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divels; diver; diverce; diverge; diverged; divergences; divergencies; divergency; divergent; diverges
  1. I had not read the Fathers critically enough; that in such nice points, as those which determine the angle of divergence between the two Churches, I had made considerable miscalculations; and how came this about?

  2. They were the supreme, quiet evidence of the divergence of two lives--that slow divergence which had been far from being wilful, and was the more hopeless in that it had been so gradual and so gentle.

  3. In yielding to these tastes he had been conscious of divergence from the standard of the Golden Age.

  4. Yet their diverging from one another is as nothing compared with their divergence from the individualism of the primitivist.

  5. From this table it may be seen at a glance that, with such divergence of usage, the application of the word "intelligent" to any given case of animal behaviour has in itself little psychological significance.

  6. When the same rate of interest is employed, any divergence in the ratios of the annuity-values will of necessity be due to differences in the rates of mortality.

  7. He insisted that it takes less time and is easier to infer divergence or convergence than parallelism.

  8. The result seems to be a short parallel shaft of light, but is really a divergent cone of infinite extent, its angle of divergence being such as exactly to offset the effects of perspective.

  9. Angular perspective, which apparently varies the forms of angles and produces the divergence of lines, contributes much information in regard to relative and absolute distances from the eye of the various objects or the parts of an object.

  10. Thus it is seen that the tendency of the sides of an angle to be apparently deviated toward the direction of the angle may result in an apparent divergence from parallelism as well as in making continuous lines appear discontinuous.

  11. In spite of the wide divergence in the Arabic texts and translations the sense of the original is clear.

  12. Bahram the high priest of the city of Shapur collected, according to Hamza, more than 20 manuscripts of the Khoday-Nameh and from their divergence made out another independent recension.

  13. It explains the divergence between the prescriptions of the Vendidad and the practice of the bulk of the Iranians.

  14. This view is confirmed by introspection; we speak of aesthetic activity and aesthetic pleasure, but we are conscious of a complete arrest, and sometimes of a very distinct divergence from pure pleasure.

  15. On comparing this with what we have won from Kant, Schiller, and Schelling, the divergence becomes apparent.

  16. Thus after a time there occurred a great divergence in the readings of the texts of the Brâhma.nas even of the same Veda among different people.

  17. If the answer is in the negative then there being no divergence between the two divergences they become identical, and hence divergence of characteristics as such ceases to exist.

  18. The early placental mammals were generalized types (with certain non-placental characters) with potentialities for rapid divergence and development in the direction of the more specialized modern orders.

  19. Similarly it would be reasonable to think of Luke's wide divergence from Mark in his story of the Passion as occasioned by his preference for material derived from this source.

  20. Must it not have witnessed a progressive divergence of the extremes of Paulinists and Judaizers, coincidently with a rapprochement of the moderates from the side of Peter and that of Paul respectively?

  21. Taking up the story at the point of divergence we see Paul and Barnabas returning to Antioch after the Conference with the Pillars, glad at heart, and expecting now to resume the work for Gentiles without impediment.

  22. Thus early was there a great social divergence between France and England.

  23. The first divergence arose from the influence of the protective spirit, as I shall endeavour to explain in the next chapter.

  24. By this I mean, that the divergence now first became clear to every observer; but the origin of the divergence dates from a much earlier period, as we shall see in the next chapter.

  25. If, with this view, we compare France and England, we shall find fresh proof of the early divergence of those countries.

  26. It is from this point that the first great divergence between the European nations took its rise.

  27. To understand, therefore, the original divergence of France and England, we must seek it in the circumstances that took place when this, which may be called the great rebellion of the intellect, was first clearly seen.

  28. It is uniformly inspired by the principle that sense should not be sacrificed to sound: and this principle constitutes his chief ground of divergence from other poets.

  29. And here Mr. Browning bids the "fooling" stop; for he has touched the point of extreme divergence between the classic spirit and his own.

  30. A divergence two miles further will take us downhill across the Rother to Selham (with a station close to the village).

  31. He also suggested observations on the divergence by looking at this white circle at a distance of twenty feet at most.

  32. This point of divergence the pursuers had missed, and when they overtook the Indian band, they found, to their intense regret, that the kidnapper had escaped them.

  33. Away flies the punt to the left, and he is just about to bend to the sculls with the force of Goliath, when he perceives his mistake--the divergence was to the left!

  34. Presently there is a sudden, and this time a decided divergence to the right--probably caused by some undercurrent acting on the foundations.

  35. To watch with lynx eyes the slightest tendency to divergence on the part of the house now absorbs his whole being.

  36. Lessing showed the divergence between real and absolute, and fanciful and perverted rules.

  37. Their first divergence occurred on the choice of a profession.

  38. Sidenote: Alphabets Inadequate} But there is a further cause for the divergence which comes gradually to find place between men’s spoken and their written words.

  39. The highering of the ideal will necessarily increase its divergence from man, as he is.

  40. For the new mode of thought has evolved point for point along with an increasing divergence from the naive manner of representation, and it has won its greatest victories in opposition to this manner of representation.

  41. At the same time, with regard to the beginnings of Christianity, there is a wide divergence between the traditional conception of faith and the new conception obtained by historical research.

  42. A further divergence between the struggle for physical existence and the building up of a new world appears in history in the endeavour for happiness and a significant content of life.

  43. This task cannot be completely recognised and adopted without making a great divergence from the aim, harsh oppositions and difficult conflicts, manifest in the inner recesses of the soul.

  44. The divergence between the two may be owing to the Evangelist Matthew having rendered the words which our Lord actually did speak, in the tongue familiar to His time, into their equivalent Greek.

  45. But whatever account may be given of the divergence does not materially affect the significance which I find in the salutations.

  46. But the divergence of nearly all the lines of our mammal world from those patriarchal types is admirably clear.

  47. The clue to this important divergence is found in diet.

  48. We seem to have the most plausible explanation of the divergence of man from his anthropoid cousins in the fact that he left the trees of his and their ancestors.

  49. To account for the remarkable identity of genera and divergence of species I may suggest the following hypothesis: During the lifetime of most of the present species, the Isthmus has not been depressed.

  50. It is certain that in no case has an entire river fauna[101] originated independently from the divergence into separate species of the descendants of a single type.

  51. Aquatic living has not demanded wide divergence from the ancestral stem, and the divergent forms which may culminate in a profusion of families, genera, and species do not appear to be again productive of more generalized groups.

  52. In some cases, perhaps, the differences in surroundings may have caused divergence into distinct species of what was once one parent stock.

  53. In any event the point of divergence must be placed very early in the evolution of sharks, and this suggestion is as likely as any other.

  54. While all animals begin development similarly, the course of development in the different groups soon diverges, the divergence being of the nature of a branching, like that shown in the growth of a tree.

  55. Ideals once formed advance at very different rates, though the tendency to divergence is always being corrected by the diffusion of ideas.

  56. No fact in nature is fraught with deeper meaning than this two-sided fact of the extreme physical similarity and enormous psychical divergence between man and the group of animals to which he traces his pedigree.

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