which we have brought to light: 1.

  19. Anomalies and perturbations in the planets have been over and over again observed; but these, instead of demonstrating any inconstancy on the part of natural law, have invariably been reduced to consequences of that law.

  20. These anomalies are entirely due to the unseen element which mingles with the luminous rays of the electric beam, and indeed constitutes 90 per cent.

  21. These natural phenomena, unintelligently regarded as anomalies and abuses, are the appanage of war in its pristine and proper form.

  22. These anomalies show us how nature is built up and, far from being inexplicable, are hints that tend to make everything clear, when once a verbal and mythical philosophy has been abandoned.

  23. I answered somewhat as follows:--If the first place, on this hypothesis, all the intellectual and moral anomalies of the last theory reappear.

  24. I said I could as little understand the intellectual anomalies of such a theory.

  25. The apparent anomalies of history are not inconsiderable, but they must be sought for in other quarters.

  26. Anomalies of this kind continually appear in the Roman population.

  27. He recognizes the dangers that arise for the surgeon from the presence of anatomical anomalies of various kinds, and describes certain of the more important of them.

  28. All the anomalies of form, both as regards the vascular, the muscular, and the osseous systems of the human body, are analyzed by comparison through the animal series.

  29. It will be well, however, to bear in mind the possible occurrence of some of those anomalies to that normal relative position of the artery, the median, and the ulnar nerve, which the accompanying Plates represent.

  30. The mental constitution of the criminal comprises anomalies of intelligence and feeling, especially of the moral sense, and the specialities of criminal writing and slang.

  31. In these same offenders we very rarely observe, if at all, the organic anomalies which create a criminal type.

  32. In fact, it is said the anomalies of the individual are in their turn only an effect of a debasing social environment, which condemns its victims to organic and psychical degeneration.

  33. While these anomalies render untenable the position that the relative specific gravities of the planets are direct indications of nebular condensation; it by no means follows that they negative it.

  34. Many of our older cultivated plants are very rich in anomalies of all kinds, and Cyclamen, Fuchsia, Pelargonium and some others are notorious sources of teratologic phenomena.

  35. As far as we can judge peltate anomalies are quite uninjurious, while ascidia are forms which must impede the effect of the light on the leaf, as they conceal quite an important part of the upper surface.

  36. But when plants with two or more quaternate leaves on the same individual are chosen it indicates that it belongs to a definite race, which under suitable conditions may prove to become very rich in the anomalies in question.

  37. The phenomena themselves consist in the production of anomalies and varieties, and as the genetic relation of the latter is often hardly beyond doubt, the anomalies seem to afford the best instances for the study of systematic atavism.

  38. Other species produce such anomalies only from time to time and nothing is known about their hereditary tendency.

  39. Similar anomalies may be occasionally met with in other species of the same genus.

  40. In order to prove the accuracy of this conclusion I have tried to injure the anomalies after the expiration of the first six or seven weeks.

  41. In such cases the selection of normal plants is very severe or even absolute, but the anomalies are by no means exterminated.

  42. It is the assertion that characters, which are specific in one case, may be observed to arise as anomalies or as varieties in other instances.

  43. Notwithstanding this, they constitute specific characters in some instances, accidental anomalies in others.

  44. If we select some of these anomalies for breeding-experiments, our results will not agree throughout, but will tend to group themselves under two heads.

  45. Their irruption over the border of Persia introduced an additional complication into a medley of anomalies which was already quite complicated enough.

  46. To explain these anomalies we must attend to the following observations.

  47. If the idea of infinity is what we have defined it to be, we may apply it to all objects of sensible intuition or of the pure understanding, and we shall obtain the results which we ought to obtain, including the anomalies already referred to.

  48. Moreover, the very simplifications that had been so far effected brought into view with more clearness such anomalies or pieces of injustice as still continued to deform the law.

  49. Peculiarities and anomalies abound in every legal system; and, as soon as laws become the special study of a professional class, some mode of explaining or reconciling them will be resorted to.

  50. Certain of the markings appear to be fairly durable, though their rates of motion exhibit considerable anomalies and prove that they must be quite detached from the actual sphere of Jupiter.

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